Chapter 646 Two Women

Under countless shocked gazes, Chu Qing was standing on the tip of a towering ancient tree. His long needle-like hair flowing down his back was gently swaying and flashing with a cold luster.

Chu Qing’s imposing manner had changed drastically. His lazy and carefree attitude was completely gone, and his eyes had turned incomparably sharp. 

“Chu Qing, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this form of yours,” Jiang Taisheng remarked.   

Chu Qing grinned. “Jiang Taishen, you were lucky to win the last time, but this time you won’t be so lucky.”    

“Is that right?” Jiang Taishen did not pay the slightest of heed.

But he also understood that amongst the younger generation of Cangxuan Heaven, only Chu Qing could pose a threat to him. Although Chu Qing had slightly fewer Genesis Qi stars, at this level, that amount of difference did not mean anything. 

Even he would not slack off in today's battle. 

Jiang Taishen took a deep breath. His palms rotated towards each other, and ash-grey Genesis Qi suddenly surged toward him. His palms then trembled abruptly, and the majestic ash-grey Genesis Qi transformed into countless ash-grey particles of Genesis Qi, emitting a chilling cold luster. 

“Underworld powder!”   

Jiang Taishen’s eyes flashed coldly. With the flick of his sleeve, countless particles whizzed out and shrouded Chu Qing.

The Genesis Qi light particles emitted a very strong corrosive force. Once they touched flesh, they could directly and continuously corrode the flesh and blood. 

Watching the numerous particles of light rushing toward him, Chu Qing slightly raised his brow. His cape-like black hair then lifted up, and like a storm, countless thin strands of black hair shot out.   


In the sky, countless strands of hair collided with the particles of light, producing splutters.


But these two attacks were only probes. The two’s eyes turned incomparably sharp and fierce, and with the stamp of their feet, they directly shattered the ancient trees below them. 

Their bodies turned into streams of light and, finally, fiercely collided in the air under countless shocked gazes.


An incomparably berserk Genesis Qi shock wave immediately wreaked havoc.


Rapidly speeding forward, Zhou Yuan felt the terrifying impact from behind. Jiang Taishen’s and Chu Qing's Genesis Qi foundations both exceeded his expectations. 

“Is this the strength of the first and second Chosen on the Chosen List?” Zhou Yuan's face grew solemn. Even he had to admit at this time that it would be difficult for him to win against Jiang Taishen.  

But he had the confidence that once he broke through to the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage, he would not need to fear Jiang Taishen.

Zhou Yuan quickly calmed his emotions because he understood that his opponent was not him.  

In front of them two shadows came into view.   

“Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing are battling now.” Zhan Taiqing’s beautiful scarlet eyes flashed, and she glanced at the two figures closely following them. “Two mice are following us. If we don’t get rid of them, it will become difficult for us to obtain the jade disc peacefully.”  

Jin Chanzi faintly smiled. “Then let’s get rid of them.” 

He looked at Zhan Taiqing and asked, “Who are you going to choose?”    

Zhan Taiqing licked her red lips, smiling. “I heard Li Qingchan say that Zhou Xiaoyao has some ability? I’d like to see if I will trample her, or if she will trample me? Hehe.”

Jin Chanzi pursed his lips. “You left Zhou Yuan for me, that’s so boring.” 

“Hehe, you’re ranked lower, so of course you get the leftovers.”

Jin Chanzi helplessly sighed, but a ruthless look came to his face when he shifted his gaze onto Zhou Yuan. “Since there isn’t a choice, then it’s him. Fine, when I capture him I will first sever his hands and feet.” 

He spoke very casually, evidently treating Zhou Yuan like a prey held in his fingertips.    

“Keep him alive for me to play with. I told Li Qingchan that I wanted to extract all of the boy's blood.” Zhan Taiqing laughed.

Jin Chanzi nodded.     

Seeing this, Zhan Taiqing’s beautiful body halted abruptly, and she landed on a huge boulder. Her little red mouth opened slightly, and a stream of blood light jetted out. 


The blood light was wrapped in intense blood qi. Within the blood light, a needle around an inch in size formed. 

That blood needle was wrapped in blood poison. Once it penetrated the body, it would contaminate one’s blood, making one’s life worse than death.  

The blood needle shot in Yaoyao’s direction.  

Yaoyao naturally sensed the blood needle speeding over, yet there was not the slightest ripple on her beautiful face. Between her bright and pure eyebrows, there was a brightly flickering Spirit light. Invisible Spirit power then burst forth, transforming into a Spirit needle.


The two long needles collided in the air, producing a crisp sound, and the surging Genesis Qi exploded.    

“Junior sister of the Cangxuan Sect, can you come down to play?” Zhan Taiqing said with a smile.

Yaoyao shot a glance at her and then said to Zhou Yuan, “Leave this woman for me to deal with.”    

Somehow, Zhou Yuan seemed to hear a chilling coldness in her voice.     

Zhou Yuan nodded. “I'll go after Jin Chanzi.” 

They had already assigned each other's opponents.     

Yaoyao nodded while Spirit power enveloped her delicate body, and she slowly landed onto the boulder where Zhan Taiqing stood. Zhou Yuan sped up to catch up to Jin Chanzi. 

Zhan Taiqing peered down at Yaoyao, blinking repeatedly. “Such a beautiful person. You’re so beautiful that I somewhat don’t have the heart to raise my hand.”    

Zhan Taiqing was extremely confident in her appearance. She did not feel inferior in the slightest in front of Li Qingchan, but in the face of Yaoyao, she felt that she was being somewhat suppressed.   

However, this only strengthened Zhan Taiqing’s desire to destroy her. She wanted to see if Yaoyao could still maintain such a perfectly beautiful little face when she extracted all her blood. 

“So you are Zhan Taiqing.” 

Zhan Taiqing smiled. “How can I help?”    

Yaoyao’s lips opened slightly, “I heard from Li Qingchan that you wanted to draw out Zhou Yuan’s blood to play with?”   

Zhan Taiqing was taken aback for a moment. She then smiled. “Oh? So that kid is your little sweetheart?”   

She licked her red lips while her scarlet eyes flickered coldly. “If that boy falls into my hands, I really don't mind extracting his blood to play with.”

She tilted her head, smiling sweetly. “Are you angry? Hehe, don't worry, because he and you will share the same ending...” 

Yaoyao looked at Zhan Taiqing with her clear and pure eyes, and nodded gently.   

“I'm not interested in extracting blood, but I might be quite fun to pull your spirit out.”

Her beautiful hand lifted, and Spirit light gathered between her beautiful eyebrows.   

Then, under Zhan Taiqing’s slightly changing expression, an invisible wisp of Spirit Flame slowly descended and landed in Yaoyao’s hand.


She flicked her finger.    


The invisible Spirit Flame burst out.    

The area was instantly saturated with an extremely strong killing intent.

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