Chapter 643 Tactics

The team of Cangxuan Sect Chosen rose into the air with Chu Qing at their helm. Under the countless watching gazes, the group flew straight towards the majestic ancient mountain.

Their goal was the final, tallest peak.

The mysterious jade disc dazzled brilliantly at the top of the peak, drawing countless greedy gazes.

As they approached, Chu Qing, Zhou Yuan and the others felt a boundless Genesis Qi fill the area around them. Under such conditions, a special force seemed to envelope their flying figures, causing them to gradually descend.

“It seems that we can’t fly in this jade disc mountain.”

Chu Qing’s eyes rippled as he waved his hand. His figure rapidly descended, landing near the midpoint of the seventh peak. The group touched down atop a tree as a sea of giant towering trees greeted them.

Chu Qing stood at the very front, a rarely seen solemn expression on his usually carefree face. He did not continue to lead them forward, but instead cast his gaze towards the front.

On the road towards the peak, figure after figure with extraordinary auras were either seated or standing as they completely sealed off the path.

The three figures at the very front were Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.

Countless gazes converged on this spot from outside the mountain. Everyone knew that this would be the most exciting face-off that even the other four overlord sects would not be able to match.

Jiang Taishen and the rest were already fully intent on claiming the final jade disc for the Sacred Palace, but the Cangxuan Sect Chosen led by Chu Qing would never agree. Hence, a battle was inevitable regardless of which side wanted to obtain the king jade disc.

With no more outsiders present to interfere, this was the best battlefield they could hope for.

Jiang Taishen’s white hair fluttered in the wind as he coldly said, “Chu Qing, it’s still not too late for regrets. I will permit you guys to withdraw and vie for the other jade discs.”

Chu Qing chuckled and replied, “Jiang Taishen, isn’t it a little too indecisive of you to say such words now? This is not the Jiang Taishen I know.”

Genesis Qi flowed between Jiang Taishen’s slender fingers, his eyelids lowering slightly as he said, “I merely do not want to waste time. But never mind, since you guys are so insistent on rushing to your deaths, it will do no good for me to try and stop you. After all, this place is indeed a pretty good grave.”

He slowly lifted his hand and gave a small wave.

“Give them their present.”

At his voice, sinister smiles were immediately revealed on the faces of the numerous Sacred Palace Chosen. With a grabbing motion, ancient mottled scrolls appeared in their hands.


They tore the scrolls, causing wild Genesis Qi to explode from within as thunder rumbled across the area.

Countless strings of light shot out from the scrolls and interweaved in the air, forming what appeared to be a glowing ancient painting. It soon covered the sky.

A heart-palpitating undulation pulsed from it, changing the sky’s color.


The countless gazing watchers immediately detected the commotion, and an uproar erupted.

“What is that?! What frightening Genesis Qi undulations!”

“Is it some kind of Genesis artifact?!”

“One should not offend the Sacred Palace after think they were hiding something like this!”


On the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace side, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo exchanged a look, seeing the worry in each other’s eyes. They had evidently felt the power of this glowing picture.

On the seventh peak, Chu Qing raised his head, his pupils shrinking a little as he gazed at the ancient glowing picture. He slowly said, “This is…the Life Executioner Painting?!”

Kong Sheng’s and Li Qingchan’s expressions shifted at his words.

“Life Executioner Painting? How can it be!”

Rumor speaks of a Saint-level Genesis artifact within the Sacred Palace known as the Life Executioner Painting. Its immeasurable power was said to be capable of causing mass destruction, and it was even said that the Sacred Palace sect master had used it to fight patriarch Cang Xuan in the past.

An ultimate treasure like this would usually be kept in the sect as a final trump card. How could it possibly appear in the hands of a few Chosen? Moreover, it was impossible for practitioners at their power level to activate it.

“You have a pretty keen eye. This is indeed the Life Executioner Painting, though it is merely an imitation crafted by sect master, and it can only be used once.” Jiang Taishen softly chuckled.

Despite this, the hearts of Li Qingchan and the others sank. The Life Executioner Painting was a true-blue Saint-grade Genesis artifact, and even the imitation product in the hands of Jiang Taishen and the rest was not to be underestimated.

“However, I believe it should not be too difficult to exterminate all of you.” He raised his hand. “Do it.”


