Chapter 648 Fierce Battle


Raging violent Genesis Qi, with a nauseating smell, gushed from Jin Chanzi’s body. The 83,000 Genesis Qi stars flashed with dazzling light, causing a reaction amongst the countless people present.

Seeing the spectacular Genesis Qi phenomenon, Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath. Golden Genesis Qi burst forth from his body, which similarly formed a Genesis Qi starry phenomenon. It was just that his 39,000 Genesis Qi stars were extremely embarrassing compared to Jin Chanzi’s.   

Beyond the mountains, there were even roars of laughter, especially from the side of the Sacred Palace disciples. Their laughter was unrestrained because, solely based on their Genesis Qi foundation, Zhou Yuan had no chance of winning. 

The disciples of the Cangxuan Sect glowered at them, but they were all somewhat nervous. They knew the gap between Zhou Yuan and Jin Chanzi was too great.    

Zhou Yuan seemed to not notice the roars of laughter beyond the mountain, and he just locked his eyes onto Jin Chanzi. The earth-shaking Genesis Qi that was surging everywhere told him that today’s battle would be the fiercest battle he would have since coming to the Shengzhou Continent.    

Jin Chanzi crossed his arms, dark green Genesis Qi surging behind him. He stared at Zhou Yuan with his golden slit eyes, and a sneer curved on his lips. “Zhou Yuan, your foundation is only 39,000 Genesis Qi stars? If that's the case”—his eyes suddenly turned fierce—“then I’m afraid you really can’t go anywhere today!” 


When Jin Chanzi’s voice faded, he slammed his foot. The surging dark green Genesis Qi behind him roared out, transforming into a giant claw emitting a bloody stench. It fiercely slashed in Zhou Yuan’s direction. 

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath as he watched the dark green claw whizzing over. Golden Genesis Qi was also roaring out at this time. There was a shadow of a giant serpent with claws vaguely visible within the golden light.    

In the face of Jin Chanzi’s Genesis Qi attack, he did not evade. He wanted to see how strong his opponent’s 83,000 Genesis Qi foundation was!    

After all, Zhou Yuan had never fought against an opponent at Jin Chanzi’s level. 

The Genesis Qi foundations of the two Sacred Palace Chosen he had killed before most likely couldn’t compare to Jin Chanzi’s even if added up together. Moreover, Genesis Qi foundations were not easy things to compare. 

A person who possessed 80,000 Genesis Qi stars could easily crush two opponents who each had 40,000 Genesis Qi stars.

Watching Zhou Yuan’s golden Genesis Qi gush over, the corners of Jin Chanzi’s lips tilted in a contemptuous arc. He then gave a flick of the robe. 


The giant dark green Genesis Qi claw fiercely collided with the golden serpent shadow, sending violent Genesis Qi rippling out. The golden shadow only lasted a few breaths of time before it shattered to pieces.   

On the other hand, the giant Genesis Qi claw was weakened only slightly, and it was still as incomparably ferocious as before. It immediately aimed another strike at Zhou Yuan.   

Zhou Yuan swiftly transformed, turning into remnants of shadow, and rapidly retreated to evade the giant claw attack. 


Multiple cracks were blasted into the earth, and smoke billowed up.   

Like a cat playing with a mouse, Jin Chanzi watched the scene indifferently and then cast his eyes over to the figure reappearing in the distance. His first attack had almost crushed Zhou Yuan.    

It was naive of Zhou Yuan to try to compete with him when his Genesis Qi foundation was only 39,000 stars.    

“Are you going to fight me like a mouse, hiding here and there?” Jin Chanzi grinned, folding his hands together in a hand seal. His eyes suddenly grew sinister. “Let’s see how long you can hide?”    


His throat emitted a bizarre sound, and his mouth bulged all of a sudden. Dark green Genesis Qi frantically gathered within it. The qi compressed, and Jin Chanzi spewed it out.

“Heavenly Toxic Toad Ripple!”    

