Chapter 662 Shocking results

Above the turbulent sea, there were numerous figures emitting powerful Genesis Qi, causing the space to appear distorted.

The waves of the outside world were raging, but the surface of the sea that they were on was as calm as a pool of stagnant water.

Peak master Lianyi was sitting quietly and gracefully on an ark. As she stared at the air in front of her, there was a trace of nervousness in the depths of her eyes. 

She knew that after months of fighting, the trip to the Mythic Utopia had come to an end. The disciples of each sect would begin to come out one after another.

What she did not know was how was the Cangxuan Sect’s harvest? And what about the casualties?

Peak master Lianyi was well aware that every time the Mythic Utopia opened, some Cangxuan Sect Chosen would be killed. The worst time was when almost half of the ten Great Chosen were killed. At that time, many chief disciples of the various peaks were also wounded and killed. 

And the Sacred Palace had been the culprit. 

This time, the overall strength of the disciples of the Sacred Palace was stronger than their Cangxuan Sect, like always. Given the grudges between the two sects, it was inevitable that a fight would break out between them. Therefore, peak master Lianyi did not know what kind of price the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect would have to pay this time.  

“Damn Sacred Palace!”    

Peak master Lianyi clenched her teeth. 

The Sacred Palace really was hateful.

“Haha, peak master Lianyi, do you think I’m deaf? Is there a need for you to insult us like that?” A faint laugh sounded from the sky. 

Peak master Lianyi looked over to see that in the distance, there was a mountain formed from Genesis Qi standing tall. On the peak of the mountain sat a figure exuding terrifying pressure. 

It was the fourth hall master of the Sacred Palace, Qin Ling. 

“So what if I’m scolding you?” Peak master Lianyi snorted coldly.

Qin Ling gave a faint smile. “Peak master Lianyi is good at arguing, but when you see the mutilated soldiers of the Cangxuan Sect come out, I wonder if you will erupt in rage?”

“Maybe there aren’t many people left in your Sacred Palace,” peak master Lianyi remarked coldly. 

The corner of Qin Ling’s mouth curved upwards. “Do you believe what you just said?”

Peak master Lianyi did not respond because she also knew that she only said that out of anger. The disciples of the Sacred Palace were incredibly powerful, and adding to this, they were led by Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, and Jin Chanzi, three great Chosen. Although the Cangxuan Sect wasn’t weak, they couldn’t compare with the Sacred Palace.    

Qin Ling sneered when he saw that peak master Lianyi did not respond. The anger of a loser was even funnier to him. He really wanted to see how ugly the expression on peak master Lianyi’s face would be when the results appeared.

All these years, every time the Mythic Utopia ended, one of the highlights for each of the Sacred Palace hall masters was to admire the ugly expressions on the faces of the people from the Cangxuan Sect. 

The other high-level experts of various sects also shook their heads and then looked sympathetically at peak master Lianyi. The Cangxuan Sect hadn’t been able to overturn their losses for many years; it seemed that this time there wouldn’t be an exception.

Even the thought was enough to make one cry. The first sect of the Cangxuan Heaven was suppressed by the Sacred Palace to the point they couldn’t turn over.


While these thoughts were bubbling in the minds of various high-level experts, the chaotic space began to twist, and a passageway was torn open. 

All high-level experts watched with bated breaths. The disciples were the elites their sects carefully cultivated. Thus, it would be a great loss to their sect if anything were to occur to them.   

Under the nervous gazes of all parties, space passageways were constantly appearing until, finally, countless shadows shot out. 

The entire sea surface was bubbling. 

Peak master Lianyi stared closely at a space passageway not far away. She was able to sense the fluctuations of Genesis Qi of some of her disciples.


Under her watchful gaze, the space passageway suddenly shook, and then beams of light swept out.

“Chu Qing, Qingchan, Kong Sheng, Ye Ge, Zhou Yuan.” 

As soon as the light beams shot out of the space passageway, peak master Lianyi was able to identify them right away. She quickly swept a glance over them, and a joyful look lit up her beautiful face.    

She found that the ten great Chosen and the chief disciples were all present, and they did not appear to have suffered much injuries.

“How is that possible?” The result stunned her because all these years there was never a time that a Chosen or chief disciple wasn’t killed in the Mythic Utopia.    

This moment, even peak master Lianyi was beginning to question if she made a mistake. She again carefully scanned around and was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

“Haha, were your disciples hiding in the periphery, not daring to go deep into the Mythic Utopia?” Hall master Qin Ling laughed out loud when he also realised what had happened.