A thunderous noise abruptly exploded from the ancient glowing painting in the sky. Genesis Qi rapidly moved towards it, and then the ancient glowing painting absorbed it.


Moments later, the glowing painting slowly tore open, seemingly forming a sinister giant mouth as countless head-sized balls of light poured out.

These light balls were basically super compressed Genesis Qi, and each one gave off an extremely dangerous aura.


In the next instant, countless Genesis Qi light balls began to rain down, their dazzling radiance blotting out even the sky itself. Each light ball was not inferior to a Chosen’s full-powered attack, and even someone like Chu Qing would be hard-pressed to defend.

Outside the mountain, countless gazes watched this scene in horror. They had evidently not expected the Sacred Palace to bring out such a deadly trump card so quickly...

Even if the Cangxuan Sect Chosen managed to survive, they would surely sustain heavy casualties.

It was indeed unwise to recklessly challenge the Sacred Palace.

Below, the expressions of Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the others changed drastically; they had likely sensed the terror of the bombardment.

Just as they were about to act, however, Chu Qing’s figure suddenly rose into the air. He gazed at the falling balls of destruction as he said, “Jiang Taishen, you underestimate the Cangxuan Sect’s foundations far too much if you believe this will be able to finish off all our Chosen.”

His hands clapped together before slowly pulling apart. Rays of Genesis Qi converged between his palms as a tiny exquisite azure umbrella appeared.

Ancient runes had been carved into its surface, and the umbrella immediately began to breathe in Genesis Qi the moment it appeared.


The tiny azure umbrella shot forth as it rapidly expanded to a size of a thousand feet and hovered above the numerous Cangxuan Sect Chosen.

Boom boom!

Countless destructive light orbs fell, bombarding the azure umbrella. Bouncing away the destructive orbs, the umbrella’s surface immediately began to ripple.

Innumerable orbs collided in the sky, and berserk undulations devastated the surroundings.

Li Qingchan and the rest stared at the giant azure umbrella in shock. They involuntarily cried out, “Is that…the sect master’s Heavenly Luo Umbrella?”

Their sect master had a treasure known as the Heavenly Luo Umbrella. Although it was not a Saint-grade Genesis artifact, it was at the upper heaven grade tier, and it was also a rarely seen treasure. They never imagined that it would appear in Chu Qing’s hands.

Sect master Qing Yang must have secretly entrusted it to Chu Qing in order to counter the Sacred Palace when the right moment came.

Atop a giant tree, Jiang Taishen frowned a little as he gazed at the giant azure umbrella. Chu Qing had come prepared after all, and it looked like the Life Executioner Painting was not going to wipe them out so easily.

“Hehe, how interesting. Sect master Qing Yang handed the Heavenly Luo Umbrella to Chu Qing in order to guard against the Sacred Palace.” Jin Chanzi chuckled.

Zhan Taiqing’s red lips cracked open slightly as she said, “With the protection of the Heavenly Luo Umbrella, our Life Executioner Painting will likely be unable to exterminate them.”

Jiang Taishen laughed and said, “It doesn't matter. I wasn’t counting on finishing them off so easily in the first place. The ultimate goal of the Life Executioner Painting is not to kill but to trap them here.”

His hands suddenly formed a seal.


The giant glowing painting in the sky suddenly shuddered and spouted out a torrential fog. The fog emitted piercing noises that disrupted one’s Spirit, making it impossible to orientate oneself.

“This fog can disrupt the Spirit. Anyone who’s inside will be trapped as if they were in an inescapable prison.”

Jiang Taishen tidied his sleeves as he cast an indifferent glance at the trapped Cangxuan Sect Chosen. “The remaining Sacred Palace Chosen will continue to operate the Life Exterminating Painting to subdue them.”

His gaze shifted towards Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.

“The three of us shall make use of this opportunity to ascend to the peak and retrieve the jade disc before returning to play with them.”

As his voice echoed, the tip of his foot pushed off the ground, and his figure dashed forward.

Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi nodded. As they looked at the fog, mocking smiles rose from the corners of their mouths. The Cangxuan Sect Chosen were truly delusional to think that they would be able to vie with the Sacred Palace.

The duo wondered how ugly the expressions of Chu Qing and the others would be when they returned with the jade disc.

With such thoughts in mind, the duo laughed before they also dashed forth, followed Jiang Taishen, and swiftly travelled towards the peak.

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