Chapter 654 Killed


Terrifying forces surged as Zhou Yuan’s figure swooped down as if he carried a destructive power. The forces distorted the air, and his aura reached a level higher than ever before. 

His Genesis Qi, physical strength, Earth Saint Rune, Omega Saint Spirit Art, Silver Shadow...all kinds of power were strengthening his body at the same time! 

As he faced Zhou Yuan in this state, Jin Chanzi’s countenance abruptly changed. A look of shocked horror appeared in his eyes. He couldn’t believe that Zhou Yuan could release such terrifying power. 

The majestic power descending from the sky suppressed him to such an extent that he could hardly budge an inch. His bones were creaking as if Mount Tai was crushing him.  


But Jin Chanzi was not an ordinary person. He knew that if he failed to withstand Zhou Yuan’s full-strength attack, he would inevitably be killed on the spot.    

But if he successfully countered, Zhou Yuan’s life would be in his hands.

This was a clash of life and death.    

Jin Chanzi let out a deafening roar. More than 80,000 Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling erupted with dazzling rays of light, as if all the Genesis Qi contained inside him were released without restraint. 

He evidently knew that he must fight with his life at this moment!

He had always looked down on Zhou Yuan, and now that Zhou Yuan was pushing him to such a state and forcing him to fight with everything he had, anger and killing intent filled Jin Chanzi’s heart. He couldn’t wait to take Zhou Yuan’s last attack and brutally kill the bastard!    

“You, a little chief disciple dares to act like this in front of me. You really do not know the immensity of the heavens and the earth!” He lifted his head, eyes viciously fixed on the majestic shadow diving down fast. 


A shrill, ear-piercing voice once again sounded from Jin Chanzi’s body. The next moment, everybody could see that frantic and eerie dark green Genesis Qi was frantically accumulating around Jin Chanzi’s body.   

Vaguely, the Genesis Qi seemed to have formed a golden toad the size of a hill. 

That toad was ugly and fierce, its body completely covered with poisonous pus. A torrent of fiendish aura was emitted from it. Even the countless people beyond the mountain could distinctly feel it. 

“That’s...the Heavenly Demon Toad?!” Someone familiar with Genesis Beasts was able to recognise it at a glance. “It’s comparable to a Genesis Beast at the Heavenly Sun Stage!”

“It is said that the blood in Jin Chanzi’s body has long been replaced with the blood of the Heavenly Demon Toad. He has completely invoked the power of the blood and has thus triggered the shadow of the Heavenly Demon Toad.    

“Although this is only a shadow triggered by the blood of the Heavenly Demon Toad, it still possesses its abilities.”   

Many people were inwardly dumbstruck. The Heavenly Demon Toad was after all a grade-six Genesis Beast with strength comparable to the Heavenly Sun stage. And what kind of expert was of the Heavenly Sun stage? In the Shengzhou Continent, he could establish his own sect or faction, and even within the six great sects he would be an elder-level expert. 

That wasn’t a level that a disciple of the Alpha-Origin stage could reach.    

It was evident that Jin Chanzi was fighting with his life.

Countless people nervously looked at the top of the seventh peak. They all understood that after such a long battle, the winner would be decided at this moment.

Even Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen temporarily paused their battle. They shifted their gazes over to the top of the peak because they all knew that the outcome of the battle on the peak was extremely important to what would happen next.

Chu Qing’s expression was solemn, his long black hair fluttering behind him. He swept a glance over Jiang Taishen, whose calm face had turned icy cold.  

Evidently, it was beyond his expectation that Jin Chanzi was forced to such a step.   

“Jiang Taishen, I’ve told you to not look down on Zhou Yuan.” Chu Qing grinned.   

Jiang Taishen remained expressionless and simply swept a glance over at Chu Qing. “Zhou Yuan is asking for death. To think he forced Jin Chanzi to use the power of the Heavenly Demon Toad.” 

“That’s not necessarily the case.” Chu Qing smiled, lifted his head and continued to watch the top of the peak.



