Chapter 64 Master Ying

After returning to his seat beside the bonfire, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel the changes in how everyone looked at him. There was no longer any scrutiny, but instead admiration and surprise.

“It seems that it is true, you did defeat Qi Yue.” Wei Qingqing’s bright eyes glowed with amazement as she stared at Zhou Yuan. She had previously been under the impression that something fishy had been going on during the class ranking exam, but the formidable attack Zhou Yuan showed earlier had stunned even someone like herself.

Only a handful of people under the Qi Nourishing stage would be capable of receiving such a strike.

“I was blind previously. Please accept this toast as an apology.” The straightforward Wei Qingqing raised her winecup towards Zhou Yuan and downed it in a single gulp.

Her motions were confident and contained no traces of deception.

Zhou Yuan smiled as he returned the toast. The tiny bit of sulkiness he had from before due to Wei Qingqing’s tartness has faded away. In fact, he rather admired the latter’s forthcoming attitude.

Beside Wei Qingqing, Wei Ting smirked and said, “Hehe, prince Zhou Yuan does indeed have some skill. However, the extremely dangerous Blackwater is located right next to Canglan County. Defeating an eight channel practitioner is really no reason to feel secure. I’m afraid that your highness will still have to be a little more careful while you’re here.”

Zhou Yuan faintly smiled in response. “There is no need for you to worry too much on my behalf.”

He could tell that Wei Ting was a little smitten with Qi Hao and as the saying went, if you loved someone, you’ll also hate his enemies. Thus, Zhou Yuan could feel that she was pitting herself against him.

However, it did not really matter to him. Wei Ting was only Wei Canglan’s niece, and her status nowhere near as important as Wei Qingqing’s.

Qi Hao’s rigid expression recovered at this moment, a smile emerging on his face once again as he said to Zhou Yuan, “Your highness is pretty good. No wonder my unworthy little brother lost to you.”

Zhou Yuan replied with a slight smile, “It’s mostly thanks to Qi Manor’s Auraflare technique.”

Qi Hao’s face instantly blackened. Even someone as shrewd as himself was barely able to hold back a spew of vulgarities in response to Zhou Yuan’s words.

Yet, he could not refute those words because they were true. Zhou Yuan had used Qi Manor’s Auraflare technique to defeat both Qi Yue and the eight channel man from earlier.

Qi Hao’s eyes were stormy as he said, “Your highness should be careful. Things that belong to Qi Manor are not so easily swallowed!”

“Then I hope that no one else will deliver such treasures to me again.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

Murder flowed in their eyes as they looked at each other.


Suddenly, a soft cough from Wei Qingqing broke the tension as she shot each of them a glance and said in a calm voice, “This is Canglan County. Regardless of how huge of a grudge there is between you two, it is best that neither of you breaks Canglan County’s rules.”

As Wei Canglan’s daughter, how could she not know of the terrible relationship between the royal clan and Qi Manor. But since Wei Canglan chose to be neutral, they naturally would not help either party.

Qi Hao’s smile became gentle as his gaze shifted towards Wei Qingqing, before he approached her and said, “Qingqing, I will bring someone to pay a visit to great general tomorrow.”

Wei Qingqing frowned. “My father is not in a good mood recently. I hope that you will not disturb him.”

She knew that Qi Hao’s goal was to draw great general Wei to Qi Manor’s side.

By Wei Qingqing’s side, Wei Ting hurriedly smiled as she interjected, “Ai yah Qingqing, don’t say such things. I heard Qi Hao tried very hard to find a master highly proficient in Genesis Runes. This master is especially proficient in expelling poisons and Qi Hao likely hopes to help little Bin this time.”

Wei Qingqing was taken aback. Her expression was now a little warmer when she looked at Qi Hao. The biggest concern of the Wei family was to expel the poison in her little brother. After all, he was the only son of the entire Wei family.

Her little brother’s worsening condition was the reason for her father’s troubled self.

Wei Qingqing asked in a rather nervous manner, “A master proficient in expelling poisons? Will it work?”

The Dao of Genesis Runes was both broad and deep. Hence, some support base Genesis Runes existed which were capable of expelling poisons.

Qi Hao replied, “This master is proficient in grade 3 Genesis Runes.”

“Grade 3 Genesis Runes.” Wei Qingqing’s pretty eyes brightened. Such talent was extremely rare even in the entire Great Zhou Empire. Looks like Qi Hao had indeed invested a great deal of time and effort.

