Chapter 650 Turned around


When Zhou Yuan’s palm came into contact with the ground, the entire towering peak trembled all of a sudden. In the depths of the ground, majestic Genesis Qi surged like underground snakes and then whizzed over from all sides, frantically rushing like a tide into Zhou Yuan’s body through his palm. 

A yellow glow bloomed from the surface of Zhou Yuan's body.    

The frantically surging Genesis Qi in his body was constantly roaring.   

The Earth Genesis Qi was incredibly majestic, and it was unbearable to an ordinary body. Fortunately Zhou Yuan had made some accomplishments in his physical body. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to draw that kind of Genesis Qi into his body. 

Even so, his flesh and blood were still impacted when the Earth Genesis Qi penetrated his body, and multiple blood marks were left on the surface of his body.    

Fortunately the Taiyi Green Wood Mark inside Zhou Yuan’s body was continuously producing life force to repair his torn flesh. Otherwise, before he even made a move, his body would have been riddled with thousands of holes.    

A yellow glow condensed on the surface of Zhou Yuan’s skin. It vaguely seemed to be forming some kind of mysterious light pattern.

The oppressive Genesis Qi emitting from Zhou Yuan’s body was rising into the air with astonishing speed, and the boulder underfoot was unable to withstand the power any longer. Cracks spread throughout it. 


Feeling the rushing power that resembled an enraged dragon in his body, Zhou Yuan exhaled a long breath. This power was what gave him the actual confidence in fighting Jin Chanzi.  

The exchange of moves before was just to test what level Jin Chanzi’s Genesis Qi foundation had reached.    

Not far from Zhou Yuan, Jin Chanzi had a playful expression on his face, but he immediately froze when he noticed the oppressive Genesis Qi being emitted from Zhou Yuan’s body. 

At this moment, there was a great surge in Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi that made him feel a level of danger.

It should be said that this feeling of danger was something that Jin Chanzi had not felt when Zhou Yuan had used all three different powers at the same time.   

It was evident that the present Zhou Yuan had used some kind of unknown method to trigger his Genesis Qi to increase dramatically.    

“That boy is still hiding more secrets?” Jin Chanzi’s expression turned chillingly cold.    

His eyes flashed, the killing intent within them growing more intense. He stomped his foot, sending dark green Genesis Qi shooting into the sky like a volcanic eruption, The qi transformed into countless rays of toxic dark green light aiming directly for Zhou Yuan.   

As the toxic light swept through the void, even the air was corroded and became toxic.   

Evidently, as Jin Chanzi faced the present Zhou Yuan, his playful attitude of a cat playing with a mouse began to change. The previous Zhou Yuan was no threat to him, but now the mouse seemed to have changed.    

So Jin Chanzi intended to thoroughly eliminate Zhou Yuan before he completely lost control of the situation.

Countless rays of dark green toxic light whistled down like wildfire. Zhou Yuan looked up, thousands of dark green lights reflecting in his eyes, and he said nonchalantly, “You are too impatient.” 

He also sensed that Jin Chanzi’s attack was filled with more intense murderous spirit and was hastier than before.   

Jin Chanzi let out a loud sneer, but he did not utter a word.   

Zhou Yuan remained calm and composed. Jin Chanzi’s attack was very fierce. If it was before, he really would have found it difficult to withstand. Perhaps his Genesis Qi foundation was still not as good as Jin Chanzi’s, but the gap between them was no longer impossible to make up for.    

He spread his hands out, and the golden Genesis Qi leapt into the air, transforming into a golden cloak of light that wrapped his body.    


Countless rays of toxic qi fell, bombarding the golden light barrier. That earth-shaking momentum was terrifying, and it even tore thousands of holes into the surrounding ground. 

However, what filled the countless eyes beyond the mountain with shocked disbelief was that even if the golden barrier was being repeatedly bombarded and was constantly rippling, it was still standing and protecting Zhou Yuan.

It wasn’t until the last dark green light fell that the golden barrier wobbled and quietly shattered.

And standing inside, Zhou Yuan did not move an inch. He remained calm and composed.


There were loud gasps of astonishment from the audience beyond the mountain. 

All faces were covered with shock and astonishment. This was the first time Zhou Yuan had escaped unscathed from one of Jin Chanzi’s attacks since the battle started. 

“How did he become so powerful all of a sudden?”   

“He had to completely activate his Genesis Qi before in order to withstand one attack from Jin Chanzi, but how could he do that with just a foundation of 39,000 Genesis Qi stars?”  

“That kid is indeed strange!”   

“No wonder he dared to go up against Jin Chanzi. It turns out that he has a trump card up his sleeve...”  


On the peak all eyes were watching, Jin Chanzi stared at Zhou Yuan with a dark face, infuriated that Zhou Yuan could withstand his attack.

It was no doubt a slap to his face.    

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to his gloomy expression, and he exhaled a long breath. With eyes like that of an eagle staring at Jin Chanzi, he slowly asked, “You’ve been the one attacking, so it should be me next, right?”    


When Zhou Yuan’s voice fell, his eyes turned chillingly cold. Behind him, the shadow of the Saint Spirit spread out its wings. 


His figure disappeared like a flash of light.    

Jin Chanzi’s pupils shrank. Zhou Yuan’s speed was extremely astonishing. 

He stood on his tiptoes and shot skywards.    

But just as he appeared in midair, a shadow appeared in front of his body like a ghost. His fist clenched, and a punch came roaring towards him.    


When the punch slammed out, there was an astonishing gust of wind, and even the air was vibrating slightly. A shrill boom resounded as the fist exploded. 

Jin Chanzi’s expression slightly changed when he felt that fist’s power. But he immediately let out a cold snort and swiftly thrust his palm out. He was going to display his Genesis Qi foundation without restraint.  


The fist and palm collided, and even the air trembled incessantly. 

Zhou Yuan and Jin Chanzi were both shaking.    

But Zhou Yuan pounced out the next moment, countless fists roaring and rumbling in Jin Chanzi’s direction.

Jin Chanzi’s face was dark, but he did not move an inch and faced the attack head on.


The two figures frantically crisscrossed in midair. Every collision produced a gust of wind and caused the air to quake.

In just a few minutes, the two men had almost fought hundreds of exchanges. The lightning-fast bombardment dazzled the countless people watching.

Each attack was fatal and filled with murderous intent.    


The two figures collided once again in the sky, both looking a little disheveled and sinister. Frantic Genesis Qi swept out, blotting the sky.    

Both figures quivered, and then they shot backwards.   

Zhou Yuan reeled back one hundred feet before he landed, digging up dozens of deep pits. On the other hand Jin Chanzi was propelled 130 feet away, and when he landed, he continually drew back several hundred steps.   

Jin Chanzi’s face turned ashen by the time they steadied their bodies.

Beyond the mountain, there were countless gasps of astonishment. Each gaze, filled with shock and disbelief, hovered around Zhou Yuan's body.   

This was the first time that Zhou Yuan had the upper hand in a head-on attack during his battle against Jin Chanzi!    

The situation seemed to be gradually tilting to the side nobody believed in.

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