Chapter 641 Third Saint Rune

A majestic ancient mountain stood tall in the deepest part of the Great Mythic Mountain Range. Seven peaks stood at its top, and the dazzling and mysterious jade discs atop them drew every gaze in the area.

The various factions that had arrived breathed heavily as they stared at the seven jade discs, clearly realizing that there were several Divine Establishing Treasures within. In fact, the last three jade discs even had eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures!

This was tremendously shocking to the disciples of the various sects. After all, an eight-color Divine Establishing Treasure should only exist in legend for people like them.

In the entire Cangxuan Heaven, someone who could establish an eight heavens Divine Dwelling would only appear once every hundred years.

And there was now more than one eight-color Divine Establishing Treasure before them. One could already easily imagine how insane this greatest blessing was.

Swish! Swish!

The sound of rushing wind continuously rang out across the area as wave after wave of people arrived.

The Sacred Palace, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the members from the other three overlord sects also appeared. They landed on the many smaller mountains nearest to the biggest ancient mountain.

When they arrived, their burning gazes focused on the seven jade discs like everyone else's.

Even the smile of the usually smiling Jiang Taishen began to recede little by little, the burning desire in his eyes so hot that it seemed to be on the verge of setting the jade discs alight.

Jin Chanji’s vertical golden pupils stared at the jade disc as he slowly said, “I never imagined that eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures would actually exist! Looks like this won’t be a wasted trip.” 

Zhan Taiqing licked her rosy lips with her pink tongue and said, “These seven jade discs are clearly of different grades, and it seems that the one farthest away is the most grand amongst them. If my guess is correct, that final jade disc is the king of the others.”

Jiang Taishan gave a faint nod of agreement. The seven peaks were clearly of different grades, and the jade disc on the tallest and farthest peak had the most concentrated ancient aura. In fact, it made one feel that the disc had come into existence when the Mythic Utopia was born.

Although all seven peaks were amazing treasures, the jade disc on the tallest peak was clearly the best amongst them.

One could already imagine how the treasures inside that king jade disc would surely surpass the other six.

Jiang Taishen’s slender fingers clasped together as he stared at the ancient jade disc on the tallest peak. Moments later, his gaze suddenly shifted to the Cangxuan Sect, and he indifferently said, “Zhou Yuan has repeatedly surpassed our expectations. I’m beginning to understand why our sect master personally gave us that order back then. He will certainly become a threat to our Sacred Palace in the future.”

Losing two Chosen all of a sudden was a substantial blow to the Sacred Palace’s morale.

Jin Chanzi’s expression remained indifferent, his vertical golden pupils filled with endless frost as they locked onto Zhou Yuan’s figure. He had been the one to orchestrate the trap for Yaoyao, and he had originally believed it to be infallible. Who could have expected that Zhou Yuan’s arrival would not only shatter their plans but also cause them to lose two Chosen.

Jin Chanzi calmly said, “Don’t worry. If there’s a chance, I will personally take action.

“I will make him understand how foolish it is to offend the Sacred Palace…”


“After our earlier scouting, we’ve found that only those with a mythic token will be able to enter these jade disc mountains,” said Li Qingchan on the Cangxuan Sect side. They had done some scouting earlier and had realized that there was a strong force field around the jade disc mountains. Only those with mythic tokens could withstand it.

Chu Qing nodded and said, “All of our Chosen are currently in possession of complete mythic tokens. It seems that ordinary disciples will not be able to participate in this final fight.”

This meant that the final competition for the greatest blessing would be a battlefield between the Chosen of the various sects.

“The most important question now is which of the seven jade discs should we vie for?” Kong Sheng slowly stated the most important topic that was on everyone’s minds.

Although all seven jade discs were extraordinary, there were clearly different grades, especially the jade discs on the three tallest mountains that gave off eight-color lights.

In other words, it was likely only those three jade discs contained eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

With all six of the overlord sects present, as the saying went, there were too many monks and too little porridge. A great battle was naturally unavoidable.

Li Qingchan softly said, “The ancient jade disc on the tallest mountain should be the king of these blessings. This is something I believe everyone can see.”

The other Chosen nodded.

Li Qingchan slowly said, “However, the Sacred Palace is definitely determined to win it. If we want to contest, we’ll have to fight Jiang Taishen and the others.”

The eyes of the other Chosen narrowed a little. Although they had previously exchanged blows with the Sacred Palace, all of them knew that the latter had yet to show their full strength.

Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi were ranked first, third and fifth on the Shengzhou Continent Chosen List, each a ferocious individual in their own right.

The trio had yet to display their full power because the blessings that had appeared previously were incapable of moving their hearts. With the appearance of potential eight-color Divine Establishing Treasures, even Jiang Taishan would no longer hold back. As such, the full might of the Sacred Palace’s top-tier fighting force would soon be revealed.

In the face of such power, the Cangxuan Sect Chosen understood that they would not have any advantage despite Zhou Yuan killing two of their Chosen.

Hence, if they too chose the best jade disc, an all-out war would break out between both sides.

Fighting the Sacred Palace was obviously going to be far more challenging than competing with the other four overlord sects, and no one could predict what the final outcome would be. 

As such, this was a problem they now faced...

While the Chosen were silent, Zhou Yuan raised his head and peered at the highest ancient jade disc. He suddenly gasped, his hands trembling slightly as he blinked several times.

Being sharp, Yaoyao immediately sensed this while standing beside him, and she asked in a low voice,  “What is it?”

Zhou Yuan rubbed his eyes. The ancient Saint Rune had unknowingly begun spinning in the depths of his pupils, and the ancient Earth Saint Rune could be faintly seen when he lifted his hand.

He looked towards Yaoyao as his mouth moved, sending words wrapped with Genesis Qi into her ears, “The third Saint Rune…”

Although his expression remained composed, crazy waves were currently rising in his heart. The only explanation for the sudden stirring of the two Saint Runes in his body was that they had sensed the existence of the third Saint Rune.

Zhou Yuan concentrated on the highest jade disc. As he did so, the two Saint Runes in his body trembled even more violently.

The answer was clear. The third Saint Rune was inside that final jade disc!

Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed slightly as she stroked Tuntun’s soft fur. So the third Saint Rune had appeared as expected.

Meanwhile, a dozen figures slowly rose into the sky from the Sacred Palace's side. Jiang Taishen stood in the air with a slight smile on his face, his clothes fluttering about him, his white hair gently dancing in the wind.

However, it was this very relaxed posture that caused countless wary, fearful and respectful gazes to look over. The first ranker on the Shengzhou Continent Chosen List did have his reputation after all.

With his hands behind his back, Jiang Taishen lifted his head and looked towards the tallest peak as he slowly said, “I’m the Sacred Palace’s Jiang Taishen. I hope that the sects here will do me a small favor and not compete with the Sacred Palace for the seventh jade disc.”

His tone was very ordinary, but a heart-palpitating overbearingness slowly pulsed from his words.

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