Chapter 640 Mysterious Jade Disc

The many sects soon detected the Genesis Qi wave originating from the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range. After realizing its origins, a frenzied atmosphere soon enveloped the entire Great Mythic Mountain Range.

The many factions stared at the depths of the mountain range with burning gazes. They knew that the greatest blessing should be the final destination in the Mythic Utopia.

If they could obtain a slice of the greatest blessing, they would surely be able to ascend to the heavens in a single step.


The Cangxuan Sect headquarters.

Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the numerous Chosen were currently gathered. However, their gazes were glued to Zhou Yuan because they had just found out that he had slain two Sacred Palace Chosen.

In the face of such shocking news, even individuals like them were rather overwhelmed, and grave looks filled their eyes as they stared at him.

As for the other disciples like Gu Hongyi and the rest, their eyes were practically glowing, and they were clearly extremely excited. They stared at Zhou Yuan with gazes filled with admiration and respect.

After all, there had been a lot of friction between the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace ever since they had entered the Mythic Utopia, and their side had been the one on the losing end most of the time, causing the numerous disciples to harbour some inner resentment.

In this very moment, Zhou Yuan's astonishing battle accomplishment wiped away all of their built up resentment.

All of them felt a little proud at this moment.

But they still found it somewhat hard to believe that Zhou Yuan was the one to achieve such an astonishing feat. One must know that Zhou Yuan was strictly speaking still a chief disciple from the Saint Genesis Peak.

“Cough…” Chu Qing coughed softly, drawing everyone’s gazes as he smiled and said, “It is fortunate for the Cangxuan Sect that junior brother Zhou Yuan has grown so tremendously after his secluded cultivation.

“However, we should not underestimate the Sacred Palace. Now that the final greatest blessing is about to appear, they will surely go all out and will no longer hold anything back.”

The crowd nodded with serious expressions. Although they loathed the Sacred Palace, they had no choice but to admit that the latter were currently akin to rising suns and were growing ever more powerful. Underestimating such a rising powerhouse would only be akin to courting death.

“We should also prepare to move towards the deepest area of the mountain range and see for ourselves exactly what this greatest blessing is!” Chu Qing raised his eyes and peered towards the depths of the mountain range. Even someone as lazy as him was a little curious about the greatest blessing.

The eyes of the others gradually began to burn with excitement.

The Cangxuan Sect disciples quickly made their preparations before rising into the air. With Chu Qing, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan in the lead, the huge group swiftly flew towards the depths of the mountain range.

At the same time, wave after wave of figures swarmed out from various locations in the Great Mythic Mountain Range and rushed towards the depths of the mountain range.

The entire Great Mythic Mountain Range turned into an extremely bustling place.

The Cangxuan Sect encountered several factions while rushing towards the mountain range’s depths. At the sight of this big group from the Cangxuan Sect, these factions chose to make way, and their numerous curious gazes scanned the Cangxuan Sect disciples before ultimately pausing on Zhou Yuan.

“I heard Zhou Yuan killed two Sacred Palace Chosen!”

“Eh? That’s impossible, right?”

“Heh, the Sacred Palace tried to set a trap for Zhou Xiaoyao. Due to his close relationship with her, Zhou Yuan went on a killing spree, and neither Tie Mo nor Lei Jun, the two Sacred Palace Chosen trapping her, were able to escape.”

“Gasp, that’s way too fierce. He killed both of them even in a one-versus-two fight?!”

“I never expected that besides Chu Qing, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, the Cangxuan Sect would have such a ferocious individual!”



Similar whispers spread amongst the other factions. Even the Chosen from the various sects looked at Zhou Yuan with wary eyes.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan had become famous after this battle.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored their gazes because in his view, killing two mid-ranked Chosen from the Sacred Palace was not remarkable at all.

If he could, he hoped to kill Jin Chanzi instead.

The poison mist in the Spirit Subduing Mountain was said to have originated from Jin Chanzi’s hands, which was a grudge Zhou Yuan intended to repay. In addition, before entering the Great Mythic Mountain Range, Jin Chanzi had tried to catch him off-guard with a sneaky attack. If not for the Dragon Saliva True Water, Jin Chanzi’s plan might have succeeded. Hence, this was another grudge Zhou Yuan was going to resolve.

Zhou Yuan was someone who made certain to remember the debts he owed. Since Jin Chanzi had repeatedly made moves against him, Zhou Yuan was fully resolved to kill him!

While various emotions churned in Zhou Yuan’s heart, he suddenly heard countless gasps of shock around him. The surrounding Cangxuan Sect disciples also cried out in surprise.

This made his heart jump. He knew that the finale was finally here.

He raised his head and saw a majestic ancient mountain silently standing at the deepest part of the mountain range. The Genesis Qi wave that had caused this entire commotion had originated from this very mountain.

Zhou Yuan concentrated on the mountain peak. Although mist covered it, the haze was unable to block his penetrating gaze.

The very top of this ancient mountain was giving off a dazzling glow.

The ancient mountain looked somewhat similar to a giant stone tablet, and seven giant peaks could be seen atop it. Each peak was higher than the previous, giving off majestic and grand auras.

Jade light blossomed from the top of each peak where ancient jade discs silently stood. Torrential jade light flowed off these discs, creating a mysterious sight.

At closer inspection, one would be able to make out glowing spots in the jade discs as if something was growing within them.

Halos of multi-colored light surrounded these glowing spots, the most colorful among them reaching eight different colors.

The Chosen from the various sects immediately gasped at the sight of these eight-colored lights.

Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the others were similarly dumbstruck. It was a long while later before they looked at each other in a somewhat dazed manner and said, “What are inside these jade discs?”

Chu Qing rubbed his shiny bald head as he sighed in amazement. “Haven’t you guys guessed by now…?”

By the side, Zhou Yuan involuntarily licked his lips. His eyes were also glued to the mysterious jade discs, unable to shift his gaze away because he too understood what the eight-colored lights represented...

Within these mysterious jade discs were eight-colored Divine Establishing Treasures that should have only existed in legends!

The greatest blessing of the Great Mythic Mountain Range had not let down their expectations!

The only thing left to find out was how terrible a bloodbath it would take to reach these jade discs.

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