Chapter 664 Pseudo Law Domain


An invisible field domain, with peak master Lianyi as the center, swept out, and where it passed, all the high-levels experts of the various sects were struck dumb. 

Ordinary disciples might not know the strength of this attack, but how would they not know?!

Because what peak master Lianyi used was the Law Domain that only experts who had stepped into the Law Domain stage could control!    

The Law Domain master was the ruler and god of wherever the Law Domain shrouded. Anybody that fell into the Law Domain would have their Genesis Qi greatly suppressed, and they wouldn’t be able to display more than half of their strength. Moreover, the Genesis Qi of the universe would be cut off, and the majority of Genesis Qi activated would be directly annihilated like flames lighted undersea.  Even the power of Genesis techniques forcibly used would be greatly reduced. 

It wasn’t particularly difficult for Law Domain experts to kill experts of the Nascent Source stage.

All experts were aware of this common theory: the Law Domain could only be countered by another Law Domain.

But Law Domain experts were extremely rare even among the six great sects. Sect master Qing Yang was the only person within the Cangxuan Sect identified as a Law Domain expert.   

Could it be that peak master Lianyi had also stepped into the Law Domain stage?!

Qin Ling’s eyes also abruptly shrank the moment he saw the Law Domain envelop the area. However, when the Law Domain rushed over, although he felt his body sinking, the situation of being suppressed by the Law Domain and being unable to activate his Genesis Qi did not appear even though he had expected it. 

It immediately became clear to him. With the flick of his sleeve, endless light flowed around the surface of his body, making him appear crystal clear and untainted by a speck of dust.

Boundless majestic Genesis Qi whizzed out, swirling around the many disciples of the Sacred Palace, and then as his hand shook, they all shot up and quickly escaped the Law Domain. 

“Hmph, peak master Lianyi, who do you think you can scare with your pseudo Law Domain!” 

Previously he really thought that peak master Lianyi had stepped into the Law Domain stage. If that was the case, then it would indeed be dangerous. However, her Law Domain did not have the true power of a Law Domain. 

This made him a little annoyed, knowing that he was tricked by Peak Master Lianyi. 

The high-level experts of other sects also snapped out of their shock, wiping the cold sweat on their foreheads. If peak master Lianyi had really stepped into the Law Domain stage, then that meant the strength of the Cangxuan Sect would also soar.    

However, the fact that the peak master Lianyi could create such a Law Domain showed that she had already stepped foot into the peak of the Nascent Source stage and that she was beginning to understand the Law Domain stage. Given her strength, she was most likely ranked first among the many Nascent Source experts in the Cangxuan Sect.   

Zhou Yuan and the other disciples of the Cangxuan Sect were also shocked. Situated within the Law Domain, they naturally were able to feel a boundless repressive force.  

Even the Genesis Qi in their body had stopped operating. If peak master Lianyi had malicious intent towards them, only a thought was needed for her to make their Genesis Qi instantly riot and explode.    

“This is the Law Domain?” Zhou Yuan smacked his lips, his eyes filled with shocked horror. The power of control was already beyond his imagination because peak master Lianyi seemed to be in control of everything within the Law Domain, including the life and death of any intruder. 

“Peak master Lianyi is not considered a true Law Domain expert. At most, she can suppress people below the Heavenly Sun stage. As for Nascent Source stage experts, they can easily break free,” Li Qingchan quietly analysed.   

“But even so, the pseudo Law Domain is still incredibly powerful. Peak master Lianyi is situated inside, and so her strength will be greatly increased. Although Nascent Source stage experts are able to break free from the pseudo Law Domain, they won’t dare to fight against our peak master. Otherwise, they could be killed.”

Zhou Yuan nodded slightly. It was no wonder that Qin Ling fled swiftly when he saw the Law Domain open. It turned out that he would also be suppressed. 

Under countless reverent gazes, peak master Lianyi lifted her head and sarcastically remarked, “You’re not going to capture my disciple anymore? Why are you running?” 

Qin Ling’s face slightly twitched as he coldly sneered, “Peak master Lianyi, don’t think I would be afraid of your Law Domain! If we really fought, your Law Domain most likely won’t last long!”

“Then why don’t you come down and try?” Peak Master Lianyi coldly smiled.

Qin Ling’s eyes flashed. He shouldn’t be afraid of peak master Lianyi, but he did not expect her to open up a pseudo Law Domain. If they really were to fight, he would be at a disadvantage.

“Peak master Lianyi, is your Cangxuan Sect really going to become an enemy of my Sacred Palace because of a little chief disciple?” Qin Ling narrowed his eyes.

“Did my Cangxuan Sect not have a bad relationship with the Sacred Palace before? Qin Ling, don’t waste time anymore. In my eyes, any chief disciple of my Cangxuan Sect is more important than the palace master of your Sacred Palace. 