Sharp hissing sound waves rapidly rang out. The flowing dark green light became sticky like a poisonous fluid, and it directly roared toward Zhou Yuan with incredible speed.

That speed was simply too fast for him to avoid.    

It also corroded the ground and left behind a nauseating stench wherever it passed.  

Each of Jin Chanzi’s attacks was fiercer than the one before. He evidently intended to use his powerful Genesis Qi foundation to completely destroy Zhou Yuan’s self-confidence.  

Zhou Yuan watched the ripple of dark green light gush over with a solemn look on his face. He had already activated the Ethereal Form to its peak, and he frantically retreated. But Jin Chanzi’s attacks were like sound waves, so fast they were impossible to evade.

As the dark green light ripple rapidly grew larger before him, Zhou Yuan's hands also rapidly folded in a hand seal with lightning speed, and he swiftly operated his Genesis Qi.  

His mouth also suddenly bulged, spraying out a dark golden flame.    

“Heavenly Sun Flame!”  

Dark gold flames came speeding out, turning the temperature increasingly hot. Even the surface of the ground was melted instantly. That mouthful of dark gold flame directly collided with the roaring dark green sound wave.    


The two collided, producing a piercing sharp noise. But the dark gold flame, after lasting for tens of breaths of time, was then extinguished and swallowed by the dark green light. 

Having swallowed the dark gold flame, the dark green light ripple continued to shoot towards Zhou Yuan, who was constantly retreating. 

The battle between the two had turned intense from the very start.


While rapidly retreating, the space between Zhou Yuan’s brows began to glow. The ground then quaked, and huge stone walls suddenly lifted into the air to shield Zhou Yuan. 

On the stonewalls was Spirit light.  

Evidently, Zhou Yuan had even activated his Spirit power.   


The dark green ripple was still gushing over in the face of the heavy stonewalls, destroying everything in the way. 

In just a few seconds, it pierced all the stone walls.   

But the dark green light ripple had also reduced to half, and it had evidently consumed the majority of its power. Despite this, what remained was still enough to kill most Chosen. 


The dark green light ripple pierced through the last stonewall. Its speed skyrocketed and finally caught up to Zhou Yuan.   

Zhou Yuan was no longer able to retreat.    

Looking at the rapidly enlarging stream of dark green light, he inwardly took a deep breath and clenched his fists tight.   

Golden blood was violently vibrating in his heart, and countless rays of golden light were spreading out from his body, fusing with his flesh and blood. His bodily strength erupted. 

The surface of Zhou Yuan's body glowed a golden color, and a vague golden pattern marked his skin.

“Little Mythic Saint Body Art, Golden Blood Stage!”   

The strength of his physical body was activated to its peak without restraint.   


Zhou Yuan’s body emitted a roaring sound. He did not retreat anymore. Instead, he took a huge stride forward. His fists clenched, and a punch blasted out blazing with golden light. 


The punch collided with the dark green light ripple.


A deafening boom reverberated out from the mountain, and the shock waves wreaked havoc everywhere.

Countless eyes were fixed unblinkingly on this scene.   

At the source of the collision were two berserk forces constantly bombarding each other. Around dozens of seconds later, the dark green light ripple finally dissipated.


But at the same time the dark green ripple dissipated, Zhou Yuan's body shook violently. He was propelled hundreds of feet away and was slammed into a mountain wall.     

The mountain wall collapsed, and the boulders tumbled down, burying him.    

Countless people stared dumbstruck.   

In order to counter Jin Chanzi’s fierce attack, Zhou Yuan had used three different powers: Genesis Qi, Spirit, and bodily strength. But even so, he still failed at the last moment.   

Making up for 83,000 Genesis Qi stars was not as simple as he had imagined.

On the Cangxuan Sect’s side, everyone’s expressions grew solemn. Zhou Yuan had encountered the most difficult and troublesome fierce battle ever since he entered the Cangxuan Sect.    

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