Chapter 656 Yaoyao’s Power


Ferocious and frantic blood-red Genesis Qi roared out like an enraged dragon, colliding with the torrent of Spirit power ahead of it. The wind raged, tearing thousands of holes into the surroundings. 

Zhan Taiqing’s figure flashed away. There was a chilling expression on her beautiful face. Even after fighting against Yaoyao for half a day, she still couldn’t dominate the battle. Yaoyao’s Spirit power was simply too frightening. 

“Useless thing!”    

Zhan Taiqing fixed her beautiful scarlet eyes on the peak. She clenched her teeth and couldn’t help but curse out loud. 

Evidently, she was also aware that Jin Chanzi had lost his life.

She found this somewhat hard to believe. Although Jin Chanzi was a little weaker than her, it would still be difficult for her to kill him. But to think he was killed by a little chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect?

How did that guy accomplish this?    


While she was distracted, ten Spirit needles suddenly emerged around her. They shot right at her.


Blood-red Genesis Qi gushed out from Zhan Taiqing’s body to withstand the Spirit needles. She lifted her head to see that the beautiful figure of Yaoyao, who had a slightly dark look on her beautiful face, was close by. 

Zhan Taiqing knew that the death of Jin Chanzi was extremely bad for the Sacred Palace. 

Jiang Taishen most likely wouldn’t be able to defeat Chu Qing for a good while. Therefore, if she did not end her battle soon, Zhou Yuan would be the first to take the jade disc! 

If that happened, the Sacred Palace would undoubtedly lose to the Cangxuan Sect in Mythic Utopia.

If they were to return to the Sacred Palace with such an outcome, even Chosen like them would most likely be punished.    

Zhan Taiqing’s eyes flashed with a faint ominous glint. She had no choice but to step forward.

Yaoyao’s Spirit was incredibly strong, but her Genesis Qi and bodily strength were her weakness. As long as Zhan Taiqing was able to get close enough to launch an attack, Yaoyao would be easily defeated.


Zhan Taiqing’s beautiful eyes flashed. She could feel that there were many invisible Spirit walls standing around her, blocking her. At the same time, they were also protecting Yaoyao so that Zhan Taiqing couldn’t come anywhere near her. 

The Spirit barriers were incredibly strong, so strong that even she found it difficult to destroy. 

However, it was only an unusual technique.   

At this point Zhan Taiqing couldn’t hold back anything.    

A chilling light came to her eyes, and she immediately let out a low roar, “Blood Burning Secret Art!”    

Monstrous blood-red flames were fiercely raging out from Zhan Taiqing’s body. Her blood seemed to be burning, and her Genesis Qi was surging violently. 

An astonishing oppressive force broke out from her body.  

Zhan Taiqing’s Genesis Qi had merged with her blood, which began to burn because of the secret technique. Power would explode with the greatest force as a result of this. But there was also a repercussion to this secret method. In order to replenish the blood used in this technique, it was unknown just how much blood needed to be extracted from others’ bodies.

The ground around Zhan Taiqing was constantly collapsing.   

She shot a cold glance at Yaoyao in the distance. “Little bitch, watch me tear you apart!”    


The moment her voice fell, her figure turned into a beam of blood light and shot out. A flood of blood-red Genesis Qi rushed past, shattering the layers of Spirit barriers in an instant. 

Yaoyao remained expressionless when she saw this, and quickly retreated.    

“You want to run away?” Zhan Taiqing sneered. Her speed soared, and in just a few seconds, she had torn down all the Spirit barriers and was quickly closing in on Yaoyao. 

“The Great Blood Demon Technique!”    

Following a whistling sound, Zhan Taiqing’s snowy white skin gradually glowed with red light. Her blood red fingernails elongated and ripped through the air.

Evidently, Zhan Taiqing had released all her combat powers.   

In the face of such an attack, even Jiang Taishen would have trouble coping.


