Chapter 663 Angry Qin Ling

Above the sea surface. 

The high-level experts of all sects were shocked to see the absence of Jin Chanzi and other Sacred Palace disciples among those coming out from the space passageway. What Li Qingchan had said was evidently true.

The Cangxuan Sect had reversed the situation of losing to the Sacred Palace in the Mythic Utopia for many years!

How had they managed to achieve this? 

Many high-level experts were filled with puzzlement because it was clear that the Sacred Palace occupied an absolute advantage from the overall strength of both sides. Moreover, in the top five of the Chosen List of the Shengzhou Continent, the Sacred Palace occupied three spaces, with Jiang Taishen firmly seated in the top spot! 

And on the contrary, the Cangxuan Sect only had Chu Qing.

There was a gap between the two sides whether it was in terms of strength or the number of people. How could Sacred Palace pay such a disastrous price?   

Qin Ling’s face darkened. He turned to Jiang Taishen. Undisguised anger was in his voice as he asked, “Jiang Taishen, what happened? Was Jin Chanzi really killed by people of the Cangxuan Sect?”

Jiang Taishen nodded silently. 

Qin Ling hissed through clenched teeth, “Killed by Chu Qing?” 

In his view, the only one who could threaten Jin Chanzi should be Chu Qing. Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan were both weaker than Jin Chanzi, so he eliminated them right away. As for the others, he didn’t even need to consider them.

Jiang Taishen pursed his lips and then shook his head. “Chief Disciple Zhou Yuan of the Cangxuan Sect had killed him. He had also killed Lei Jun and Tie Mo.” 

His words caused uproar, and the high-level experts of various sects who were secretly paying attention also couldn’t help discussing in whispers.

“Jin Chanzi is a Chosen, but he was killed by a chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect? That’s too laughable!” 

Numerous people went pale. If Jin Chanzi had lost to Kong Shen, Li Qingchan or other Chosen, then they wouldn’t have had such a huge reaction. It was really hard to understand how he could have lost to a Cangxuan Sect chief disciple. 

“Who is Zhou Yuan? Why is he so powerful?” Some people were constantly scanning the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect on the other side.

Peak master Lianyi’s beautiful face was similarly crossed with astonishment and disbelief. It was evident that this answer was also unexpected for her.  

“Zhou Yuan killed Jin Chanzi?” 

Peak master Lianyi’s beautiful eyes flashed. In her eyes Zhou Yuan was an outstanding talent among the younger generation of disciples, but compared to the numerous Chosen, he was still a little lacking. He might replace Chu Qing’s status perhaps in a year or two, but not now.

However, the result completely destroyed her reasoning.

Peak master Lianyi shifted her gaze onto the young figure standing in front of the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect. He was still calm and composed, as if he was not the person who had caused such waves.

“The eighth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage...his Genesis Qi foundation is also extremely strong.”    

Peak master Lianyi sighed. Even she was surprised by the young man’s rate of growth.   

At the same time, when Qin Ling heard Jiang Taishen’s answer, his face darkened significantly. There seemed to be flames shooting out from his eyes. A group of Chosen had died in the hands of a chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect. If this matter were to spread, the Sacred Palace would completely lose their face.    

“Zhou Yuan?” But immediately, Qin Ling knitted his brows. The name was very familiar.   

Yes, he had heard it from his palace master. It seemed that the palace master had given Jiang Taishen an order to capture Zhou Yuan in the Mythic Utopia.    

But Jiang Taishen had evidently failed to complete this task.

Qin Ling originally wasn’t too concerned about this matter. After all, for people at his level, a little chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect was simply like an ant.     

But right now, the name left a deep impression on him.

He fixed a cold stare at Jiang Taishen and the others. “Useless things! I will deal with you once we return to the palace!”

He no longer paid any attention to them, but he shifted his piercing cold gaze onto peak master Lianyi, “Your Cangxuan Sect is impressive to dare kill three Chosen from my Sacred Palace!     

“If the Cangxuan Sect doesn’t give me an explanation today, my Sacred Palace won’t leave this matter just like this!”

