Chapter 653 Silver Shadow Reappears


Under countless people’s shocked gazes, the toxic swamp on the peak frantically shrank. The terrifying force directly caused space to crack.

It could be seen that Jin Chanzi’s killing move was terrifying.

At the foot of that mountain, the expressions of the Cangxuan Sect Chosen drastically changed. Even they would no doubt die if caught in the burial of the toxic swamp. 

“Let’s get out and save him!” Li Qingchan roared, clenching her teeth. 

She sensed something bad. If Zhou Yuan really were struck, it would bode ill for him rather than well.

Her body abruptly transformed into a stream of light. 


But she had only just moved when countless balls of light frantically whizzed over from the Spirit Confusion Fog. The light balls appeared to contain majestic Genesis Qi. 


The light balls of Genesis Qi rumbled over and blasted Li Qingchan back. 

“Hmph, stay here and watch the boy get killed!” The cold laughter of the Sacred Palace Chosen could be heard from outside the Spirit Confusion Fog.

Li Qingchan’s face turned ashen. Her beautiful hands clenched tight, but in the end she stood still. She knew it was useless even if she were to go over there.

“Zhou Yuan...”   

She clamped her red lips together and stared intently at the top of the peak.  

Kong Sheng, Ye Ge and the others also quieted down. They were also aware of the danger that Zhou Yuan was in, but what could they do? Zhou Yuan could only rely on himself at this moment.    

The fight for a great opportunity always hovered between life and death. 


On the peak, Jin Chanzi’s eyes flashed with a fierce light as he gazed at the monstrous toxic swamp. He let out a deafening roar. 

“Burial Killing!”   


The toxic swamp frantically shrank and eventually exploded.  


On the peak it looked as if there was a green mushroom cloud rising. A bloody smell permeated the air, and even beyond the mountains, some unlucky people who directly inhaled the air saw their bodies immediately start rotting away.

Countless people felt a chill run down their spine when they saw this scene, and they hastily operated Genesis Qi to seal the air.

Having isolated themselves from the toxic qi, countless people shifted their gazes back onto the peak. But their expression drastically changed once again upon seeing the terrifying aftermath. An attack like that presumably could only be countered by someone like Jiang Taishen or Chu Qing.

And Zhou Yuan, who was situated in the center of the attack, most likely wouldn’t survive.    

All the disciples on the Cangxuan Sect’s side quieted down. The atmosphere also grew heavy and solemn.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo looked at one another, their eyes filled with shock and fear. Even if they had confidence in Zhou Yuan, they were not certain that he could survive an attack of that level.   

On the peak, Jin Chanzi peered in the direction of where the dark green toxic qi was spreading out, inhaled sharply, and then sneered sinisterly, “Little trash, let’s see how you are going to block this attack. If you forcibly take on my burial killing move, only your corpse will remain.”  

While muttering to himself, the toxic qi dispersed completely.

Jin Chanzi’s and countless other eyes immediately shifted to where Zhou Yuan was standing previously, only to see that the ground had been corroded, leaving a tremendous pit. 

But in that huge hole was unexpectedly a stone pillar standing alone. 

Jin Chanzi’s pupils shrank. He saw that on the top of the stone pillar was a slender figure standing quietly.

The figure, clad in a silver streamlined armour that fully covered his body, appeared incredibly mysterious, and the armour was engraved with many ancient patterns. 

The surface of the silver armour was contaminated with green toxic liquid, but as the silvery light surged, the toxic liquid was gradually dissolved.   


Earth-shaking exclamations could be heard beyond the mountain.

Countless faces were filled with shock. Nobody thought that Zhou Yuan could withstand the poison burial technique! 

Moreover, what was the silver armour? Was it a defense Genesis weapon? But why did it give off a very strange feeling?  

Jin Chanzi’s face grew darker and darker, and his eyes were filled with fury. He did not expect his killing move to fail to kill Zhou Yuan. 

This guy, was he really invincible? 

Jin Chanzi intently stared at the figure clad in silver armour. Ever since the appearance of the silver armour, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi seemed to have stopped fluctuating, and even Jin Chanzi could no longer detect it.    

It made Jin Chanzi feel a little uneasy, and the mysterious silver armour made him feel danger.

“Is this your last trump card? A turtle shell?” Jin Chanzi remarked in a sinister voice.

But Zhou Yuan, who was covered in silver armour, simply snapped open his eyes and paid no attention to Jin Chanzi. He lowered his head and studied the silver armour.

The silver armour was naturally the Silver Shadow, the last trump card he kept hidden.

This wasn’t armour but a different kind of war puppet.   

Adding to this, it possessed the ability to grow.    

When Zhou Yuan just got the Silver Shadow, it only possessed strength at the initial level of the Alpha-Origin stage. But now, after two years of refinement, Zhou Yuan could feel that the power of the Silver Shadow was comparable to the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage.  

This was Zhou Yuan’s last trump card. Even if he encountered many difficulties and problems in the Cangxuan Sect, he still tried to avoid using the Silver Shadow so as to not expose it. But given the present situation, he had no other choice.

Jin Chanzi was incredibly strong. Zhou Yuan estimated that amongst the ten great Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, only Chu Qing would have the confidence to beat him. Kong Sheng’s and Li Qingchan’s strengths were most likely worse than his.   

Facing an opponent of this level, if Zhou Yuan was still thinking of keeping his final trump card a secret, then he really was asking for death.   


He drew a deep breath, his eyes gradually growing fiercer, and then fixed a piercing stare at Jin Chanzi. An intense killing intent erupted all of a sudden.

Now that the last trump card was revealed, the battle should also end soon.


He took a step forward, and his body reappeared in midair and burst forth with a storm of incomparably majestic Genesis Qi. 

In his heart, golden blood was vibrating incessantly. Countless wisps of golden blood attached to the flesh and released a berserk power. 

The Silver Shadow outside his body was also blooming with a silvery light. Monstrous Genesis Qi swept out, engulfing the sky, and an oppressive force shrouded the area.

The shadow of the Saint Spirit also re-emerged, its light wings stretching out behind Zhou Yuan.  

At this moment, Zhou Yuan had almost activated all his power. The air he was standing in was also rapidly quaking, emitting numerous air ripples. 

All around, countless shocked gazes converged in his direction. 

Even Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen froze for a moment.

And Jin Chanzi looked even more unsightly than before. He stared fixedly at the figure in midair. Facing the present Zhou Yuan, even he had a trace of fear flickering in the depths of his eyes. 

“Jin Chanzi, this fight is over!” Zhou Yuan’s cold voice reverberated across the sky.


His figure swooped down, and a deafening boom rang out. The air distorted.

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