Chapter 66 Exposed

The room was stiflingly silent and no one dared to speak. The only noise that could be heard was the nearly inaudible rustle of master Ying’s Genesis Rune Brush across the skin.

As time slowly flowed, an extremely complicated rune began to emerge on Wei Bin’s body. The rune extended across half of his body and gave off a faint yet astonishing aura.

“It’s a grade 3 Genesis Rune!” There was a grave expression on Wei Canglan's face. Soon after, he remarked with a sigh of admiration, “But it looks to be a support type rune, so little Bin's weak body should be able to handle its power.”

With one last hooking motion, master Ying's brush tip completed the final stroke. If one took a look at this moment, one would see a mysterious glow emerge from the now complete Genesis Rune. The light spread a little before shrinking back, burrowing into Wei Bin's body. 

Wei Bin released a groan of pain as he tightly clenched his fists. 

Upon seeing this, Wei Qingqing anxiously called out, “Little brother!”

Master Ying smiled faintly and said, “No need to worry miss Wei, my Genesis Rune has begun neutralizing the poison, a process that will be a little painful.”

Wei Qingqing nodded when she heard his explanation. She could only try to restraint the worry in her heart though her gaze never budged an inch from Wei Bin. 

A long and tense wait ensued, before everyone discovered that the black spots on Wei Bin's body had indeed started to show signs of receding. In a short few minutes, the originally appalling black dots had completely vanished. 

“The Devil Miasma Poison has been neutralized?!” Wei Qingqing's shocked voice rang out as joy flooded her face. 

Wei Canglan's eyes were wide open, his fists tightly clenched, his heart trembling with emotion.

Master Ying proudly said, “I came across this grade 3 Genesis Rune by chance. It is known as the Poison Neutralization Rune and is capable of neutralizing all poisons, even one as domineering as the Devil Miasma Poison.”

Wei Canglan nodded as he sighed in admiration, “The Poison Neutralization Rune is indeed very formidable. Although it is only grade 3, it has managed to dispel even the Black Venom King's Devil Miasma Poison.”

He looked towards master Ying and respectfully cupped his fists. “Master Ying is truly the benefactor of my Wei family.”

Wei Qingqing also hastily bowed towards master Ying.

Master Ying responded with a light smile, “I came here on the request of another.”

Wei Canglan could not help but sigh in his heart as he glanced at the smiling Qi Hao and the expressionless Zhou Yuan. This debt of gratitude was really far too great. 

Wei Canglan said, “Your highness, you should temporarily stay in the barracks. A storm is stirring over Canglan County and all sorts of characters have gathered here. The barracks is the safest place for you.”

Lu Tieshan's expression changed slightly. Did Weird Canglan intend to confine them to the barracks? If so, how would they be able to vie for the Fire Spirit Grain and Jade Infant Fruit? 

Qi Hao had a faint smile on his face as he looked towards Zhou Yuan, a toying smile overflowing with mockery.

Wei Qingqing sighed inwardly and shook her head. 

“What are all of you so happy about?” As the atmosphere grew heavier, an indifferent yet melodious voice was heard. Everyone turned, only to find that it was Yaoyao who had spoken.

Qi Hao chuckled and said, “Hehe, young master Wei's poison has be successfully neutralized and is on route to a full recovery. Is this not a matter worth celebrating?”

Yaoyao stroked Tuntun's fur as she said, “It would certainly be a happy event if the poison was fully neutralized, but I'm afraid that such superficial effort would instead hurt him even more.”

The expression of everyone in the room changed the moment these words were said.

Master Ying was the first to react. His expression frosty as he scolded in anger, “Little girl, what nonsense are you spouting!”

Wei Canglan frowned deeply, his eyes like a lion's as he stared at Yaoyao. “What do you mean young miss? If you are spouting nonsense, I'm afraid that I will have to teach you a lesson even if you are part of his highness’ entourage.”

Yaoyao paid no attention to them, walking towards the bed instead as her eyes swept over Wei Bin while her red lips parted slightly, “Poison Neutralization Rune? What a joke.”

Master Ying's rage swelled as he shouted, “Are you blind little girl? Do you see any traces of poison on his body? Do not blame me for being rude if you continue to utter such unreasonable nonsense!”

By the side, Wei Qingqing's brows were also furrowed. There was currently a hint of healthy rosiness on Wei Bin's pale face, a sign that the poison had indeed been successfully neutralized. Wei Canglan's expression was stern because he had checked previously and the Devil Miasma Poison had indeed disappeared from Wei Bin's body. 

Yaoyao continued to ignore master Ying's bellowing and instead indifferently said to Wei Canglan, “Poke a needle three inches above the tailbone.”

Master Ying's pupils seemed to shrink when he heard these words. He immediately faced Wei Canglan and said in a low voice, “Great general, I was invited to provide my services, not to be told off by a little wench!”

Qi Hao also spoke up, “Great general, master Ying rushed here from far away to save young master Wei. It will be really cold to doubt him at this point.”

Wei Canglan hesitated after hearing their words. 

Zhou Yuan suddenly interjected at this moment, “Great general, young master Wei's life is at stake here. It will be best to get to the bottom of it so as to avoid any future regrets.”

