Chapter 65 Getting Rid of the Poison

The general’s residence stood at the center of Canglan County city and was undoubtedly the most well guarded place in the entire city. In fact, detachments of patrolling guards could be seen patrolling the streets as the group neared their destination.

Fortunately, with Wei Qingqing leading them, they did not face any obstructions all the way to the general’s residence.

The group got off their horses and entered the residence, walking past several corridors and courtyards before finally arriving at the main hall.

The moment they stepped through the doors, Zhou Yuan’s gaze was cast towards the master’s seat where a middle aged man was seated. He wore purple robes and appeared rather lean, while numerous little black dots were visible on his face.

An extremely strong presence emanated from his body as he sat there, causing Zhou Yuan and the rest to feel some pressure.

Evidently, this middle aged man in purple was the great general of the Great Zhou Empire, Wei Canglan.

Wei Qingqing called out as she entered the main hall, “Father.”

Wei Canglan raised his head and looked at the group. His gaze paused on Zhou Yuan for a moment as he rose and said in an indifferent voice, “Wei Canglan greets his highness Zhou Yuan.”

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together. “Zhou Yuan greets great general. Father has asked me to ask how you are doing.”

Wei Canglan’s expression did not change as he replied in a flat voice, “I’m not doing too great.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes lowered slightly. It was obvious that Wei Canglan still held a grudge from his response.

After answering Zhou Yuan, Wei Canglan turned his gaze towards Qi Hao and the elder beside him. “I believe that this honoured guest is master Ying right? I have long heard of you.”

His cold face grew much kinder at this moment, clearly aimed at master Ying.

“Greetings great general.”

Master Ying withdrew his arrogance in front of Wei Canglan, respectfully bowing as he cupped his fists together.

Wei Canglan asked, “I heard from my little girl that master is adept in the art of Genesis Runes and specializes in poison expelling Genesis Runes?”

Master Ying smiled slightly as he answered, “General’s son has been afflicted by the Devil Miasma Poison, right? I once encountered this poison while in Blackwater and ultimately managed to neutralize it.”

Upon hearing these words, Wei Qingqing’s face immediately filled with joy, growing respect in her eyes as she looked at master Ying. Even a smile had emerged on Wei Canglan’s solemn face.

Wei Canglan cupped his fists and said, “Then we’ll have to trouble master Ying. I will be greatly thankful if you cure my son!” 

Qi Hao smiled a little at this moment. “Great general need not be so courteous. It’s mostly thanks to my father that we managed to invite master Ying this time.”

Wei Canglan’s expression fluctuated for a moment. Qi Hao’s words were clear. Accepting master Ying’s help would be akin to accepting Qi Manor’s good will.

Although this did not mean that they would now side with Qi Manor, Canglan County’s neutral position would be slightly affected.

Wei Canglan shot a glance at Zhou Yuan as he hesitated for a while. However, his love for his only son ultimately won and he said in a low voice, “Then I’ll have to thank Qi Manor for their kindness. If my son is cured, I will surely pay a visit to give my thanks.”

A grin was revealed on Qi Hao’s face as he covetedly swept a pleased glance at Zhou Yuan. If Wei Canglan visited Qi Manor, it would undoubtedly signal to numerous factions that the great general’s faction was no longer neutral.

This would undoubtedly affect the Great Zhou Empire’s current state of affairs.

Zhou Yuan was expressionless as he lowered his gaze slightly, while anxiety flitted across Lu Tieshan’s eyes.

Wei Qingqing cast them an apologetic look but did not say anything. The poison in Wei Ben was a thorn in their entire family’s hearts, and they had did all they could to help him recover.

Now that such a hard to come by chance to resolve the problem had appeared, they were naturally unwilling to give up on it.

Wei Canglan was rather anxious as his gaze turned towards master Ying. “There is no time to lose, please start the treatment.” 

Master Ying responded with an indifferent nod.

