Chapter 651 The Great Demon Toad Technique

It was a complete mess on the towering peak. 

Countless gazes of shock and disbelief were fixed on the two figures on the peak, particularly on Zhou Yuan. Nobody thought that Zhou Yuan would gain the upper hand.  

What did that signify?   

Zhou Yuan had gradually closed the gap between them, or perhaps he had even exceeded it. 

This was simply difficult to imagine. After all, the gap between 39,000 Genesis Qi stars and 83,000 Genesis Qi stars was too great, but Zhou Yuan was able to bridge this gap.

This could be said to be a miracle.   

On the Sacred Palace’s side, the disciples who were previously wearing contemptuous expression seemed to have stiffened. They were unable to believe the scene that they had just witnessed. 

In their view, Zhou Yuan was the weakest of the three people sent out from the Cangxuan Sect. The difference between him and Jin Chanzi was too great. They were certain that Jin Chanzi would destroy Zhou Yuan and make the entire Cangxuan Sect collapse. 

The previous rounds were as they had expected: Jin Chanzi occupied the upper hand. But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi would surge dramatically like an exploding seed. Not only did it make up for the gap between them but it also let him gain the upper hand! 

This scene was clearly a tremendous shock to the Sacred Palace disciples.   

In contrast to the deathly silence on the Sacred Palace’s side, there was an immediate deafening cheer on the Cangxuan Sect’s side.

Tang Muxin, Gu Hongyi and others were all stirred up.    

Although they did not understand why Zhou Yuan would explode to such a non-human level, in any case, the present situation was a good thing for their Cangxuan Sect.   

As long as Zhou Yuan was standing, it would still be unknown who would win the battle on the seventh peak!

Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo and Li Chujun all exchanged glances with one another, muttering, “That guy is too abnormal.”

At the bottom of the seventh peak.    

Under the protection of the Heavenly Luo Umbrella, Kong Shen, Li Qingchan, Ye Ge and the other Chosen also had the time to pay attention to the battle above. 

They were also moved when they saw that Zhou Yuan had occupied the upper hand in his battle against Jin Chanzi and had reversed the situation.

“Zhou Yuan’s strength has unexpectedly reached that level,” Li Qingchan remarked. The present Zhou Yuan, based on strength, was not in the slightest way inferior to her or Kong Sheng.

The change of expression on Zhu Zhao’s face was also quite dramatic.    

He found it somewhat unbelievable that the junior brother who he had never attached any importance to had completely transformed in less than two years. And to think he had even surpassed him. 

“That Jin Chanzi is a little too arrogant,” Ye Ge remarked. 

Kong Sheng also nodded. “Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi is surging, and he is using the Omega Saint Spirit Art, but Jin Chanzi tried to suppress Zhou Yuan with Genesis Qi alone. Now he is suffering the consequences of his own actions. But after this loss, Jin Chanzi will not dare make any more mistakes. Jin Chanzi will not hold back anymore in the next exchange.”     

Li Qingchan also nodded and took a deep breath, her beautiful eyes staring at the slender and tall figure on the peak.

“Hopefully, he can withstand it.”   

On the peak, Zhou Yuan’s body was surging with Genesis Qi, and there was a mysterious light shield on the surface of his body. 

He calmly looked at the ashen-faced Jin Chanzi in front of him. There was not a glimmer of joy on Zhou Yuan’s face after he had gained the upper hand, because it was within his expectations.

After the Earth Saint Rune absorbed the majestic underground Genesis Qi into his body, although there might still be a gap between his Genesis Qi foundation and Jin Chanzi’s 83,000 Genesis Qi stars, the gap was very small.   

Moreover, his body was strengthened by the shadow of the Saint Spirit.  

This was a complete form of the Saint Spirit, one of the strongest Genesis techniques of the Saint Genesis Peak.  

And Jin Chanzi, who arrogantly wanted to rely purely on Genesis Qi to fight Zhou Yuan, was naturally at a disadvantage. 

“I didn't expect that I, Jin Chanzi, would be met with an unexpected failure.” Ashen faced, Jin Chanzi gradually recovered. His golden slit eyes stared at Zhou Yuan with endless coldness.  

“It seems that the saying is right, the rabbit will bite when it is anxious.” An intense killing intent flashed in Jin Chanzi’s eyes as he uttered in a sinister voice, “But unfortunately, although it only hurts a bit when the rabbit bites, the rabbit will still have to die.”

Dark green qi flowed out of Jin Chanzi’s nose.

As his palms slowly folded together, a terrifyingly dangerous energy seeped out from his body.

“Since you’ve revealed your trump card, I should also let you see mine.”

Dark green liquid seeped out from under Jin Chanzi’s skin and gradually oozed out.


The sticky liquid suddenly produced a corrosive sound as it appeared on the surface of the skin. One was able to see Jin Chanzi’s flesh. It was evidently strange and terrifying.

Zhou Yuan froze for a moment. Jin Chanzi widened his mouth and shot out a beam of dark green light, aiming for Zhou Yuan. 

The green toxic light was unexpectedly a poison cane that could swallow the Genesis Qi of heaven and earth.

It was a low-grade Heaven Genesis weapon.   

The poisonous cane came roaring over with incredibly fierce momentum.    

With the flick of his sleeve, a beam of black light burst forth from Zhou Yuan’s sleeve, surged in the wind, and directly transformed into a mottled black brush that met the cane head on. 


The two frantically collided in mid-air as though both possessed a spiritual nature. With each collision, waves of frantic Genesis Qi erupted. It was in no way inferior to the previous collision between Zhou Yuan and Jin Chanzi. 

While the two Heavenly Genesis qi weapons were in a tangle, Zhou Yuan's eyes quickly shifted over to Jin Chanzi.    

His pupils rapidly shrank as he looked over and saw that Jin Chanzi’s appearance was extremely terrifying. His body was badly mangled and covered in a dark green toxic fluid. 

Warts were bubbling up, and his body gradually grew larger and larger. In the end he crouched down, back bulging. A storm of Genesis Qi raged out from inside his body.


As his body emitted strange noises, ripples of green light burst from him. The nearby ground was instantly corroded and came to resemble a toxic pond.

Jin Chanzi intently fixed his golden slit eyes on Zhou Yuan. His expression was ruthless, his face more sinister than before.

At that moment, Jin Chanzi resembled an ancient poisonous toad, incomparably savage and fierce.    

Countless eyes were filled with horror seeing Jin Chanzi’s appearance. Some Chosen even gasped out loud, their voice trembling.

“That is—”    

“The Great Demon Toad Technique.”

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