Chapter 647 The third round

On the towering seventh peak, countless gazes converged on the two battlefields. Although battles had also broken out on the other six peaks, the seventh peak still attracted the most attention.

In addition to the first and second fights between Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing, the battle between Yaoyao and Zhan Taiqing had become a highlight.    

Both women were remarkably beautiful and graceful, so their battle naturally caught a lot of attention.   

However, for other sects, it was obvious that Zhan Taiqing was far better than Yaoyao in terms of reputation. After all, Zhan Taiqing was still ranked third on the Chosen List after Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing.    

So in the beginning, some people who were attracted by Yaoyao’s appearance felt some sympathy for her. But this sympathy gradually disappeared as the battle between the two women progressed. 

This was because they found that although Yaoyao’s Genesis Qi was weak, her Spirit was outrageously strong. She was not at a disadvantage even against a strong opponent like Zhan Taiqing, and she even seemed to be handling the battle with ease.    

It was only at this time that they understood the Cangxuan Sect had such a powerful person.    

“Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing, Zhou Xiaoyao and Zhan Taiqing have all made a move. Only Jin Chanzi and Zhou Yuan are left.”

“It looks like the Cangxuan Sect plans to have Zhou Yuan go against Jin Chanzi.”   

“I think this decision is the worst one that the Cangxuan Sect has made out of the three. Although Zhou Yuan performed pretty well before and can be ranked as a Chosen, he is unfortunately going up against Jin Chanzi.” 

“Yes, Jin Chanzi is ranked fifth on the Chosen List. If the Cangxuan Sect had sent out Kong Sheng instead, then perhaps there would be a proper fight. But they had sent out Zhou Yuan! That’s just digging themselves a hole.”   

“If Zhou Yuan isn’t able to cope, it will adversely affect the other battles, and the Cangxuan Sect could be utterly defeated by the Sacred Palace.”


In whispers, the audience exchanged their thoughts on the three battles. The first two battles looked positive for the Cangxuan Sect; at the very least they were not at a disadvantage. 

Only Zhou Yuan’s battle was filled with uncertainty.    

It was evident that no one was optimistic about Zhou Yuan.   

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s, Luluo’s and the others’ faces were crossed with worry as they watched the two figures on the last towering mountain peak continue to move forward. Although they believed in Zhou Yuan, they were aware of Jin Chanzi’s strength. Jin Chanzi was ranked lower than Jiang Taishen and Zhan Taiqing, but he was one of the three greatest Chosen among the younger generation of the Sacred Palace. 

In front of Jin Chanzi, the other Sacred Palace Chosen could only submit to him.

If anyone truly thought that Jin Chanzi was easy to deal with, they were being too naive.

On the Cangxuan Sect’s side, some disciples looked at the seventh mountain peak and asked, “Can senior brother Zhou Yuan beat Jin Chanzi?”

Gu Hongyi did not know how to answer. She glanced over to Tang Muxin, Jin Zhang and the other chief disciples beside her. They were all looking at each other in dismay, and she finally just shook her head with a bitter smile. 

Even ordinary Chosen were high-level existences to them, so they simply couldn’t imagine the strength of a top Chosen like Jin Chanzi. 

“Since Zhou Yuan volunteered, he must have confidence in winning. Even if he is no match for Jin Chanzi, as long as he can stall him, perhaps senior brother Chu Qing or Yaoyao can win their battle and come help him.” Tang Muxin could only comfort everyone like so.

But the other disciples were not fools. Of course they could hear the tone of uncertainty in Tang Muxin’s voice. They immediately sighed inwardly and raised their heads, peering at the towering peak with worried looks.    

“Jin Chanzi has reached the summit.” Tang Muxin’s beautiful face changed slightly.    

All the others also froze. They drew a deep breath, knowing that when Jin Chanzi reached the peak, he would try to eliminate Zhou Yuan first.   

The third round of battle was finally about to begin.  



Tapping his toes on the tip of a tree, Zhou Yuan’s body shot straight up like an eagle, piercing through the mist and clouds. Finally, he found his field of vision clearing up.

There was a vast expanse of space above the peak. Clouds and mist lingered over the mountain, like a wonderland.    

Zhou Yuan landed on a huge boulder, and his eyes immediately shifted towards the farthest point right away. He saw a huge jade disc standing quietly, flickering with a mysterious and ancient luster.    

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were blazing when he laid eyes on the jade disc. He could feel that the third Saint Rune was within it! 

After a few breaths, Zhou Yuan forced his gaze away and back onto the rear of a figure not too far away.  

At this moment, Jin Chanzi was also studying the jade disc. His hands were clasped behind his back.  

“I didn't think you'd really dare to follow me,” Jin Chanzi remarked without turning his head.   

Zhou Yuan gently cocked his head. “I have a number of things to settle with you. If I let you flee back to the Sacred Palace, it will be quite troublesome for me.”  

Jin Chanzi slowly turned around, coldly fixing his golden vertically slit eyes on Zhou Yuan. The corners of his mouth twisted in a cruel smile. “It seems that defeating two Chosen from my Sacred Palace has given you a lot of confidence. Back then, outside the Great Mythic Mountain range, you had lacked even the courage to speak to me.” 

Zhou Yuan smiled. “At that time I really wasn’t certain that I could kill you, but I should have that confidence now.”     

Jin Chanzi shook his head. He evidently treated Zhou Yuan’s words as the words of a crazy man. “Let’s not waste time talking. Zhou Yuan, if you break your arms right now, I can spare your life for killing two of our Chosen. There are orders to bring you back to the Sacred Palace. Though it doesn’t matter whether you are dead or alive. But if you do as I say, I can spare your life.” 

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed, and then he burst into laughter. “I can’t believe you are using this childish method of trying to provoke me. Also, I'm not going to let you leave here alive.”  

A murderous glint flickered in Zhou Yuan's eyes.

He was aware that it was Jin Chanzi’s idea to plot a trap for Yaoyao. Moreover, the toxic qi around Soul Subduing Mountain had belonged to Jin Chanzi. Towards Jin Chanzi, he already had a strong killing intent that couldn’t be erased.

Jin Chanzi must die today!    

Jin Chanzi narrowed his eyes, and his lips pulled back to reveal his white teeth. 


Jin Chanzi stamped his feet, and green Genesis Qi directly erupted from his body. The glow of the Genesis Qi illuminated the sky, forming a Genesis Qi starry sky phenomenon. 

And between the formation, there were 83,000 Genesis Qi stars flashing brightly.    

The strong and violent oppressive force of Genesis Qi came sweeping down from the peak, and along with it was Jin Chanzi’s words that were filled with murderous spirit.  

“I'd like to see how much of your pitiful self-confidence will remain after I trample your face.”    

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