Zhan Taiqing’s figure instantly neared Yaoyao, her blood-red nails transforming into remnants of shadow. They directly tore apart Yaoyao’s Spirit defense. 

The two women were almost within reach of each other.    

Zhan Taiqing’s red lips tilted in a cruel arc. “Without Genesis Qi, you can only solely rely on Spirit. What can you do? Watch me rip apart your pretty face!”    

Her blood-like fingernails were like pointed awls. They tore through space and aimed for Yaoyao’s cheeks with lightning speed.  

At such a distance, although there were Spirit barriers rapidly emerging in front of Yaoyao, Zhan Taiqing was destroying everything in the way. 

Outside the mountains, countless people exclaimed out loud upon seeing this.  


Zhan Taiqing was ruthless. Before the whistling noises had faded, her blood red fingernails had already pierced Yaoyao’s cheeks with violent power.

Zhan Taiqing’s lips curved upwards.   

You are definitely going to die this time!   

However, just as the corners of her lips curved upwards, her pupils shrank, as she saw that there was no blood flowing from Yaoyao’s cheeks.

Yaoyao’s figure fluctuated slightly before gradually turning into nothingness.

“Spirit doppelganger?!”    

Zhan Taiqing’s heart was crazily vibrating, eyes filled with disbelief. The figure in front of her was a Spirit doppelganger? How strong was Yaoyao’s Spirit? How could she produce a Spirit doppelganger?!

Zhan Taiqing rapidly retreated without hesitation.   

However, as she rapidly retreated, the air rippled, and Yaoyao’s beautiful figure emerged right in front of her. Her long slender finger stretched out like a shadow. It was as though her fingers penetrated through space and reached Zhan Taiqing’s glabella with lightning speed.

Zhan Taiqing frantically retreated, but she still couldn’t avoid the slender finger.   

A look of horror was finally emerging in her eyes.   


The slim finger, without the slightest spark or wisp of smoke, landed between Zhan Taiqing’s brows. It was at that moment that a terrifying Spirit attack erupted. 


Zhan Taiqing let out a miserable screech. She was blasted away, blood flowing out her eyes, nose and ears.    

There were no physical injuries, but her face was crossed with panic.

Yaoyao’s attack had directly struck her Spirit.   

A large mouthful of blood spurted from Zhan Taiqing’s mouth, and there appeared to be a crack right between her eyebrows—a sign that her Spirit was about to be destroyed. Once the Spirit was broken, Zhan Taiqing would become a living dead person.

The sharp pain coming from her glabella made Zhan Taiqing’s beautiful face contort with horror. She frantically operated her Genesis Qi to rush to the center of her eyebrows and neutralise the Spirit attack. At the same time, she did not dare to stay any longer. She darted away and escaped in the direction of where the many disciples of the Sacred Palace were.

If she were to stay any longer, there was a real risk that her Spirit would be destroyed.    

However, the fact that she was going to flee showed that she had failed in the fight against Yaoyao.

Jin Chanzi was already killed by Zhou Yuan, and now Zhan Taiqing was defeated in the hands of Yaoyao, with her Spirit severely damaged. This meant that the result of the battle between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect on the seventh peak was obvious.

On the peak.

When Zhou Yuan sensed Zhan Taiqing’s defeat, he also quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He was prepared to immediately rush to the rescue if there were any changes on Yaoyao’s side.    

But evidently, he had still underestimated Yaoyao’s strength.

Although Zhan Taiqing was remarkable, Yaoyao’s strength was even more remarkable.   

Zhou Yuan glanced at the foot of the mountain where Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen were still facing each other. Following the defeat of Jin Chanzi and Zhan Taiqing, the Sacred Palace had lost its momentum. 

Even Jiang Taishen most likely couldn’t reverse the situation alone.

So Zhou Yuan shook his head and no longer paid attention to the other battles. Instead, under countless blazing gazes, he headed straight towards the mysterious jade disc that was lying quietly.

It was time for him to collect the fruits of victory.    

He was anxious to see how many treasures were in the jade disc!    

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