Upon seeing this, Wei Canglan said to Wei Qingqing, “Qingqing, arrange a place for prince Zhou Yuan to rest.”

Zhou Yuan interjected at this moment, “Great general, please allow us come along and have a look. It just so happens that I too study the art of Genesis Runes, and hope to observe master Ying’s techniques such that I may learn a thing or two.”

Wei Canglan hesitated for a while. It was not appropriate for him to reject since he had done a disservice to Zhou Yuan earlier and thus looked towards master Ying.

Master Ying merely swept an eye at Zhou Yuan as a smile of disdain formed on his mouth. “Since your highness is also proficient in the ways of Genesis Runes, feel free to follow and have a look. However, my skills are not so easily learnt.”

Evidently, he was under the impression that Zhou Yuan wanted to steal his techniques.

“Then let’s go.” Wei Canglan did not waste any more time upon seeing this and led the way out of the hall, heading towards the rear courtyard, while everyone else quickly followed.

A spacious and brightly lit room was located in the rear courtyard.

Wei Canglan practically flooded in with the rest. As Zhou Yuan’s eyes swept around the place, he saw a young nine year old boy on the bed. The boy’s face was sickly pale, and black dots could be seen all over body, dots that gave off a foul smell.

Currently, the boy was shyly peeking at the huge group that had entered.

When Wei Qingqing saw this, she hurriedly walked forward and soothed him in a soft voice, “Don’t be afraid little brother, they have come to help you get rid of the poison.”

There was no longer any trace of the valiance she had displayed in the barracks.

Wei Canglan tenderly gazed at the young boy as he walked forward and gently stroked the latter’s head. Subsequently, hope-filled eyes turned towards master Ying. “Please help him master.”

Master Ying strutted over as Wang Canglan hastily gave up his seat. After being seated, master Ying looked at the black spots on Wei Bin’s body and said, “The poison has already entered deep into the bone. This is very serious indeed. If delayed any longer, I’m afraid that he would not longer be able to keep his life.”

The moment these words were said, Wei Qingqing paled, while Wei Canglan’s expression changed.

“Master, you have to save my little brother!” Wei Qingqing begged with red eyes.

Qi Hao stepped forward, his hand landing on Wei Qingqing’s shoulder as he consoled in soft voice, “Don’t worry Qingqing, master Ying will definitely save him.”

Wei Qingqing promptly nodded, taking no notice of the hand that was now on her shoulder.

Master Ying smiled as he nodded and pridefully said, “General Wei and miss Wei can rest easy. Since I have come, I’m naturally confident in dealing with the poison.”

“Undress young master Wei.” Master Ying instructed with a wave of his hand.

A servant girl immediately stepped forward from the side and very carefully removed Wei Bin’s clothes, revealing the black dots and pale body underneath.

Master Ying retrieved a dark grey Genesis Brush from his waist, concentrating slightly as the brush descended. The brush tip flickered as it slowly painted cryptic stroke after stroke on Wei Bin’s body.

Everyone held their breaths, afraid to make even the slightest noise.

Wei Qingqing’s and Wei Canglan’s faces were filled with anxiety and hope, while Qi Hao wore a faint smile. There was a pleased look in his eyes as he looked towards Zhou Yuan and the rest from time to time, as if victory was already in his grasp.

Zhou Yuan was expressionless, while a restless Lu Tieshan tightly clenched his fists.

They knew that their situation in Canglan County would become extremely thorny if master Ying succeeded in curing Wei Bin. Moreover, the subsequent contest for the treasure of the ruins would become extremely disadvantageous.

After all, given their strength, it would be very difficult to put up a fight against those from Blackwater without Wei Canglan’s support.

The implications of this matter were really far too great.

While varying expressions decorated everyone’s faces, Yaoyao carried Tuntun in her arms, her beautiful face indifferent and her bright eyes faintly flickering as she observed the Genesis Rune being drawn by master Ying.

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