Chapter 652 Ups and Downs


A shrill, ear-piercing noise rang throughout the peak, setting off a storm every time it sounded. Dark green light waves swept passed, and whatever it touched withered instantly. Zhou Yuan’s face turned grave as he looked at the murderous ancient-toad-like Jin Chanzi. He could feel the surging Genesis Qi inside Jin Chanzi’s body. 

Strong Genesis Qi pressure came assaulting him as if Mount Tai was crashing down. It made people’s bodies feel much heavier.  

At this time, although Jin Chanzi was terrifyingly ugly, his strength rocketed. This was Jin Chanzi’s trump card. 

Jin Chanzi’s golden slit eyes flashed with endless ferocity, and he stared intently at Zhou Yuan. When he entered the Sacred Palace, the sect master had used a secret technique to extract the blood of a Heavenly Demon Toad and instill it into his body.  

The Heavenly Demon Toad was a grade-six Genesis Beast, and thus experts of the Heavenly Sun Stage with its blood were naturally incomparably tyrannical. The number of disciples who had received the blood at the time was in the hundreds, but only he had survived in the end. 


However, the blood of the Heavenly Demon Toad still retained its consciousness. Given Jin Chanzi’s present strength, it was impossible for him to completely eliminate it. This meant that the toad’s blood would frantically corrode his body, so Jin Chanzi would only use it as a final resort. 

But right now, he was forced to do so.    

He knew that if he lost here, he would be punished when he returned to the Sacred Palace. 

He also couldn’t accept the outcome of such a loss to one of the chief disciples of the Cangxuan Sect. 

“I didn’t think I’d be forced to this step by a little chief disciple.” Jin Chanzi’s ferocious eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan, and even his voice had become extremely shrill. “Zhou Yuan, you have really changed my opinion of you. So, in order to express my approval, when I beat you, I will eat all your limbs!” 

Jin Chanzi’s terrifying face was contorted with a ruthless look. Under the corrosion of the toad’s blood, his nature was turned as savage as the Heavenly Demon Toad. 


His voice had just fallen when his hands and feet abruptly slammed the ground, causing the ground to collapse. His figure transformed into a shadow and pounced over to Zhou Yuan with lightning speed.  

That speed was so quick that it sent a chill down one’s spine.   

In just one breath of time, Jin Chanzi reappeared in front of Zhou Yuan, revealing a sinister smile. As he thrust his palm out, roaring dark green toxic qi charged towards Zhou Yuan like a mountain avalanche.

If that palm struck one’s body, even if it were Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan or the others, they would most likely sustain severe injuries.    

Zhou Yuan’s pupils also shrank slightly. He realised that Jin Chanzi’s strength was much stronger than before. 

He knew he couldn’t make the slightest mistake. The surging Genesis Qi in his body roared out without restraint. He clenched his fist, and a punch blasted out.

Yellow Genesis Qi, like an enraged dragon, shook the void and directly collided with Jin Chanzi’s toxic palm. He had no other choice. Given Jin Chanzi’s present speed, there was no way that Zhou Yuan could effectively and successfully evade.

Although the Ethereal Form wasn’t slow, the grade was a bit too low.


In a flash, the fist and palm collided once again. Violent shock waves broke out, lifting up layers of ground. The destructive power was simply too astonishing. 


Zhou Yuan’s body trembled violently before he was sent flying. His palms and feet left long marks across the ground.    

On the surface of his body was the shadow of a Saint Spirit, which was similarly trembling. 

But before Zhou Yuan could stabilise his body, a bloody stench struck his face, and Jin Chanzi was seen pouncing over once again. His continuous attacks along with surging toxic qi bombarded Zhou Yuan repeatedly. 

“Little trash, weren’t you very arrogant before? I’m going to beat you to death today!” Jin Chanzi’s face was wicked, and his eyes flickered with ferocious light. He roared with laughter as he frantically slammed his fist out. 

After the toad’s blood was activated, it was clear that his rationality was gradually eroded by the Heavenly Demon Toad’s ferocious nature.    


Zhou Yuan’s face was icy cold. His Genesis Qi had weakened, and his fists and feet had turned into countless remnants of shadows to strike Jin Chanzi.

