Chapter 649 Disadvantage


Violent dark yellow Genesis Qi collided with the ash-grey Genesis Qi, causing shock waves to rage out, and the impact directly tore apart the surrounding dense forests. 

At the source of the collision were Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen.   

At this very moment, both men’s imposing auras were incomparably fierce and terrifying. During the attack, Genesis Qi filled with destructive power surged and filled the air.

Their battle, based on aura and power, was much more impressive than Zhou Yuan's.   

“Sacred Underworld Palm!”   

Jiang Taishen soared into the air and slammed his palm down. The ash-grey Genesis Qi directly transformed into a giant palm filled with chilling cold air and struck at Chu Qing. 

Before the palm even landed, the ground was beginning to crumble.

Chu Qing lifted his head, his eyes piercing. Looking at Jiang Taishen’s fierce attack, he stamped his feet, and his long needle-like hair swept out like pointed awls. 

“Barren Thorns!”  


Dark yellow Genesis Qi filled each strand of black hair, which looked like black awls from afar. The strands of hair shot straight up, tore through the air, and collided with the giant palm that was slamming down.


Berserk Genesis Qi erupted once again.    

Both figures shook. They reeled back from the force and quickly steadied their bodies. 

Jiang Taishen’s white hair had long loosened over his shoulders. They had already fought hundreds of rounds, but they still failed to settle who was the winner. It was obvious that Chu Qing's strength mustn’t be underestimated. 

“Chu Qing, your Ancient Barren Qi has improved a lot,” Jiang Taishen said indifferently. 

“Your Sacred Underworld Bone Qi also isn’t bad.” Chu Qing smiled, but there was not a hint of a smile in his eyes.

Jiang Taishen lifted his head to look at the highest point of the huge mountain, and he remarked indifferently, “But unfortunately, your Zhou Yuan is no match for Jin Chanzi. It won’t be long before Jin Chanzi kills him.”     

He seemed to be speaking casually, but his thoughts were vicious. He was attempting to use Zhou Yuan’s situation to affect Chu Qing and lead him to make a mistake. 

Chu Qing looked up at the top of the mountain and quickly retracted his gaze. His handsome face was as calm as a lake as he responded, “Ever since junior brother Zhou Yuan came to Cangxuan Sect, when has he not faced an opponent stronger than him? Jiang Taishen, you don't understand him.”  

“Is that right?” Jiang Taishen smiled. He did not care. Perhaps in his view Zhou Yuan had no qualification to make him want to understand him. “I hope you can still utter such words when he's beaten to death.”    


In comparison to the earth-shaking movements on Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen's side, the mountainside that Yaoyao and Zhan Taiqing were on seemed to be a little quieter. But within that quiet, there was still strong murderous intent surging. 

As Yaoyao stood on a boulder, the area between her brows glowed with an incredibly strong Spirit light. Zhan Taiqing stood on a tree trunk, and at this moment her pretty face seemed to be twisted.

She had been struck by Spirit Flame. If the Genesis Qi inside her body hadn’t frantically obstructed and gotten rid of it, her Spirit would have suffered severe damage and experienced severe burning pain.    

That kind of burning pain came directly from the Spirit, and it would be unbearable for ordinary people.  

“That woman deserves to die!”    

Zhan Taiqing tightly clenched her teeth, and her scarlet eyes were filled with viciousness as they locked onto Yaoyao. Blood-red Genesis Qi roared and raged around her body.

Yaoyao had incredibly weak Genesis Qi, but her Spirit power was frighteningly strong. The one thing that Zhan Taiqing found unbelievable was that she was able to refine wisps of Spirit Flames. After all, Spirit Flames could only be produced when one stepped into the Transformation stage.

Although Yaoyao’s Spirit Flame was not quite complete, for someone who had not set foot into the Divine Dwelling stage, she was still a great threat.    

“Your little sweetheart is most likely going to be killed soon!” Zhan Taiqing smiled coldly.  

Her intention was exactly the same as Jiang Taishen’s.   

But Yaoyao did not even glance at her. She knew that it would be a difficult battle for Zhou Yuan to face Jin Chanzi, but nobody here had more confidence in Zhou Yuan than her.    

She understood Zhou Yuan too well. So, it was still unknown who would have the final laugh on the mountain’s summit. 

“I think you should be more concerned about when you will be killed?” Yaoyao’s eyes drooped slightly, a flicker of cold light gathering in her pupils. She raised her beautiful hand and lifted countless boulders with her Spirit power.  


The boulders, under the manipulation of her Spirit power, were hurled in the direction of Zhan Taiqing with incredible speed and power. 

Moreover, there seemed to be an invisible flame quietly passing by among the boulders.  


On the peak that was watched by countless gazes.    

Jin Chanzi crossed his arms, indifferently looked at the crumbling mountain wall, and smiled. “It’s pretty impressive that you have such accomplishments in your physical strength and Spirit, but unfortunately it’s of no use.”

From Jin Chanzi’s perspective, it was pretty funny and ridiculous that Zhou Yuan cultivated three kinds of powers. If he had the time and energy, it would have been better for him to focus on specialising in one power, just like Zhou Xiaoyao’s Spirit power, which gave many people a headache.  

“Boy, don't hide and embarrass yourself. The battle has started, you can’t retreat now.” Jin Chanzi laughed in mockery. He had managed to suppress Zhou Yuan with his previous attacks, but he couldn’t kill him completely because of his physical strength.   

Of course, that was just the previous exchange. If Zhou Yuan continued to fight, it was unknown whether he would survive.

As Jin Chanzi thought of this, a killing intent flashed in his eyes. 

But as his voice faded, the area of the collapsed mountain wall was still as quiet as before. This made Jin Chanzi sneer, “Coward, are you frightened by me?” 


When his voice fell, dark green Genesis Qi came roaring out. It transformed into a waterfall and aimed for the collapsed mountain wall. 

The fallen boulders were shattered.   


And as the boulders exploded, a fist light fiercely shot out and collided with the Genesis Qi waterfall. The impact shattered numerous nearby boulders. 

That figure slightly quivered and immediately shattered the Genesis Qi waterfall.    

Jin Chanzi narrowed his eyes when he saw Zhou Yuan standing in the rubble. There was a mysterious light enveloping Zhou Yuan, and behind the cloak of light were two outstretched wings of light. The Genesis Qi around him was constantly being drawn into the mysterious wings and channeled into Zhou Yuan’s body. 

“Oh? If I'm not mistaken, that should be one of the seven great techniques of the Cangxuan Sect, the Omega Saint Spirit Art, am I right? Haha, you indeed have some ability since you are able to cultivate this art.    

“What? You think that Genesis technique can make up for the huge gap between you and me?” Jin Chanzi shook his head, peering pitifully at Zhou Yuan. “You are still so naive.”    

Zhou Yuan wiped away the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. He stared expressionlessly at Jin Chanzi and said, “Jin Chanzi, don’t be so happy too soon.”  

He crouched down, stretched out his hand, and gently touched the ground with his palm.

A mysterious Saint Rune slowly emerged in the palm of his hand, and all of a sudden the earth began to tremble.    

Earth Saint Rune!  

The real battle had just begun!   

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