Chapter 645 Chu Qing's Combat Form


Near the seventh peak, under countless astonished gazes, Chu Qing, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao shot forward. They swiftly followed and chased after Jiang Taishen and the others as they headed up the giant peak. 

Jiang Taishen’s eyes flickered ever so slightly as he swept a glance behind him. “They really caught up.” 

Zhan Taiqing's scarlet eyes glanced back, a charming smile curling on her lips. She said, “I didn’t expect Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao to be the two following Chu Qing. Really interesting. I thought it would be Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan.”    

“Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan have relatively weak Spirit, and if they were to break out of the Spirit Confusion Fog, their Genesis Qi would be exhausted. Their strength can’t be compared to you two. If their Genesis Qi was exhausted, they would basically have no chance of winning.” Jiang Taishen smiled.    

This was what he had originally predicted, and as long as Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan dared to break through the fog and come after them, he could tell Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi to kill them.   

But he seemed to have made a miscalculation.   

Yet it didn’t matter. They were all people who would die; the names Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan had merely changed to Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao.

Jiang Taishen gently waved his hand, saying, “Since they are determined to seek death, let’s fulfill their wishes today.”  

His voice faded, and his body came to a stop. He turned around, looking indifferently at Chu Qing and the other two chasing after them.

Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi also halted as they playfully stared at the people behind them, their eyes flickering with ridicule.   

Seeing that Jiang Taishen and the other two had stopped, Chu Qing also gave a wave of his hand. He was the first to stop. “Jiang Taishen, you’re too impatient.”

Jiang Taishen smiled. “Chu Qing, you're the one impatiently seeking death.” 

When his voice sounded out, everyone felt an astonishing surge of fluctuating Genesis Qi. Jiang Taishen’s body began to rise, and the ground seemed to quake.

Ash-grey Genesis Qi slowly rose from Jiang Taishen’s head like a huge halo, blotting out the sun and sky.

An oppressive Genesis Qi had shrouded the heavens and the earth.   

Countless eyes fixed on his figure. The powerful person ranked first on the Chosen List was finally going to display his terrifying strength?

Jiang Taishen's expression remained indifferent as he stretched out a slender finger, pointing to Chu Qing from afar. Then, the corners of his mouth curved in a chilling arc, and he waved his finger.  


From his fingertips a waterfall of ash-grey Genesis Qi roared out. It tore huge marks through the air wherever it passed.

It could be seen that the Genesis Qi that Jiang Taishen cultivated was incredibly tyrannical.   

It would have been impossible for ordinary Chosen to withstand Jiang Taishen’s attack. They would most likely be killed within seconds, their bodies turned into nothingness from the corrosive qi. 

Zhou Yuan gazed at the waterfall of roaring grey Genesis Qi, but his eyes suddenly shrank the moment the ash-grey Genesis Qi made an abrupt turn. It wasn’t charging towards Chu Qing. It was aiming for him!    

Jiang Taishen had immediately attacked him without warning!   

The speed was extremely fast, almost reaching Zhou Yuan in just a breath of time. But Zhou Yuan remained calm and composed. He did not panic in the slightest. 


Just as the gush of ash-grey Genesis Qi was inches away from Zhou Yuan, a ghost-like figure appeared in front of him. The figure’s hands clenched and slammed forward.


The fist light collided with the ash-grey Genesis Qi, causing a storm-like Genesis Qi shock wave to rage out.   

The figure standing in front of Zhou Yuan did not move an inch, his head so smooth that it reflected light. It was Chu Qing.  

Chu Qing lifted his head, his eyes narrowing as he met Jiang Taishen’s eyes. “Jiang Tashen, I find it a little strange that you always possess intense killing intent for Zhou Yuan?”   

Previously, Jin Chanzi had tried to attack and kill Zhou Yuan. Even now, Jiang Taishen had directed his attack at Zhou Yuan. 

Although Zhou Yuan had killed some Chosen from the Sacred Palace and had attracted a lot of hatred, Jiang Taishen's and Jin Chanzi’s actions still seemed a little too excessive.

Smiling, Jiang Taishen flicked his finger. “Because I feel that in the future Zhou Yuan will be a threat to my Sacred Palace. Since this is the case, I naturally need to eliminate him early.”    

Chu Qing smiled. “Then I have to thank you for thinking so highly of him?” His smile gradually faded, and he nonchalantly warned, “But since I am here today, don’t even think about touching him.”    

Jiang Taishen’s eyes drooped. “Is that right? Then I would like to see whether the Ancient Barren Qi that you cultivate can protect him.” 

