Chapter 67 Thousand Poison Eroding Rune

Looks of gratitude were revealed on Wei Canglan's and Wei Qingqing's faces when they saw Zhou Yuan nod. 

Although they were somewhat skeptical of how Zhou Yuan would be able to neutralize the Devil Miasma Poison, they had no choice but to grasp this final straw.

Zhou Yuan walked to the bedside, swept a glance at the hopeful eyes of the young boy that was looking back at him, and let out a bitter laugh. He then turned towards Yaoyao and asked in a low voice, “How do I save him?”

Who better understood his own capabilities than himself? None of the Genesis Runes he had mastered were able to neutralize poisons. 

Yaoyao's red lips curled slightly upon seeing Zhou Yuan's appearance, before she raised her head and said to Wei Canglan, “He says that he needs to make some preparations, it'll take about ten days.”

Wei Canglan was stunned. “What is needed? I might be able to help.”

“Just some ingredients for the Genesis Rune, there's no need to trouble general Wei.”

Wei Canglan warmly said, “I will immediately prepare a guest room in my residence for your highness and the rest to stay over this period. It's safe here and no mishaps will occur.”

Zhou Yuan nodded as he shot a glance at Yaoyao. The latter's earlier performance made him feel a little less guilty. After all, Yaoyao was not someone who messed around. It was likely that she had her reasons for doing things this way. 

Zhou Yuan regained his cool and slowly said,  “Great general, I can save young master Wei, but I have two conditions.”

Wei Canglan solemnly replied, “Please speak your highness. Wei Bin is the only son of my Wei family and I will not hesitate to even give my life.”

Zhou Yuan did not waste time with frivolities and directly stated his goal, “First, I hope that great general will aid me in obtaining the Fire Spirit Grain and Jade Infant Fruit.”

Wei Canglan was not surprised. After pondering for a while, he responded, “The information regarding the recent discovery in the ruins has already spread in Canglan County and Blackwater. Hence, an intense battle will not be avoidable.It is likely that even the Black Venom King will also participate.”

Murder overflowed in Wei Canglan's eyes at the mention of the Black Venom King. 

“However, if your highness is really able to save Wei Bin, the Canglan army will do everything we can!” Wei Canglan's deep voice rang out. In his eyes, Wei Bin's life was number one. 

Wei Canglan's decisiveness somewhat shocked Zhou Yuan. Soon after, he chuckled and said, “As for the second condition, I've heard of a certain item belonging to the general's residence, the Genesis Swallowing Rock. I hope to request this item from you.”

“The Genesis Swallowing Rock huh…” Wei Canglan fell into thought. He eventually nodded and said, “Although it is a treasure, it is nothing compared to my son's life.”

“As long as your highness saves my son, these two conditions are no problem at all!”

Having come to an agreement, happiness flitted across Zhou Yuan's eyes. He cupped his fists together and declared, “I will do my best to neutralize the poison in young master Wei.”

Wei Canglan smiled and said, “Great. Qingqing, bring his highness to their lodgings and ensure that they are well received.”

Wei Qingqing nodded and turned towards Zhou Yuan. A rare gentle smile decorated her pretty face, her long legs taking a step forward as she proceeded to lead the group. 

Wei Canglan watched them leave as he began to frown. 

After guiding Zhou Yuan and the rest, Wei Qingqing returned the room. She hesitated somewhat before she asked, “Will prince Zhou Yuan really be able to get rid off the Devil Miasma Poison?”

Although master Ying was repulsize, he was still rather skilful in Genesis Runes. No matter how one looked at it, Zhou Yuan had inferior Genesis Rune abilities.

Wei Canglan's expression was rather complicated. A soft sigh escaped his lips, before he replied, “The only option left to us now is to treat a dead horse as if it were alive. I hope that he is not lying, or else, I will chase him out of Canglan County even if he is the prince of Great Zhou. “


Guest room of the great general's residence. 