Wei Canglan's expression fluctuated for some time. He ultimately cupped his fists towards master Ying and said, “Please accommodate me master Ying, I will definitely seek justice on your behalf if I find that they are slandering you.”

“Bring me a silver needle!”

Wei Canglan icily shouted and a servant girl immediate brought over a silver needle. 

 Wei Canglan grabbed the needle and approached the bed as he confirmed in a low voice, “Three inches above the tailbone?”

Yaoyao replied indifferently, “All of the Devil Miasma Poison has been forced into that very spot by master Ying. No other place will work, it has to be here.”

Wei Canglan took one long and deep look at Yaoyao before decisively taking action. The needle in his hand instantly pierced the spot three inches above Wei Bin's tailbone. Half of the needle disappeared, before being slowly drawn out. 

Everyone's expressions abruptly changed the instant the needle emerged.

The tip of the needle was pitch-black and gave off a pungent smell. 

It was the Devil Miasma Poison! 

Wei Qingqing's face changed drastically, abruptly raising her head as an icy glare shot towards master Ying. 

Wei Canglan was white with rage. He turned his head, lifting the needle as he stared at master Ying and said in an hair-raising voice, “May I ask master Ying what exactly is going on?”

Master Ying had paled substantially, but still shamelessly answered, “It seems that the poison was not fully neutralized. This must be the some remnants.”

Qi Hao's face twitched as he forced a smile and suggested, “Maybe great general can let master Ying try again?”

Yaoyao's tone was apathetic as she said, “It isn't a case of the poison not being fully neutralized, in fact, that was no Poison Neutralization Rune, but a poison suppression rune.”

A poison suppression rune entailed forcibly suppressing the poison in the body through special methods. However, this rune of master Ying's was indeed pretty decent to have so cleanly suppressed the poison such that even Wei Canglan was unable to sense that something was amiss. 

“Although you've temporarily suppressed the Devil Miasma Poison, this temporary measure will only last for a year. After which, the Devil Miasma Poison will resurface once again and become unstoppable. Even the greatest of techniques would not be able to save him then.”

“I believe that those you ‘saved’ with the ‘Poison Neutralization Rune’ ultimately met very pitiful ends, right?”

Wei Canglan's and Wei Qingqing's expressions abruptly changed the moment these words were said. If gazes could kill, master Ying would have died a dozen times over. 

Sweat covered master Ying's forehead as he looked at Yaoyao in fear. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that the latter would see through his tricks. One must know that even an Alpha-Origin stage expert would not find anything wrong.


Genesis Qi suddenly exploded from master Ying's body as he transformed into a flash of light and shot out. He could no longer bear Wei Canglan's man-eating gaze and hurriedly escaped. 

Wei Canglan's expression was eerily frightening. With a flick of his finger, the needle in his hand was coated in green Genesis Qi and disappeared with a swish. 


A miserable cry suddenly echoed over from far away several breaths later. 

Wei Canglan icily said, “Bring him in. To think that someone dares to bring his scam to my residence, does he really believe that I am unable to deal with him?”

Someone respectfully acknowledged outside the room and swiftly left to comply to the great general's order. 

Qi Hao's face was deathly pale, his hands faintly trembling as he hatefully looked at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao. His originally perfect plan had went awry because of these two. 

Wei Canglan indifferently commanded, “Men, bring prince Qi somewhere else to rest.”

Guards entered and invited Qi Hao out. His gaze was brimming with murder towards Zhou Yuan when he left. 

However, Zhou Yuan returned the gaze with a warm smile. 

After master Ying and Qi Hao left, the room became suffocatingly silent once again. Wei Qingqing's eyes were tinged red as she softly cried while Wei Canglan appeared years older as he seated himself. 

Yaoyao frowned as she shot a glance at the two. “What's there to cry about. He isn't dead yet.”

Wei Canglan was taken aback. He seemed to realise the underlying meaning behind Yaoyao's words and quickly lifted his head, looking towards the extremely beautiful young girl as he hurriedly said, “Please forgive me for offending you earlier.”

After what had happened, he no longer dared to underestimate the Genesis Qi-less girl. 

Having apologised, Wei Canglan then carefully continued, “May I ask if the young lady knows of any way to save my son?”

Yaoyao slightly cocked her head in thought for a while before she said, “I will not save him, but… he may.”

Her finger pointed towards Zhou Yuan.

Wei Canglan's and Wei Qingqing's eyes instantly locked onto Zhou Yuan. 

Under their stares, Zhou Yuan felt his scalp turn numb and almost cursed out loud. Even master Ying, who had the ability to draw a grade 3 Genesis Rune, was incapable of dealing with the Devil Miasma Poison. What use would someone like him, who was only at the grade 2 level, be? 

Who understood his capabilities better than himself?

Big sis Yaoyao, don't sabotage me! 

You should be the savior that reveals herself and shock them till they shake! 

Zhou Yuan furiously cursed inside, but in the face of Wei Canglan's expectant eyes and the pitiful teary Wei Qingqing, the former could only respond with a hollow chuckle and nod. 

He knew that odds were he would also be ‘invited’ to leave like Qi Hao if he shook his head. 

“Ha, haha…”

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