“Then I’ll have to thank you.” Wei Qingqing nodded as a smile emerged on her face.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s only natural that I do so. As his big bro, seeing little Bin’s state makes my heart ache.” Qi Hao smiled, continuously trying to better the relationship between them through his words.

Zhou Yuan frowned as he observed from the side with the cool eyes of a bystander. It seems that Qi Manor was becoming more and more aggressive, even investing a lot of thought into this issue and inviting a Genesis Rune expert over.  If they managed to cure Wei Bin, the Wei family would owe them a huge debt of gratitude. When that happened, even someone like Wei Canglan would likely be shaken no matter how firm on neutrality he currently seemed.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan’s most important mission this time was to ensure Wei Canglan did not side with Qi Manor.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered with thought, before he lifted his head and smiled at Wei Qingqing. “It just so happens that we also intend to pay great general Wei a visit tomorrow.”

Wei Qingqing responded with a nod, before once againing turned towards Qi Hao and began bombarding him with questions regarding the background of the Genesis Rune expert. It was clear that this was very important to her.

Qi Hao wore a slight smile of his face, a pleased look flitting across his eyes as he shot a glance at Zhou Yuan.


As the sky grew darker, the welcome party came to an end.

A contemplative look decorated Zhou Yuan’s face as he and his group returned to their allocated lodgings. Beside him, Lu Tieshan’s expression was rather grim. After a quick scan of their surroundings, he said in a low voice, “Your highness, if Qi Hao really manages to cure Wei Bin, our situation here will become rather problematic.”

Receiving such a huge favor would likely make Wei Canglan lean towards Qi Manor. After all, Wei Bin was the only son of the Wei family and only he could carry on their bloodline.

Zhou Yuan gravely nodded.

Soon after, he looked towards Yaoyao and asked, “Big sis Yaoyao, will you accompany me tomorrow?”

Yaoyao slightly rotated her head, casting a glance at Zhou Yuan. Even under the night sky, her gorgeous face gave off a faint jade glow. “When the time comes, I will help you take a look.”

After speaking, entered her tent with Tuntun in her arms.

Zhou Yuan could only worriedly scratch his head in response to her curt answer.


The next day.

Zhou Yuan, Lu Tieshan, Yaoyao and Su Youwei saw the waiting Wei Qingqing, Qi Hao and the rest when they arrived at the east gate of the barracks.

However, there was now one more person at Qi Hao’s side, a grizzled hair old man. This elder had a pair of sunken eyes which appeared rather cold and stern. His expression was indifferent, making him appear rather arrogant.

Before this elder, even Wei Qingqing was wearing a slight smile on her face.

“Your highness, are all of you ready?” Upon seeing that Zhou Yuan and his group of four had arrived, Wei Qingqing smiled before pointing at the elder beside her and said, “This is master Ying, the Genesis Rune master Qi Hao invited to help expel the poison in my little brother.”

After hearing Wei Qingqing’s introduction, master Ying swept an indifferent glance at Zhou Yuan and gave a slight nod, his expression still filled with arrogance.

The strength of a master that could draw grade 3 Genesis Runes was comparable to a Heaven Gate stage practitioner. However, such masters were very rare in the Great Zhou Empire.

“A mere grade 3 Genesis Rune and he dares to call himself a master. The one beside me hasn’t even said anything.” Zhou Yuan mumbled in his heart as he nodded at master Ying.

“Let’s go.”

Wei Qingqing did not waste any more time, evidently rather anxious. With a wave of her hand, her steed shot forward, galloping straight towards Canglan County city.

Qi Hao pulled the reins of his horse, coming to Zhou Yuan’s side with a playful smile as he said in a low voice, “Your highness, I’m afraid that Canglan County will no longer welcome you after today. I suggest that you scram back to Great Zhou City as soon as possible.”

With a loud laugh, he kicked his horse and the fiery-red steed also shot forward.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned frosty as he watched Qi Hao’s leaving figure. Without further ado, Zhou Yuan also waved his hand, bringing the group along as they swiftly caught up.

He was still somewhat doubtful. Why did a master proficient in grade 3 Genesis Runes have such confidence in dealing with the Black Venom King’s poison? A poison that even an Alpha-Origin stage practitioner would be greatly wary of.

He really wanted to see just what kind of tricks Qi Hao was going to pull today!

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