Chapter 655 Reversal

It was completely silent throughout the heavens and the earth. Only the wind was whistling.

Countless people were still in a shocked state, unable to recover for a long, long time. After all, this result wasn’t one that anybody had ever imagined.

Of the three people sent out from the Cangxuan Sect, everyone thought that Zhou Yuan was the weakest. Therefore, if there was a problem, it most likely would be from Zhou Yuan’s side. 

After all, Jin Chanzi was one of the three great Chosen from the Sacred Palace. His strength was terrifyingly powerful, while Zhou Yuan was just at the eighth level of the Alpha-Origin stage. The gap between the two was too great.

But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would be the first to obtain a victory amongst the three. 

In the direction of the Sacred Palace, all disciples were ashen faced and filled with shock and disbelief.

And compared with that side, the Cangxuan Sect’s side was silent for a long while before deafening cheers broke out. Many disciples’ faces were flushed with excitement. Over the years, the grudges that had developed between the Sacred Palace and the Cagxuan Sect were not small, but the Sacred Palace dominated every time and the Cangxuan Sect was left feeling oppressed. Who would have thought that their Cangxuan Sect would be able to reverse the situation in the Mythic Utopia and hold their heads high once again? 

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan is really too impressive.” 

Tang Muxin’s beautiful face flushed red, and she was unable to hide her excitement. “After this battle, junior brother Zhou Yuan will be able to become a new Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect. His ranking will most likely be just after senior brother Chu Qing.”

The other chief disciples all looked at each other with shock.

Baili Che’s face stiffened, but then he finally relaxed. Zhou Yuan was becoming more and more powerful. He could simply crush the entire Cangxuan Sect apart from Chu Qing. Even Kong Sheng wouldn’t be able to suppress him. 

As a result, it was unlikely that their Sword Cometh Peak would be able to get back at him.

In the distance, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan and other people were also silently gazing at the seventh peak, taking in the results of the battle.

In the face of Zhou Yuan’s terrifying accomplishment, even they, who were very close with Zhou Yuan, were greatly shocked.

They were all already incredibly talented. Despite having only been in the Shengzhou Continent for less than two years, they had already stood out amongst the numerous disciples and had gradually become elites of their sect. 

But when this kind of progress was compared to Zhou Yuan’s, there was still a great distance between them. 

In less than two years, Zhou Yuan already possessed the power to kill a Chosen. Moreover, that was not an ordinary Chosen but a Chosen ranked fifth on the Chosen List of the Shengzhou Continent!

Almost 60% of the Chosen List of the Shengzhou Continent was occupied by young geniuses from Cangxuan Heaven. 

Did Zhou Yuan’s achievement signify that he had reached the top amongst his peers? 

Thinking of this, they were somewhat envious. The youngster who grew up with them in the little Cangmang Continent had, in just less than two years of time, made a name for himself. 


While countless people outside the mountain were stunned by the result of the battle on the seventh peak, Jiang Taishen’s face also gradually grew icy cold on the mountainside.

“Jiang Taishen, I said before, if you look down on Zhou Yuan, you will suffer.” Chu Qing withdrew his gaze from the peak. He suppressed his astonishment and then smiled at Jiang Taishen.

Jiang Taishen’s face was devoid of expression, and only his body shook slightly.

Chu Qing narrowed his eyes. His figure appeared in midair like a ghost, and his long hair like needles came roaring out, aiming for some place in the air.


A figure flashed out from where the air was vibrating. It was Jiang Taishen.

“Jiang Taishen, your opponent is me.” Chu Qing smiled. 

Evidently Jiang Taishen was unable to relax after seeing the battle’s result: that Zhou Yuan had killed Jin Chanzi.

There was a dangerous aura accumulating in Jiang Taishen’s eyes. “Chu Qing, do not back me into a corner. You won’t fare well from doing that!”

His white hair fluttered in the air, making him look somewhat sinister at this moment.