When this statement was uttered, there was a terrifying Genesis Qi that erupted out from his body. As if the space was unable to bear the pressure any longer, the air began to crack. 

In the face of such an oppressive force, Chu Qing’s, Li Qingchan’s and the others’ expressions changed abruptly. They were unable to move a single step under that kind of pressure. It was as though Qin Ling could suppress them with one thought.    

The gap between the two sides was evident. 

Zhou Yuan similarly felt the tremendous pressure, which made him gasp for air. However, he still leaned to one side with difficulty and tried to shield Yaoyao from the pressure.

“Qin Ling, you dare!”

Fortunately, just as Qin Ling’s Genesis Qi shrouded them, peak master Lianyi was immediately aware of it and took action. 


Monstrous Genesis Qi whizzed out. With the grasp of her hand, terrifying Genesis Qi frantically gathered and compressed in her hand. After a number of breaths, a crystal clear petal came fluttering out.

The petal, covered with naturally formed patterns, was extremely beautiful but also extremely dangerous.    

Zhou Yuan and the others, who were nearby, were able to clearly feel the terror of the Genesis Qi gathered in the petal. The slightest wisp could turn them into nothingness.    

An expert of the Nascent Source stage was indeed too powerful! 


Peak master Lianyi flicked her finger, sending the piece of crystal petal shooting out in the form of a stream of light. 


Where the petal passed by, there were signs that space itself was collapsing. Countless space debris crumbled and wrapped around the petal. One petal was enough to destroy the mountains within a hundred mile radius!

The flowing petal light rapidly grew before Qin Ling. He snorted coldly and stamped his foot. The mountain-like Genesis Qi underfoot flew out and collided with the crystal petal.


Although the two were entirely different from each other, when they collided, there was an indescribable storm of Genesis Qi sweeping out and tearing endless deep ditches into the sea below.

The surrounding space was also showing signs of shattering.

In the sea, it was not known how many unlucky Genesis beasts were killed by this impact.

Compared with a battle between experts of the Nascent Source stage, the battle between Zhou Yuan and the others were considered child’s play. If they hadn’t taken into consideration the people around them, the entire sea area would have been turned upside down long ago. 

As the shock waves dissipated, Qin Ling and peak master Lianyi’s eyes collided. 

“Qin Ling, you really think my Cangxuan Sect is easy to bully?” peak master Lianyi said coldly.

Qin Ling’s face was devoid of expression when he answered, “Peak master Lianyi, your Cangxuan Sect is not the same as in the past. If you don’t hand over that boy today, don’t think of leaving here!” 

The Sacred Palace had already lost face today. So Qin Ling did not care since they had to  bring Zhou Yuan back! 

“Peak master Lianyi, I advise you to think about it carefully. Don’t tell me you want to tear the faces of two sects because of a little chief disciple! There’s no benefit to your Cangxuan Sect!” Qin Ling spoke in a threatening tone of voice. 

Before Zhou Yuan could say anything, a slightly cold but delicate hand suddenly stretched forward from behind and grasped his hand tight. 

He turned to see Yaoyao calmly looking at him. She whispered in a voice that only they could hear, “Don’t worry, no one can take you away.”

Zhou Yuan did not say anything. He took a deep breath and clenched his hands tight. 

I really am still too weak. If I am strong enough, I could slap Qin Ling to death. What could the Sacred Palace dare to say then?

Peak master Lianyi’s beautiful eyes were coldly staring at Qin Ling. She did not say anything else, but between her scrunched brows, there seemed to be a light rune emerging.


At the same time, everybody was shocked to see that there seemed to be an invisible domain slowly spreading out from within peak master Lianyi’s body.

Where the domain swept past, everything, including life, fell into the control of the domain master.

“Law Domain?!”   

Some high-level experts cried out in astonishment. 

Peak master Lianyi’s long hair fluttered in the breeze, and her beautiful eyes locked onto Qin Ling with endless icy coldness. 

She spoke in a determined voice, “If you want to take someone from me...

“Qin Ling, if your Sacred Palace wants to fight...then let’s fight!”  

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