Chapter 642 The Great Battle Begins

Jiang Taishen stood on his Genesis Qi, hovering in the air with his hands behind his back as his voice echoed across the area, drawing countless fearful yet respectful gazes. Although his words sounded extremely arrogant, everyone present understood that he was more than capable of backing them up.

In the face of such an imposing Jiang Taishen, even the other great sects were unable to say anything for a time.

As such, Jiang Taishen’s words caused the place to fall silent.

The presence of a single person had basically swept everyone else away. The number one ranker on the Chosen List was indeed deserving of his reputation.

However, those present were the cream of the crop in this generation of Cangxuan Heaven geniuses, and there were no lack of hidden tigers and dragons amongst them. Hence, they soon returned to their senses, and a voice rang out, “Hey, I, Lu Dameng, have relied on my reputation to travel extensively for so many years, and yet I never once dared to utter such words. Who the hell do you think you are?”

These piercing words immediately caused sniggers to erupt, disrupting the pressure Jiang Taishen had created as the gazes of the Chosen from the other factions began to twinkle in thought.

Jiang Taishen’s eyes turned chillingly cold. Powerful Genesis Qi surged around his body as his piercing gaze swept forth like a hawk’s. His Genesis Qi also reached out, trying to locate the one who had spoken. However, his expression soon darkened slightly because the speaker seemed to be rather adept at concealing his aura, making it impossible for even Jiang Taishen to find him. As such, Jiang Taishen could not help but inwardly boil in anger.

It seemed he had underestimated the numerous talented geniuses of Cangxuan Heaven. Their combat power might be weaker than his own, but they clearly had other skills that were impossible to guard against.

He had purposely spoken up earlier in an attempt to choke everyone through pressure, hoping the Sacred Palace’s reputation and his own fame as the number one ranker on the Chosen List would leave a mark in the other Chosen’s hearts. But someone had secretly spoken up at the critical juncture, wasting his efforts.

From the crowd’s slowly calming hearts, Jiang Taishen knew that his plan had failed.

On the Cangxuan Sect side, Chu Qing rubbed his shiny bald head as he looked at the other Chosen and sighed, “Are you guys really willing to give up on the king jade disc?”

Kong Sheng hugged his mottled sword as he indifferently declared, “Yielding before fighting will only bring shame to my sword.”

Li Qingchan took in a deep breath and said, “The Cangxuan Sect cannot retreat without fighting, even if it is against the Sacred Palace and Jiang Taishen.”

Sharp looks rose in the eyes of the other Chosen. They had previously been a little overwhelmed by Jiang Taishen’s pressure, causing them to be somewhat ashamed upon returning to their senses. If they lacked even the courage to vie with Jiang Taishen here, how would they make the Cangxuan Sect the strongest in Cangxuan Heaven again?

Zhou Yuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the other Chosen’s expressions. It would have been extremely troublesome if the Cangxuan Sect chose not to compete with the Sacred Palace, since he found out the third Saint Rune was hidden in the final jade disc.

Chu Qing’s gaze swept across the group before he sighed at the sky and said, “You guys are great at talking, but wouldn’t I be the one who has to deal with that bastard Jiang Taishen in the end?”

The Cangxuan Sect Chosen smiled, and Li Qingchan softly chuckled. She said, “Senior brother Chu Qing, I’m sure our sect master will be overjoyed if you manage to win Jiang Taishen’s ranking on the Chosen List.”

Chu Qing bitterly scratched his head. “How can it be so easy?”

Though he said so, he still took a step forward. His lazy aura seemed to fade away as he looked straight at Jiang Taishen and sighed. “Jiang Taishen, if your Sacred Palace wishes to monopolize the king jade disc, I’m afraid you’ll have to first ask my Cangxuan Sect whether or not we agree.”


When Chu Qing spoke, every gaze in the area shifted towards him as low whispers began to spread.

“The Cangxuan Sect has stepped forward as expected!”

“Chu Qing is also an extraordinary individual. With Chu Qing stepping up, Jiang Taishen has met a real opponent.”

“Amongst the numerous Chosen in the Shengzhou Continent, the only one who can match Jiang Taishen is Chu Qing.”

“It seems that these two are destined to face each other.”


Jiang Taishen looked towards Chu Qing with an indifferent expression and slowly said, “Chu Qing, are you planning on making things difficult today?”

Chu Qing grinned as he replied, “It’s not like your Sacred Palace’s name is written on these treasures. Why shouldn’t my Cangxuan Sect compete?”

Jiang Taishen stared expressionless at Chu Qing with a penetrating gaze.

However, Chu Qing’s expression did not change under Jiang Taishen’s gaze, and he instead met it with a smile.

As their gazes clashed, faint killing intent began to arise, causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

The sight of this caused the hearts of the many Chosen to shiver. Although the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace had clashed several times after coming to the Mythic Utopia, neither Jiang Taishen nor Chu Qing had shown their true power yet.

They seemed to be constantly holding themselves back, but that was no longer possible now...

The ranked one and two super cultivators were finally going to collide.

Jiang Taishen slowly withdrew his gaze as his eyes lowered slightly. “Chu Qing, since you insist on standing in our way, don’t blame me if this place becomes the grave of all your Cangxuan Sect Chosen.”

These words caused a chill to arise in the hearts of the many Chosen present. Jiang Taishen's killing intent towards the Cangxuan Sect had clearly reached its peak.

Chu Qing’s eyes narrowed slightly as iciness flowed out onto his usually frivolous looking face.

Chu Qing slowly said, “I do want to find out whether you are that capable.”

Jiang Taishen nodded before his hawk-like gaze turned towards another direction. “Is there anyone else who wishes to exchange pointers with my Sacred Palace?”

No one answered this time. Since the Cangxuan Sect had already declared their position, the others were free to watch which of these two titans would have the last laugh. After all, the other groups could always decide their next course of action after these two giants clashed.

Jiang Taishen did not say anything else. His figure descended as he wore an indifferent expression, and he began to make his preparations.

Meanwhile, the other four overlord sects also made their decisions. Since it appeared that only the final three jade discs were likely to contain eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures, they were naturally going to compete.

The Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect selected the second-to-last jade disc, both sides more than happy to clash again due to the many grudges between them.

The Sword Seeker Sect and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall usually took a more neutral stance, but for the sake of the third jade disc that potentially held eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures, they would compete to see who was better.

Since the six overlord sects had temporarily decided on the final three jade discs, the other four became the focus of the numerous factions.

The atmosphere turned explosive for a time as killing intent quietly filled the air.

An incense stick of time later.

The Sacred Palace team was the first to rise into the air, Jiang Taishen leading the way as they shot towards the last jade disc.

Chu Qing took in a deep breath, his lazy aura abruptly changing as battle intent surged from his eyes for the first time. “Follow me Cangxuan Sect Chosen! Let’s show the Sacred Palace what we’re made of!”


He led the way as his figure soared into the air.

Behind him, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan immediately followed.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao exchanged a look before they also followed.

Behind them, Gu Hongyi and the numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples loudly shouted, “We’ll wait here for the Chosen to return victorious!”

They knew that the most intense, fierce and dangerous fight in the Mythic Utopia was finally about to begin.

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