Once through the door, Lu Tieshan worriedly looked at Zhou Yuan, “Your highness, are you truly able to neutralize the Devil Miasma Poison?”

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes in response, “You're asking me? Then who should I ask?”

Lu Tieshan smiled bitterly. “Then I'm afraid that we will be chased out of Canglan County ten days later.”

Zhou Yuan helplessly shook his head before turning towards the currently leisurely seated Yaoyao, who was toying with Tuntun, as he inquired with an awkward smile, “Big sis Yaoyao, isn't this sabotaging me? Given your mastery of Genesis Runes, won't the Devil Miasma Poison problem be easily resolved with a wave of your hand?”

Yaoyao carried Tuntun in her arms, her slender finger lightly tapping it's head as she lifted her gaze, “That fellow must be dreaming if he believes I will help after threatening me earlier. You wish.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan's mouth twitched. To think that this little goddess would actually be so petty. 

By the side, Su Youwei covered her mouth, hiding her smile. 

Zhou Yuan sat himself beside Yaoyao, a pained look on his face as he said, “I don't know anything about poison neutralizing Genesis Runes. In addition, the Devil Miasma Poison is a really thorny problem. How will I resolve this?”

Yaoyao replied in an offhand manner, “I'll teach you.” 

“I can't draw grade 3 Genesis Runes.” Zhou Yuan let out a bitter chuckle. The current level of his Spirit allowed him to at best draw grade 2 Genesis Runes. As for grade 3, it would have to wait till his Spirit reached the advanced Illusory stage.

“Who says you need to draw a grade 3 Genesis Rune?” Yaoyao rolled her eyes at Zhou Yuan. “That old man could only depend on a grade 3 Genesis Rune to suppress the Devil Miasma Poison because he is too useless.”

“In the following ten days, I will teach you a grade 2 Genesis Rune known as the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune and a grade 1 poison expelling rune. After which, it should not be difficult to neutralize the Devil Miasma Poison as long as you follow my instructions.”

Yaoyao took out a white piece of paper and wrote some things on it before passing it to Zhou Yuan. “Additionally, quickly prepare the ingredients written here.”

Zhou Yuan received the paper and took a quick glance. His expression immediately changed as he burst out, “Big sis Yaoyao, isn't this too ruthless? All of these are poisonous blood from various Genesis Beasts. Are you trying to kill young master Wei?”

Every item written on the paper was poisonous in nature. This caused Zhou Yuan to wonder if Yaoyao was still mad at the Weis.

Yaoyao unhappily retorted, “Nonsense, these are all ingredients for the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune. This is called fighting poison with poison!”

Zhou Yuan worriedly asked, “Nothing will go wrong, right?”

Young master Wei was in terrible health. If Zhou Yuan caused the former's death by accident, he would never be able to wash away this sin. 

Wei Canglan may even go crazy and make Zhou Yuan accompany his son in death… 

Yaoyao ignored him this time and turned around to continuing toying with Tuntun. 

Zhou Yuan could only force a smile as he handed the paper to Lu Tieshan. “Prepare these items.”

Lu Tieshan's face also twitched when he saw the list. In the end, he did not say anything and proceeded to comply. But from the looks of it, it was clear that he had already begun to make preparations with regards to escaping. 

Zhou Yuan looked at Yaoyao again. “Big sis Yaoyao, when shall we start the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune lessons?”

Yaoyao stretched, displaying her amazing curves. She stood up with Tuntun in her arms and lazily said, “Tomorrow. I'm too tired today.”

After speaking, she brought Su Youwei along into the inner courtyard.

Zhou Yuan watched the two gorgeous figures leave as thoughts of the ruthless Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune swirled in his head. In the end, he could only shake his head with a sigh. 

“What a petty big sis.”

“My big sis Yaoyao is really something. She may not be full of vicious words, but one really cannot afford to offend her.”

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