“If you represent the Sacred Palace to fight with my Cangxuan Sect, then I will accept it on behalf of the Cangxuan Sect. As long as one person of my Cangxuan Sect remains, they will fight to the end with the Sacred Palace!”

A strong fierce light that made one’s heart pound with fear emerged in peak master Lianyi’s beautiful eyes.

The high-level experts of other sects were also startled by her ruthlessness and decisiveness. This woman was simply mad to have started a fight at a slight disagreement. And now she wanted to fight to the end.

The corners of Qin Ling’s eyes twitched. He couldn’t represent the Sacred Palace to fight to the death with the Cangxuan Sect, because that would be a scenario the other sects would wish to see.

The Sacred Palace wasn’t ready for this just yet.

The reason he exploded earlier was because the Sacred Palace’s loss was too great. He simply wanted to use that to frighten peak master Lianyi and regain the Sacred Palace’s face. 

But he hadn’t expected that peak master Lianyi would be many times fiercer than any man despite being a woman. 

He was fierce, but not as fierce as peak master Lianyi.

So at this moment, he was forced into a difficult choice.

“Hall master Qin Ling, it is very normal to have deaths and injuries in the Mythic Utopia. Each family also has their own rules, and there they speak based on their ability. Life and death are predestined. Your Sacred Palace has lost some disciples, but you want to oppress people because of that? You are too petty.” While the two sides were deadlocked, a faint laugh suddenly sounded.    

Many people turned to see that it was valley master Yin Xia of the Sword Seeker Sect. 

Qin Ling threw a glance at valley master Yin Xia, frowning. It was troublesome enough to deal with peak master Lianyi, but to think that valley master Yin Xia also interfered. 

It should be said that the Sword Seeker Sect had always remained neutral.

But now that things had come to this, Qin Ling knew that it was useless to say anything else. 

“Hmph, peak master Lianyi, my Sacred Palace will not forget this matter!”

Qin Ling’s eyes flashed, and he finally flung his sleeve with a loud grunt. Majestic Genesis Qi suddenly engulfed the many Sacred Palace disciples, and they all left. But before his departure, he left behind some fierce words.   

Peak master Lianyi coldly watched Qin Ling leave, and she withdrew the Law Domain before she turned to valley master Yin Xia and very quickly retracted her gaze.

She shifted her gaze onto Zhou Yuan, saying, “Little boy, you have a look of fear on your face. Do you look down on my Cangxuan Sect?” 

Zhou Yuan was a little embarrassed. It was just an instinctive reaction. After all, if one was to consider the bigger picture, a little chief disciple couldn’t compensate the losses that would be created in a conflict between the two great sects.

Peak master Lianyi snorted, “Don’t overthink it, since you entered the Mythic Utopia, you represent our Cangxuan Sect. You fought with your life for our Cangxuan Sect. If the Cangxuan Sect can’t protect you, then wouldn’t that disappoint all the disciples?

“Let alone that Qin Ling, even if their palace master was here, I would also sever him if he dares to touch you!

“At worst, the Cangxuan Sect will go to war with the Sacred Palace. Even if my Cangxuan Sect is destroyed, I will make sure the Sacred Palace is buried with us!”

Seeing the usually elegant and beautiful peak master Lianyi say this, Zhou Yuan scratched his head and did not know what to say. Deep inside, he felt a warmth flowing around his heart.

Having been training in the Cangxuan Sect for two years, he was also attached to the sect. Thus, peak master Lianyi’s action made him feel a sense of identity.

“Now that the Mythic Utopia is over, everybody, come back to the sect with me first.”

Peak master Lianyi scanned the high-level experts of the other sects. The harvest that the Cangxuan Sect made this time was not small at all, and if she weren’t around, those high-level experts would have most likely done something to the young disciples at the sight of such valuable objects.  

The disciples nodded and then boarded the huge ark in the air. 

It was only after all the disciples went up that peak master Lianyi nodded to valley master Yin Xia without saying anything. Then, with a flash, she reappeared on the ark.

Zhou Yuan cast his eyes over to several directions, where Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun, Zhen Xu and Ning Zhan were. It was as if he was saying farewell with his gaze.    

“After returning to the sect, given my contribution, I should be able to get a share of the seven-color Divine Establishing Treasures. When I do, I will give one to each of them.”

Zhou Yuan thought to himself. When Yaoyao was ambushed in the Mythic Utopia, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun and the others knew that they couldn’t win against the Chosen of the Sacred Palace, but they still tried to help. Zhou Yuan would forever remember this kindness. 


He exhaled a long breath. Feeling the gradual start of the ark, he gazed into the distance.

Once he returned to the sect, he planned to properly digest this trip’s harvest. The next time he left the sect would most likely be when he returned to the Cangmang Continent to settle all his grudges.    

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