Chapter 661 End

The competition for the other six jade discs continued for around half a day until it gradually came to an end under countless unwilling gazes.

The second jade disc that was home to eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures had expectedly fallen into the hands of Sacred Palace. 

Although the Sacred Palace had previously competed with the Cangxuan Sect, which led to Zhan Taiqing being badly wounded and the death of Jin Chanzi, the Sacred Palace was still terrifying because of the existence of Jiang Taishen.

He vented his rage and frustration. The ferocity of the first-ranked person on the Chosen List was displayed fully without restraint. Even if Zong Ming of the Sword Seeker Sect and Tang Xiao of the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall joined forces to fight the Sacred Palace, they ultimately were still defeated in the hands of Jiang Taishen.

And the defeated Sword Seeker Sect and North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall had no choice but to give up and turn their focus onto other jade discs. The forces that competed for the jade discs were all top sects and factions of Cangxuan Heaven, but in the face of two powerful people, they had to helplessly hand over the jade disc after a long and bitter battle. 

As for the other jade disc that held Divine Establishing Treasures, it fell into the hands of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.  

Of course, this was because of the Cangxuan Sect’s contribution.

The strengths of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect were evenly matched. It was a bloody battle; many Chosen had fallen, and there were many tragically wounded on both sides. But when the Cangxuan Sect joined in, the balance between the two sides was suddenly broken.

The Heavenly Ghost Sect was utterly defeated in the face of the joint forces of the Cangxuan Sect and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.

The head of the Heavenly Ghost Sect Chosen was called Zhao You, and he was ranked sixth on the Chosen List of the Shengzhou Continent. He was enraged by the Cangxuan Sect’s interference, but at the same time he also understood why the Cangxuan Sect would join hands with the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. It was to retaliate against the Heavenly Ghost Sect for previously cooperating with the Sacred Palace. 

Therefore, Zhao You had no choice but to silently swallow the humiliation.

But in his heart he was inevitably cursing the Sacred Palace and Jiang Taishen. The reason he chose to help Sacred Palace was because he felt the Sacred Palace was stronger and that he could borrow the power of the Sacred Palace to help him.

But who would have thought that the Sacred Palace would lose to the Cangxuan Sect? The Sacred Palace couldn’t even protect themselves, so how could they support the Heavenly Ghost Sect?

In the end Zhao You had no choice but to give up. The remaining Heavenly Ghost Sect Chosen also turned to compete for another jade disc.

In the end, six of the seven jade discs had fallen into the hands of the six major sects. The remaining one was left to the other forces. The battle on that jade peak was a bloodbath. The Chosen of various sects fought with everything they had; in the end it was unknown just how many people had died on that peak.

But this was the cruelty of the Mythic Utopia. In order to compete for the great opportunity, lives were worthless, even those of Chosen. 

Watching the battle on the peak of the mountain, the other six major sects, including the Cangxuan Sect, did not intervene because they knew that the other sects were in a killing frenzy. If they were to intervene, it would only lead to attacks from all sides. The gains did not make up for the losses.  

Finally the killings came to an end, and the result was revealed. The final winner that remained standing was a top sect called the Violet Sun Palace. Although their strength couldn’t be compared to the six major sects, it was still a well-known sect in Cangxuan Heaven.

When the Violet Sun Palace became the final winner and obtained the last jade disc, it signified the battle in the Mythic Utopia had finally come to an end. 

The stench of blood was permeating the air, and it had become a lot quieter than before. The various forces were like wolves after a vicious fight, filled with fatigue and crouched down licking their wounds. 

Standing on the peak of the mountain, Zhou Yuan gazed at the broken mountains with an incredibly calm expression. The way of cultivation had always been riddled with innumerable battles, and one often hovered between life and death. All these years of cultivation had made his mind incredibly steady, and he wouldn’t waver so easily. 

“When I return to the sect to refine and absorb the purest Genesis Qi contained in the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, I will be able to step into the ninth layer and reach the peak of the Alpha-Origin stage.”

Zhou Yuan exhaled a long breath. It had been nearly two years since he had come to the Cangxuan Sect. When he had first arrived, he had just stepped into the Alpha-Origin stage.     

But now, he was about to reach the peak of the Alpha-Origin stage and would hopefully reach the Divine Dwelling stage very soon.

When he left the Cangmang Continent and came to the Shengzhou Continent, what he sought was to possess the power to counter King Wu as quickly as possible.

During this period, he did not know how many battles he had experienced, but he persisted no matter the difficulties he faced. Now, he wasn’t far from his goal.    

When he possessed the strength to fight King Wu, he would return to the Great Zhou and settle all grudges. 

“King Wu. You broke my father’s arm, destroyed my mother’s life, occupied the territory of my Great Zhou, killed my people, and took my Sacred Dragon Destiny.”   

Zhou Yuan gazed into the distance, scene after scene flashing through his mind. The root of all this was that King Wu had usurped the Great Zhou. 

From his very first memories, the Great Zhou had always been under the oppression of the Great Wu. It lingered on with its last breath of life. His father, who once had great ambition, was suppressed by reality, and the brilliance in the eyes was gradually erased. 

Zhou Yuan knew that his father had lost the confidence to contend for supremacy with King Wu. Zhou Yuan also knew that his father must be extremely sad in the depths of his heart.

In the face of a powerful enemy he could only endure silently and put all his hope on his only son. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids slightly drooped, eyes flashing coldly.

Father, don’t worry. The debt that you couldn’t collect, I will personally help you with it. I will collect everything without fail!

King Wu, just you wait!    

This day won’t be too far away!   


The air above the peak suddenly vibrated like waves. The area of disturbance widened, and even space was gradually distorted.

“We’ve contacted my peak master. She has located us and is currently tearing the space to form a passageway to bring us out.” Li Qingchan turned to the other disciples and said, “All disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, be ready to move!” 


Everybody responded in unison. Their eyes lit up with excitement. Their Cangxuan Sect had made a great harvest in their trip to the Mythic Utopia. More importantly, they had suppressed the Sacred Palace, which was simply exhilarating. 

Zhou Yuan looked around and saw that the other major sects were also communicating with the elders of their sect in the outside world. The space around them was similarly rippling.    

The trip of Mythic Utopia had come to an end. 


The space’s rippling intensified until space suddenly tore apart, as if a fissure was forming. Majestic and boundless Genesis Qi was running through it, which stabilised the space and formed a passageway. 

“Disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, come out quickly.” There was an indistinct voice coming from the space channel. It was peak master Lianyi!    


Li Qingchang roared and was the first to step out with Chu Qing. They disappeared in the blink of an eye, followed by many Cangxuan Sect disciples. 

As Zhou Yuan came to the space passageway, he turned to take a last look at the vast world, a faint smile curving up on his lips. He knew that when others knew what had happened here, it would most likely set off a great shock in the Shengzhou Continent. 

Zhou Yuan’s name would also spread throughout the various sects and the continent. He wondered if his father and mother in Great Zhou would also receive this news.   

While his mind was racing, Zhou Yuan no longer hesitated. He entered the space passageway, and the space rippled over and swallowed him.   

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