From an outsider’s point of view, the two were akin to two rapidly clashing orbs of light. Each collision produced violent shock waves, and their speed was so fast that they could only see countless dancing images.

But even outside the battlefield, everybody could clearly sense that ordinary Chosen wouldn’t be able to withstand even the shadowy remnants of these figures.

And it was then that the situation changed once again.    

Zhou Yuan was bombarded by Jin Chanzi constantly to the point that he had to retreat repeatedly. Adding to this, Jin Chanzi did not hold back. His attacks became more and more ferocious. As he had said, he intended to beat Zhou Yuan to death here.   

“Zhou Yuan...looks like he can’t hold on anymore.” On the Cangxuan Sect’s side, there was an abrupt change of expression on Tang Muxin, Gu Hongyi and the other people’s faces. They could all tell that when Jin Chanzi activated the Great Demon Toad Technique, his Genesis Qi had skyrocketed and that he was once again suppressing Zhou Yuan. 

Countless people secretly sighed. This battle was full of ups and downs. It was indeed interesting.    

But even so, everybody was aware of the danger in the battle. The slightest carelessness could result in one being killed on the spot. 


Two shadows shot backwards and retreated on the peak.   

Zhou Yuan undoubtedly retreated a farther distance. His face was solemn, and there were dark green fist markings on the surface of his body where Jin Chanzi had struck him. 

Although Jin Chanzi’s appearance was terrifying, his situation was undoubtedly much better than Zhou Yuan’s. His toad blood had corroded his flesh and blood, making him unable to feel pain, so he wasn’t afraid of being wounded by Zhou Yuan at all. 

Jin Chanzi stared viciously at Zhou Yuan. “Do you really think my fists are that easy to withstand?”

Zhou Yuan bowed his head only to see that dark green toxic qi had been left on the areas Jin Chanzi had struck. The qi was penetrating into his body through his pores.

“Once it enters the body, my toad demon poison is unbearable to people of the same level. Zhou Yuan, you are dead!” Jin Chanzi folded his hands in a hand seal and roared in a sinister voice, “Poison erupt!” 

The moment he detonated the toxic qi, Zhou Yuan would be severely wounded.  


Dark green toxic light bloomed from Zhou Yuan’s body. But he simply scrunched his brows in a frown and paid no attention to it, because when the toxic qi erupted in his body, the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in the palm of his hand had also begun to vibrate. 


There seemed to be a low dragon roar being emitted from his body. The Dragon’s Resentment Poison released a terrifying suction power that completely swallowed the strange poison in his body in one mouthful. 

The dark green light on the surface of Zhou Yuan’s body also grew dimmer and dimmer until it eventually faded.

Jin Chanzi’s expression instantly stiffened. He was well aware how overbearing his toad poison was, and he knew that anybody under the Divine Dwelling Stage, even Jiang Taishen, would not dare to let the toad poison break out without restraint in their bodies.

But how was Zhou Yuan unscathed?   


Zhou Yuan shot a cold glance at Jin Chanzi and spat out a mouthful of dark green blood, which immediately corroded the ground.

“How could you use something so mediocre.” 

Jin Chanzi’s eyelids twitched, the ferocious light in his eyes growing more intense. Fixing a piercing stare at Zhou Yuan, he sneered, “Don’t worry, the next meal will fill you up to the point of bursting!”

He closed his hands together and suddenly performed a hand seal.


Beams of dark green toxic light suddenly burst forth from the ground and rushed upward. Then, as though melting away, it formed a dark green toxic liquid. 

The toxic liquid spread out, circled around, and took shape. 

A strong bloody smell permeated the air.   

From afar, it looked like a huge venom swamp had suddenly appeared with Zhou Yuan situated at its heart. Countless people revealed looks of shocked horror. 

“Keke, the Great Toad Poison Burial!”   

Jin Chanzi did not give Zhou Yuan any chance to react. With a sinister smile twisting his face, he clapped his hands together. The huge toxic swamp then roared downward, frantically shrank, then rumbled towards Zhou Yuan with a terrifying, unblockable force.

This was the killing move that Jin Chanzi had long prepared! 

In his view, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t survive the toxic swamp!     

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