Chapter 657 Harvest

Countless eyes were fixed on Zhou Yuan who was heading for the jade disc. Their gazes were filled and blazing with envy. They knew that after experiencing the previous bitter battle, Zhou Yuan would be the first to achieve the fruits of victory on the seventh peak. 

At the foot of the mountain, Jiang Taishen’s face darkened when he saw that Zhan Taiqing was also defeated. Watching Zhou Yuan get closer and closer to the Jade disc, he almost couldn’t suppress his Genesis Qi from gushing out.   

But every time, Chu Qing’s eyes would become extremely aggressive and fierce, and the golden shuttle shadow that emerged on the palm of his hand would rapidly vibrate.

It was obvious that if Jiang Taishen did anything, Chu Qing would make sure that he was wounded with all the strength Chu Qing had, even if Chu Qing had to suffer along with him.   

On the Sacred Palace’s side, Jin Chanzi was already killed and Zhan Taiqing was severely wounded. If Jiang Taishen were to fight until both sides suffered, then not only would the Sacred Palace fail to compete with the Cangxuan Sect on the seventh peak, there would be danger in competing for the other two jade discs that held eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

After all, even if the other four major sects were slightly less powerful, they still weren’t easy to deal with.

Therefore, Jiang Taishen’s expression changed several times before he finally suppressed his emotions. He stared intently at Zhou Yuan's figure, as if wanting to tear him up into shreds. 

He likely had never thought that their Sacred Palace would lose to the Cangxuan Sect, who they had always suppressed in the Mythic Utopia. 

And all this was because of Zhou Yuan.   

If Jiang Taishen had known that this would be the result, he wouldn’t have held back the first time he had met Zhou Yuan, and he would have directly killed him.

Unfortunately, at that time he had not attached any importance to Zhou Yuan, nor did he view him as a threat.   

In his view, how could a little chief disciple who wouldn’t even be qualified to participate in the battle among Chosen be a threat to him?

But from the looks of it, even with Jiang Taishen’s temperament, his heart was gushing with monstrous regret.

He really should have listened to Jin Chanzi and killed that guy right away!


Zhou Yuan simply ignored the countless gazes that were all filled with different emotions. Chu Qing had to face Jiang Taishen, and Yaoyao had little interest in matters like these, so Zhou Yuan was the one who came to pick the peaches first.

His footsteps came to a stop in front of the mysterious jade disc, his eyes filled with astonishment.

The jade was about dozens of feet wide, which could be considered magnificent. There was a mysterious luster flowing around the jade. Even with Zhou Yuan’s Spirit detection, he found it difficult to inspect it with his Spirit power.

“How can I obtain this?” Zhou Yuan scratched his head.   

He pondered for a moment and then suddenly and cautiously extended out his hand, gently stroking the jade disc. When his fingers came into contact with the jade, the surface suddenly rippled, and his fingers went right through.    

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath upon seeing this and took a huge step forward.


When his body came into contact with the jade disc, he suddenly entered the jade and disappeared under countless surprised gazes.

As Zhou Yuan stepped through the jade disc, a bright light bloomed. His eyes narrowed slightly and then slowly opened wide. It was as if he was situated in the starry sky.

There were specks of light fluttering, exuding gorgeous arrays of colors. It was remarkably beautiful.

Gazing at the groups of light, Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand and grasped tightly. His eyes rapidly shrank after he took a look. 

The reason for this was because he saw that in that group of light, there was an object emitting dazzling light. It was a Divine Establishing Treasure!   

Although it was just a four-color Divine Establishing Treasure...    

Zhou Yuan looked up, admiring the dancing lights. The number here was simply in the hundreds, perhaps even in the thousands. 

He was slightly shocked, but he recovered very soon. After all, the four-color Divine Establishing Treasures did not have much attraction to him. Thus, he continued forward.

The lights fluttered, sometimes hitting him and sometimes bouncing away.    

And as he gradually walked deeper, he found that the Divine Establishing Treasures within the lights were more and more gorgeous. There were five colors, six colors...    

Zhou Yuan quickened his pace.    

In particular when he saw a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure, his breathing grew hurried, and his eyes blazed.

He held out his hands. What landed on his palms were two spheres of light containing two seven-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

Everyone in the Mythic Utopia, even Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing and the others, most likely had obtained Divine Establishing Treasures at the seven-color level or below. The people of other sects might have gotten even less.    

And right now, as he looked around, there were close to dozens of seven-color Divine Establishing Treasures.   

“No wonder it’s the great opportunity.” Zhou Yuan sighed. If he were to take all the Divine Establishing Treasures found away with him, then the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect would certainly be able to establish more heavens when they step into the Divine Dwelling stage. It would be greatly beneficial for their future cultivation training.

Amongst them, there could even be experts of the Heavenly Sun stage, Nascent Source stage, or the Law Domain stage appearing. 

An expert of the Nascent Source stage would be a pillar even within a top sect like the Cangxuan Sect, and they would have the qualification to become the master of a peak. As for experts of the Law Domain stage, they could establish their own sect.


The seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure here didn’t seem to be the limit.    

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, looking ahead with blazing eyes. He waved his robe, and the light spheres blocking the path were pushed away as much as possible. The last scene came into Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

Three large light spheres around several meters were floating around, blooming with rays of light. The number of colors had reached eight different colors!

Zhou Yuan stared intently at the three tremendous light spheres. His breathing had become extremely rapid, and his heart pounded fast, like a low rumble of thunder.

Eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures! 

Zhou Yuan felt his mouth and tongue go dry. Those were the mysterious treasures rumoured to exist here. He really did not expect to see them—and to find all three!    

With these objects, he could easily establish eight heavens when he broke through into the Divine Dwelling stage. This advantage would allow him to leave behind other geniuses of his generation and even surpass them. 

The establishment of eight heavens, even in the vast Cangxuan Heaven, was rarely seen in one hundred years. 

And now there were three, which meant that among the younger generation of the Cangxuan Sect, there would be three geniuses who could open up eight heavens. This was a matter that would shake the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan stared at the three eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures. It was only after a good while that he gradually calmed his emotions.    

He finally shifted his eyes off the eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures and scanned the surroundings. He found that he had reached the end and that there were no other objects around. Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows gradually knitted into a frown. 

Although the eight-color Divine Establishing Treasure was a mysterious treasure for cultivation, it was not the most important thing for him at this moment.

His purpose was the third Saint Rune that had been stripped from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!    

“I detected the third Saint Rune before. It should be in this jade, but why aren’t there any traces of it now?” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself.

It seemed that the third Saint Rune couldn’t easily be found by anybody who came here. But if even he couldn’t find it, then other people also wouldn’t be able to find it, unless it was the old ancestor of Cangxuan himself!    

His eyes flickered, and he sat down cross-legged.   

In the depths of Zhou Yuan’s eyes, there was a mysterious Saint Rune rippling. It emerged from his eyes and transformed into an ancient Saint Rune that hovered around his body.

And in the palm of his hand, the Earth Saint Rune also drilled out from within his flesh.  

The two Saint Runes swirled around Zhou Yuan’s body, vibrating faintly, and vaguely there seemed to be mysterious ripples spreading out from the air.

Zhou Yuan stared at them intently. If even the two Saint Runes were unable to detect the third Saint Rune, then there really was nothing he could do!    

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