Chapter 644 Time has passed

Layers of fog gushed over from all directions, emitting an ear-piercing whistle as they blotted out the sun and sky. The fog directly trapped the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect. 

Trapped inside, all the Chosen found that everything was chaotic and that it was difficult to distinguish directions.    

There were also terrifying balls of light constantly whizzing around in the boundless fog, each filled with killing intent.

Chu Qing wrinkled his brows slightly, then quickly performed a hand seal with both hands. The Heavenly Luo Umbrella fiercely vibrated to withstand the Genesis Qi light balls.

“Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi are heading straight for the top of the mountain,” Yaoyao said all of a sudden.

Li Qingchan's, Kong Sheng's and the others’ expressions changed when they heard Yaoyao. If they were to let Jiang Taishen take the jade disc before them, it would become incredibly difficult to take it back from the Sacred Palace's hands. Even if they forced things too far and were able to take it back, in desperation Jiang Taishen would destroy the jade disc rather than let them have it. This would restrict their actions.

“Let's try to get out of the Spirit Confusion Fog first!” Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and other Chosen darted forward the next moment, directly charging into the thick fog.

But very soon, they returned with troubled looks on their faces.    

“The fog can confuse the Spirit. Once one steps in, one will lose their sense of direction, and it will be hard to continue to move forward,” Li Qingchan explained.    

“To break out, one must either possess incredibly strong Genesis Qi to withstand this fog or have Spirit power strong enough to resist the interference of the Spirit Confusion Fog.” Kong Sheng frowned. He and Li Qingchan could attempt to break through, but that would consume a huge amount of their energy. This meant that even if they managed to break out, how could they fight against Jiang Taishen and the others?

Chu Qing slowly said, “I can break out of the Spirit Confusion Fog, but I will need at least two people to assist me. Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, and Jin Chanzi are not easy to deal with. The only thing I can do is stall Jiang Taishen.” 

The rest of the Chosen kept silent. It went without saying that only Chu Qing could go against Jiang Taishen, but Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi weren’t weak either. Even Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan might not have any advantage against them.   

Moreover, Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng both said that although their Genesis Qi was considered strong, their Spirit was somewhat weak. They would most likely exhaust themselves trying to break out of the Spirit Confusion Fog. 

In that state they would most likely be no match for Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.

From this it could be said that their situation was extremely disadvantaged.    

The atmosphere turned gloomy all of a sudden. 

“Zhou Yuan and I are able to break through the Spirit Confusion Fog,” a clear voice broke the silence. Everybody shifted their gazes over to Yaoyao. 

Li Qingchan’s beautiful eyes lit up. They had almost forgotten about Yaoyao, whose Spirit was incredibly strong. The Spirit Confusion Fog could stop them, but it had no effect on Yaoyao. 

More importantly, Yaoyao was extremely strong, which meant that if she could break out of the fog, she wouldn’t fear Zhan Taiqing of the Sacred Palace.    

But...although Yaoyao was able to break out, Zhou Yuan was still a bit of a problem.

“Zhou Yuan—can he fight against Jin Chanzi?” Kong Sheng spoke out suddenly, expressing his doubt.   

Although Zhou Yuan had previously killed two Sacred Palace Chosen and had an impressive battle record, Jin Chanzi was not an ordinary Chosen. He was ranked fifth on the Chosen List of the Shenzhou Continent. 

Even Kong Sheng did not have much confidence in defeating him. 

The other Chosen were also a little hesitant. The people who went out would have to face the three strongest people of the Sacred Palace. If Zhou Yuan wasn’t strong enough, it would instead put him in great danger.

He had previously killed two Chosen of the Sacred Palace, so if the opponent had the chance, they wouldn’t show him any mercy.  

Chu Qing pondered for a moment, then turned to Zhou Yuan and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, what do you think? You don't have to force yourself. If it’s not possible, we can take a step back and give up the king jade disc.”   

Zhou Yuan calmly answered, “I would like to go.”    

Within the king jade disc was the third Saint Rune, something he could never give up. Moreover, although Jin Chanzi was admittedly powerful, Zhou Yuan was not the same guy who had once suffered his sneak attack.  

He also wanted payback for what had happened before.   

Chu Qing took a deep look at Zhou Yuan. “Well, since junior brother Zhou Yuan has such courage, then us three will break out of the Spirit Confusion Fog and intercept Jiang Taishen.”

He then turned to Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng, saying, “I will leave the Heavenly Yuan Umbrella to your control. This treasure requires a great amount of Genesis Qi to activate, so you two can join forces to operate it.” 

“When the three of us have broken through and are facing off against Jiang Taishen and the other two, you have to do your best to stall the other Sacred Palace Chosen so as to not let them interfere.”   

Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng nodded.   

After leaving instructions, Chu Qing did not dare to delay any further and immediately said to Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan, “Let’s move!”

Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan exchanged a glance, nodding gently.    


Chu Qing stood on his tiptoes, and suddenly Genesis Qi burst forth from his body. He transformed into a stream of light, piercing into the boundless Spirit Confusion Fog.    

Zhou Yuan’s and Yaoyao’s Spirits flickered. They immediately followed.    

Watching the three people disappear into the fog, Li Qingchan and the other Chosen revealed looks of awe. They knew that the last battle of the Mythic Utopia was on the shoulders of Chu Qing, Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan but that their opponents were also outstanding leaders in the Sacred Palace. 

Thus even they were not certain who would win in the end.    

The winner of the battle between the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace in the Mythic Utopia would depend on this great battle. 


Outside Jade Disc Mountain.    

Countless eyes were fixed on the fog shrouding the last peak.    

“The Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect are trapped...”   

“Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, and Jin Chanzi are heading straight to the top for the jade disc!”    

“It seems that they intend to take the jade disc first. Haha, no wonder they are part of the Sacred Palace. They are indeed fierce. If the jade disc falls into their hands, the Cangxuan Sect will no longer be able to compete.” 

“It seems that the Sacred Palace is more skilful in this competition.”   


Everybody began discussing in whispers. They evidently thought the Sacred Palace had an advantage in the final battle between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect.

Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan all let out a sigh.    


But just as numerous gazes were filling with regret, someone suddenly let out a loud exclaim. He saw that within the thick fog, there were three streams of light shooting out.

“Someone of the Cangxuan Sect is breaking out!”  

“Who is it?!”    

“The one in front seems to be Chu Qing...followed by Zhou Xiaoyao and Zhou Yuan!”

“Chu Qing’s appearance is not a surprise, but why are the other two here and not Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan?” many people exclaimed.    

Yaoyao had always kept a low profile, and Zhou Yuan had just made a name for himself, so in many people’s eyes, the strongest three should be Chu Qing, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan. 

The Sacred Palace Chosen naturally also saw the three people breaking through. But they had no intention of blocking them. Instead, a flicker of derision came into their eyes.

So what if they broke through? The real difficulty was not breaking through: Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi, who were also heading for the summit, were the most powerful pillars of the Sacred Palace. 

“Hmph, go ahead. When you meet the Sacred Palace’s strongest three, you will understand that Cangxuan Heaven belongs to our Sacred Palace!   

“And your Cangxuan Sect’s time has passed!”    

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