“I'd also like to see how much progress you have made with your Sacred Underworld Bone Qi.” Chu Qing said indifferently.    

“I don't think I’ll disappoint you.”    

Jiang Taishen was smiling, but there was not the slightest smile in his eyes. His hands slowly spread out, his robe billowed around him, and his white hair fluttered although no wind stirred the air. His ash-grey Genesis Qi was like a storm, frantically raging from his body.


The whole world seemed to tremble.    

The ash-grey Genesis Qi coiled everywhere, bringing a bizarre coldness. Even air itself was directly corroded into nothingness when the air came into contact with the qi.  

Surging with Genesis Qi, Jiang Taishen glanced at the two people behind him. “Zhan Taiqing, Jin Chanzi, you two should continue forward and seize the jade disc first.” 

Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi nodded and swiftly darted away. 

“Leave Jiang Taishen to me, and you two can deal with the other two. Is there a problem?” Chu Qing turned to Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.    

Yaoyao remained calm, and there wasn’t the slightest ripple of emotion on her face. Zhou Yuan’s narrowed eyes locked onto Jin Chanzi’s figure, and he nodded. 

“Let’s go.”    

Zhou Yuan roared and raced after Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi with Yaoyao. 

Jiang Taishen shot a glance at them, but made no attempt to block them because he had confidence in both Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi. Even though Yaoyao was slightly mysterious, Jiang Taishen attached no importance to Zhou Yuan even if he had previously killed two Chosen.

Because at their level, it wasn’t difficult to do so.    

Watching the two people disappear into the distance, Jiang Taishen crossed his arms and smiled at Chu Qing. “Are you not worried about them? They are looking for death.” 

“Jiang Taishen, it's good to have confidence, but don't let it become arrogance.”

“Is that right?”   

Jiang Taishen swung his robe gently. The surging ash-grey Genesis Qi gathered behind him, emitted rays of light, and gradually formed a bright Genesis Qi star formation in which countless ash-grey stars twinkled. 

An astonishing oppressive force slowly spread out.    

In this universe, countless eyes were intensely fixed on the Genesis Qi starry formation behind Jiang Taishen. From a cursory count, the number of stars reached an astonishing one hundred thousand! 

One hundred thousand Genesis Qi stars—what an incredible Genesis Qi foundation?!

Beyond the mountains, the disciples of various sects were all dumbstruck. 

This was the strength of the strongest person on the Chosen List? A total of one hundred thousand Genesis Qi stars. It was enough to simply suppress the entire younger generation of Cangxuan Heaven! 

Chu Qing lifted his head, studying the one hundred thousand Genesis Qi stars. His eyes slightly narrowed, displaying a trace of seriousness. His tired-looking eyes had become fierce and sharp.


He took a deep breath, and his hands slowly clasped together, sending dark yellow Genesis Qi bursting forth from his body. 

The dark yellow Genesis Qi filled the sky and occupied half the sky.

Rays of Genesis Qi light illuminated the air, similarly forming a Genesis Qi starry sky phenomenon in which dark yellow Genesis Qi stars were twinkling brightly.

Ninety-five thousand!    

Chu Qing's Genesis Qi stars were surprisingly extremely close to one hundred thousand, and they were not much weaker than that of Jiang Taishen.   

Zhou Yuan had previously speculated that Chu Qing's Genesis Qi foundation should be around sixty or seventy thousand. He now realised he had underestimated the foundation of the chief Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect. 

Moreover, following the unrestrained eruption of Genesis Qi from Chu Qing's body, everyone was astonished to see strands of black hair growing out from his bald head.

The hair continued to grow until finally, it cascaded down his back like a waterfall. 

From a distance his hair resembled a black cape.   

However, his long strands of hair were not soft, and they were flashing with chilling, cold light. Each strand of hair was incomparably sharp like a knife.

Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the other Chosen also cast glances over in his direction from afar. When they saw Chu Qing like this, their eyes lit up in surprise. 

“It's been a long time since I’ve seen him in this form...” 

Because Chu Qing cultivated the Ancient Barren Qi, it resulted in his hair falling off. But once he fully activated his Genesis Qi, he would transform into this state, which Li Qingchan and others called Chu Qing's battle form.   

It was just that the number of times Chu Qing was forced into this form over the years could be counted on one hand.    

Evidently, in the face of Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing no longer held back.

Countless people cast their blazing eyes in their direction.    

This battle was a contest between the first and second Chosen on the Shengzhou Continent's Chosen List.

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