Outside of Jin Chanzi’s body, the shadow of the Heavenly Demon Toad had taken shape. It immediately released a deafening sound that caused the qi around to tremble.

The shadow of the Heavenly Demon Toad was incredibly powerful, and it completely shrouded Jin Chanzi. It was clear that Jin Chanzi intended to forcibly take Zhou Yuan’s final attack. 

“Little trash, after I take your attack, I’m going to make you beg for mercy!” Jin Chanzi’s face contorted into a sinister grin. He glowered at the shadow that was diving down fast.   

Zhou Yuan, swooping down with majestic force, was naturally aware of Jin Chanzi’s plan. With the silver armour covering his body, nobody could see what kind of expression he had at that moment.  

But his eyes were flickering with a chilling coldness.    

“You still have a chance?”  

A low voice rang in his heart.    

The next moment, Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned piercing cold. The speed of his figure skyrocketed and enlarged, and finally, under countless nervous gazes, he whizzed down and collided with the Heavenly Demon Toad shadow. 


During the moment of the collision, indescribably violent shock waves of Genesis Qi raged out, and layers of incomparably solid ground were constantly being lifted up from the giant peak. 

Pieces of the forest were destroyed one after another, turning into trampled flat ground.

The whole peak seemed to have been flattened.    

The terrifying storm of Genesis Qi wreaked havoc for dozens of seconds before it gradually calmed.

Almost all eyes between the heavens and the earth were cast towards the source of the collision. They knew that the outcome of the battle between Zhou Yuan and Jin Chanzi would be determined at this moment.   

Whoever won would affect the battle between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect.    

While countless people waited with bated breath, the smoke and dust around the peak gradually dissipated. What came into view first was the chaotic scene of desolation; half the peak had almost collapsed. 

There was not a single complete and intact rock remaining. The impact had crumbled all to powder...

At the center of the chaos, two figures stood with their backs facing each other.

Countless people held their breath. Who won in the end?

In that long silence and deathly stillness, the figure clothed in silver armour on the top of the peak slightly quivered. The next moment the silver armour began to melt into a liquid state and retracted back into Zhou Yuan’s body.   


A jet of blood spewed out from Zhou Yuan’s mouth. His body squirmed a little, but he did not fall down in the end. Even if he had the protection of the silver armour, it still couldn’t neutralise the collision’s impact. 

He wiped the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. At this moment, in a place not far from him was the mysterious jade disc.

He gazed at the jade disc and a moment later said indifferently, “Jin Chanzi, our feud ends here.”

Jin Chanzi slightly opened his mouth. A dazed look was in his golden eyes, but even more than that, there was disbelief. With difficulty he uttered in a hoarse voice, “How, how is this possible?”

“Nothing is impossible.” Zhou Yuan smiled.

Jin Chanzi clenched his teeth, “My Sacred Palace will one day destroy your Cangxuan Sect. At that time, Cangxuan Heaven will belong to my Sacred Palace!”  

“But whether or not that day will come, you, Jin Chanzi, won’t be able to see it,” Zhou Yuan remarked indifferently.    

He waved his robe gently, and a gust of wind blasted toward Jin Chanzi.


As the wind whizzed past, tiny blood marks were left on Jin Chanzi’s body. The blood marks soon spread all over his body and, following a loud rumble, finally burst open.  

Blood splattered in all directions.   

It was deathly silent around the mountain.   

Countless people were in a state of shocked disbelief. Jin Chanzi’s body had exploded. Evidently he was unable to withstand Zhou Yuan’s fatal attack. 

The Sacred Palace’s Jin Chanzi, the powerful person ranked fifth on the Chosen List, had fallen like that?

Countless people fell into a trance, unable to accept the result.

But soon, their gazes turned to the young figure still standing on the peak. Their expressions grew complex because they knew that once this matter was known, it would certainly shake Cangxuan Heaven.    

The name of Zhou Yuan would be known to everyone.

His accomplishment was simply too astonishing. 

Chief disciple Zhou Yuan of the Cangxuan Sect had killed Chosen Jin Chanzi of the Sacred Palace on the Mythic Utopia’s seventh peak.   

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