Chu Qing gave a faint smile and did not utter a word. He obviously couldn’t let Jiang Taishen rush over there to stop Zhou Yuan.

Jiang Taishen’s eyes were filled with intense killing intent. Raging Genesis Qi erupted from his body. Gradually, there seemed to be a huge white shadow forming behind his body. A terrifying pressure shrouded the area. 

Chu Qing’s pupils shrank. 

Jiang Taishen’s killing intent was incredibly strong. 

Since that was the case...  

Chu Qing drew a deep breath and spread his hands out, palms facing up. In his body, there were little specks of dark yellow light rising. Those light specks gathered in his palm, gradually forming a miniature dark yellow shuttle shadow of around an inch tall. 

The shuttle shadow, though slightly illusory, exuded an extremely dangerous aura. 

When the shuttle shadow appeared, Chu Qing’s face grew a little pale.

“Spirit Severing Golden Shuttle?” 

Jiang Taishen’s expression also changed slightly looking at the illusory shadow. This was Chu Qing’s strongest killing move. 

This shuttle shadow required Chu Qing’s constant injection of Genesis Qi, essence and blood. And once created, it could tear the mountains. If it wasn’t his last resort, Chu Qing wouldn’t dare to sacrifice it because this shuttle shadow was not recoverable. That meant the long time he spent cultivating it would be wasted.

This object could only be used once! 

But even Jiang Taishen was extremely afraid of its power. 

“Chu Qing, are you really willing to part with it!” Jiang Taishen growled in a low voice.

Chu Qing smiled. “I have cultivated it for so long, it has to be put to use at some point. Otherwise what am I keeping it for?”

“I’m afraid your golden shuttle can’t kill me!” Jiang Taishen said coldly. Chu Qing’s golden shuttle was indeed very strong, but it alone couldn’t kill him. 

Chu Qing smiled. “Perhaps it really can’t kill you, but if you want to block it, you will also have to pay a price. My Cangxuan Sect has already occupied the upper hand on the seventh peak. If I wound you here, I’m afraid the Sacred Palace won’t even have the qualification to compete for the other two peaks.” 

The other two peaks he spoke of were of course what the other four major sects were competing for. Only the jade discs on these two other peaks could give birth to eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures. 

And if the Sacred Palace was defeated here, they would have to retreat to the other two peaks to compete with the other four major sects.

But if Jiang Taishen was wounded along with Chu Qing, the other four sects may not be afraid of the Sacred Palace.

Jiang Taishen’s eyes flashed. He also thought of this, so he also did not dare act recklessly in his battle with Chu Qing. But then a thought flashed to his mind. Shifting his gaze onto another battlefield on the seventh peak, he coldly said, “Don’t be so happy too soon. When Zhan Taiqing wins, the upper hand will naturally return to my Sacred Palace’s side.” 

He had almost forgotten that although Jin Chanzi was useless, they still at least had Zhan Taiqing!

Zhan Taiqing was much stronger than Jin Chanzi!

Chu Qing also lifted his head to look at somewhere on the mountainside with an elusive smile on his face.

“You’re going to place all hopes on Zhan Taiqing’s side now?” 

He looked at a remarkably beautiful shadow somewhere. The corner of his mouth curved in a strange arc. 

He was perhaps a little worried about Zhou Yuan at the beginning, but he was never once worried about Yaoyao.

Even Chu Qing was a little fearful of the mysterious Yaoyao. 

Since Jiang Taishen thought that Zhan Taiqing could eliminate Yaoyao, then the final result would only make him more disappointed. 

Chu Qing exhaled a long breath.  

The situation of the battle on the seventh peak had begun to become clear.

And he understood that all this was not because of his existence, but because they had a chief disciple with extraordinary talent.

Gazing at the young figure on the peak, he couldn’t help but smile. Based on that boy’s progress, it most likely wouldn’t be long until Chu Qing had to hand over his position as the first Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect to him... 

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