He was also very clear that every time the Mythic Utopia opened, there would be deaths of Chosen, even for their Sacred Palace. But everybody from the Cangxuan Sect was alive?    

Did they think the Mythic Utopia was a place for them to play around?!  

The only possibility was that the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect simply did not go deep into the Mythic Utopia and simply stayed in its periphery!

Peak master Lianyi knitted her brows together. 

At this moment, the high-level experts of other sects were also looking over. If things really were as Qin Ling had said, then the Cangxuan Sect would become a huge joke.

Numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples also noticed this scene, and their expressions turned a little strange.

Li Qingchan took the lead. Looking at peak master Lianyi, she gave a cupped fist salute and reported, “Peak master, in this trip to the Mythic Utopia, our Cangxuan Sect obtained three eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures and ten seven-color Divine Establishing Treasures as well as numerous Divine Establishing Treasures of other levels.”

As these words were said, the noisy crowd fell silent. 

All faces were filled with shocked disbelief. Three eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures? In the past, there were times that not even one appeared in the Mythic Utopia. But the Cangxuan Sect had obtained three?! 

At this moment, who would dare to say that the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect only walked around the periphery?!

Qin Ling’s expression also changed. “That’s funny, do you think eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures are just goods on the roadside? You said you obtained three?”  

Peak master Lianyi’s beautiful eyes also flickered with doubt. She would have believed it if Li Qingchan had said they obtained three seven-color Divine Establishing Treasures, but three eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures? Wasn’t that too unbelievable?    

Li Qingchan maintained her calm and continued, “As for enemies, our Cangxuan Sect killed Lei Jun of the Sacred Palace, as well as Tie Mo and Jin Chanzi, and also severely wounded Zhan Taiqing.”

If her previous words were considered a thunderbolt, then what Li Qingchan said now was like a volcanic eruption. It was so earthshaking that all the high-level experts couldn’t suppress their shock. 

Lei Jun and Tie Mo were well known among the Chosen of the Sacred Palace. But what they were most shocked about was Jin Chanzi and Zhan Taiqing, who were both ranked in the top three Chosen of the Sacred Palace!   

But now one was dead and the other was wounded?!  

“Nonsense!” Qin Ling sprang up and glowered at Li Qingchan. “Little girl, what you say is ridiculous. The number of Chosen in my Sacred Palace is more than your Cangxuan Sect, and they are all stronger than you. All of the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect are alive, yet you dare say that even Jin Chanzi of my Sacred Palace has been killed? And Zhan Taiqing is badly wounded?    

“What are you saying? How could you kill them? With your mouth?” 

He turned to peak master Lianyi and sneered coldly, “How do the Cangxuan Sect teach their disciples? How could they tell such lies?”

“What does it have to do with you?” Peak master Lianyi looked beautiful and graceful but had a fiery temper. 

Then she frowned slightly, looked at Li Qingchan and asked hesitantly, “Qingchan, what you said just now, is it true?” 

Li Qingchan turned to Zhou Yuan, who gave a smile. He patted the bag at his waist, and the next moment, spheres of light rose into the air, surrounding him fully. Among them were two spheres that emitted eight colors of brilliance. 

Everyone fell utterly silent, and even Qin Ling’s eyes were crazily flickering. 

“So many eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures appeared in the Mythic Utopia this time? Hmph, when Jiang Taishen and the others come out, their lies will be exposed.” Qin Ling clenched his teeth, but deep down he was feeling somewhat uneasy.


It was at this moment that another space passageway tore open. Qin Ling suddenly shook as he sensed the fluctuation of Genesis Qi from the disciples of the Sacred Palace.

The high-level experts of other sects also curiously looked over. Whether or not what Li Qingchan said was true would become clear when the disciples of the Sacred Palace come out.   


Under the gazes of many people, streams of light shot out from the space passageway.

In less than ten seconds, the disciples of the Sacred Palace all showed up.

Qin Ling scanned them right away. His face gradually turned gloomy because he found that the disciples of the Sacred Palace seemed extremely depressed and their morale was particularly low.

And most importantly, he couldn’t see Jin Chanzi, Lei Jun and Tie Mo among the Sacred Palace disciples.    

The other high-level experts, also aware of the situation, looked at one another and were able to see the unconcealable shock present in each other’s eyes.

What Li Qingchan had said was true!

The Cangxuan Sect had actually defeated the Sacred Palace in Mythic Utopia! 

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