Chapter 658 Heavenly Punishment

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged with his eyes closed while the two ancient Saint Runes, exuding mysterious energy, spiraled around him. Ripples of energy grew and continued to spread out.

It was utterly silent all around.    

The silence continued for a good while, and there were still no movements at all near him.

But Zhou Yuan still maintained a calm state of mind because he knew that since the old ancestor of Cangxuan had guided him here, he wouldn’t have hidden the third Saint Rune in a place where even Zhou Yuan couldn’t detect it. 

Half an hour of time quietly passed by. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly snapped open. The two ancient Saint Runes that were circling around him seemed to be emitting an imperceptible low whistling noise. 

And it was at this time that a whistling of the same frequency was being released from another place.

Zhou Yuan saw that the surrounding air began to tremble. In front of him, there were ripples blooming out from the space. An ancient stone platform slowly rose. 

On the stone platform was a crystal-like ball of light standing quietly. The ball of light was constantly flashing, radiating a mysterious light. 

The two ancient Saint Runes emitted a low hum at this moment.

Zhou Yuan’s heart pounded rapidly as he quickly stepped forward to take a closer look. He was overjoyed to see that inside the crystal ball, there was a slowly flowing stream of liquid. 

The liquid seemed to contain life. It was occasionally bubbling and sometimes coagulating. It faintly transformed into a complicated light rune that emitted an ancient and desolate aura. 

Zhou Yuan gazed at the mysterious light rune inside the crystal ball. His voice trembled as he murmured, “The third Saint Rune.”    

From the movements of the two Saint Runes, he was certain that the light rune inside the crystal ball was the third Saint Rune from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. 

What he had dreamt of finding had finally appeared before him. Even with Zhou Yuan’s self-control, he was still unable to conceal his excitement.


During his excitement, countless rays of light suddenly surged from the stone platform. The rays of light rushed into the crystal ball like the tide, and then the crystal ball started vibrating.

Immediately after, a little light sphere slowly arose from it.

Zhou Yuan was taken aback when he saw the little light sphere because he found that inside was actually a four-color Divine Establishing Treasure! 

His pupils shrank. 

Were all the Divine Establishing Treasures in the jade disc produced by the Saint Rune?!

This Saint Rune could create Divine Establishing Treasures?!

Zhou Yuan’s heart was hammering like the stormy sea. Divine Establishing Treasures were specialties of the Mythic Utopia. Although he did not know whether other similar treasured caves would have similar mysterious objects, at the very least, it seemed to be unique in Cangxuan Heaven.

According to what people said, this was because the Mythic Utopia possessed a special regulatory force. It meant that the Genesis Qi here could accumulate over time and turn into mysterious objects, such as Divine Establishing Treasures. 

But from what he could observe, the third Saint Rune seemed to be able to speed up the rate of birth of Divine Establishing Treasures. 

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but marvel at such an ability.

“It absorbs the Genesis Qi of the outside world through this stone platform, right?” Zhou Yuan studied the glittering stone platform.

He sighed and then, without the slightest hesitation, came closer and reached out his hand to carefully touch the crystal ball. 

Just as his hand approached the stone platform, a faint light barrier rose and shrouded the crystal ball. The light barrier appeared weak and thin, but it exuded an extremely terrifying energy. 

If that energy were to disperse even slightly, it could instantly turn Zhou Yuan into ashes.

Zhou Yuan stared cautiously at the light barrier. After studying it carefully, his eyes slightly narrowed. He could feel two familiar fluctuations of energy around the light barrier.

It was the Decoder Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune! 

A faint smile curved up on his lips. This seemed to have been set up by Patriarch Cang Xuan in the past, by borrowing the powers of the two Saint Runes. This meant that anybody who came here wanting to obtain the third Saint Rune must possess the Decoder Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune. 

Evidently, the old ancestor of Cangxuan was worried that a hole would appear in his formation as time passed and that people would inadvertently break in to obtain the Saint Rune. 

“The Old Ancestor is really cautious.” 

Zhou Yuan whispered, but he also knew that the Saint Runes were extremely important. If they were to fall into the hands of the Sacred Palace, then the palace master of the Sacred Palace would be able to detect the location of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and gain control of it. 

Once the palace master of the Sacred Palace obtained the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, he would become the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. He would then control Cangxuan Heaven.

As a great enemy of the Sacred Palace, the Cangxuan Sect would be the first ones they would destroy.

“The palace master of the Sacred Palace covets the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. If he obtains the Saint Stamp, he will definitely sense the location of the Saint Runes.” Thinking of this, Zhou Yuan’s expression grew solemn.

Being watched by an existence of that level would make it hard for him to survive.

But fortunately, even the palace master of the Sacred Palace did not know that the ancestor of Cangxuan had already stripped off the four Saint Runes on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. 

Calming his emotions, Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand. The Decoder Saint Rune as well as the Earth Saint Rune was suddenly rotating beneath his palm, coming into contact with the light barrier.


As the two Saint Runes rotated, the light barrier rippled, and it was then easily torn away.

The two Saint Runes, like a key, effortlessly opened the light barrier containing extremely terrifying energy.    

The light barrier cracked, and the crystal ball slowly began to suspend in the air. The crystal ball began to melt at a speed visible to the naked eye, and after a few breaths, the mysterious liquid-like object contained within emerged in front of Zhou Yuan.   

Mysterious, ancient and desolate. 

The Decoder Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune fluttered out and hovered around the third Saint Rune, as if they were producing cheerful cries.

They were naturally one, and they were thus incomparably familiar with each other. 

The three light runes twisted around each other, and then the Decoder Saint Rune and the Earth Saint Rune took the lead to rush back. One rushed into the space between Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows, and the other continued to rush into his palm.    

The third Saint Rune hesitated a little, but then it finally slowly followed the two familiar waves of energy and penetrated Zhou Yuan’s body. 


The moment the third Saint Rune drilled into Zhou Yuan’s body, muffled explosive noises suddenly sounded in his mind, and a massive amount of information gushed out. 

And from such information, Zhou Yuan learnt the name of the third Saint Rune.  

It’s name was Heavenly Punishment. 

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