Chapter 639 Blessing Appears

The Zuoqiu Qingyu trio were shocked to see how dispirited Zhou Yuan looked when he and Yaoyao walked out from the Spirit Subduing Mountain. It was a completely different appearance than the unstoppable ferocity he had displayed earlier.

“Were you poisoned by the poison gas inside?” asked Ning Zhan in surprise.

Zhou Yuan sneaked a glance at Yaoyao and saw her calm-as-a-lake expression. He immediately gave an awkward laugh and said, “Nope, taking on the two of them earlier probably took much more out of me than I had expected.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others did not doubt his answer. After all, killing two Sacred Palace Chosen would indeed be very exhausting.

“Yaoyao, I’m glad that you’re alright.” Zuoqiu Qingyu walked forward and grabbed Yaoyao’s hands with a look of relief on her face.

Yaoyao also grasped Zuoqiu Qingyu's hands as a seemingly gentle smile appeared on her gorgeous face. She knew that Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others had come all the way here for her, and she was a little touched by their gesture.

After all, she clearly understood that the trio had taken a substantial risk to do so.

“Though the main mastermind is the Sacred Palace, the Heavenly Ghost Sect should likely have had a part in this as well, given their extremely close proximity. What’s more, the information that Yaoyao had been trapped was secretly transmitted to us from the Heavenly Ghost Sect side,” Li Chunjun said. His eyes, which were wrapped in a black cloth, were looking towards Zhou Yuan. “You should have already guessed who gave us this information.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. The informant was most likely Zhen Xu. Due to the Heavenly Ghost Sect’s participation, it was impossible for him to openly reveal himself. His current position in the sect was after all not very high, and he therefore did not have a say in such matters.

Hence, giving them this information as a Heavenly Ghost Sect disciple was already his limit.

As such, Zhou Yuan was also grateful to Zhen Xu.

These companions that had left the Cangmang Continent together with him had not disappointed Zhou Yuan.

“The Sacred Palace only managed to find an opportunity to set up Yaoyao because of me,” said Zhou Yuan. He knew that Yaoyao had only appeared here because she was helping him search for Divine Establishing Treasures to repay his debt. It made him feel somewhat ashamed.

“You’d better pay more attention in the future. I won’t let you off if something happens to Yaoyao,” threatened Zuoqiu Qingyu as she waved her little fist at him.

Zhou Yuan forced a smile and nodded.


While they were conversing, an earth-shaking roar suddenly sounded from far away, and then a ray of light streaked through the sky. It ultimately transformed into a mysterious and ferocious beast and arrived in the air above them in an aggressive and menacing manner.

The terrible creature was covered in golden scale armor, and Genesis Qi was surging under its feet. A mysterious black light flowed in its mouth. It was Tuntun.

Tuntun’s eyes were filled with violent murder, but it soon discovered Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao and the others on the hill, and happiness erupted from its eyes.


Its giant body rapidly shrank as it descended.

It landed on Zhou Yuan’s head, barking at Yaoyao as its paws messily threaded all over his head.

Yaoyao could sense the worry in Tuntun’s bark. Moreover, there were obvious signs that it had gone through a tough battle. Tuntun had evidently clashed with the Sacred Palace Chosen after hearing about Yaoyao’s predicament and had ultimately managed to rush here after giving its opponents the slip.

She smiled faintly as she reached out and plucked Tuntun off Zhou Yuan’s head. She gently stroked its soft golden fur and said, “Don’t worry, everything is okay now.”

Another four rays of light descended from the sky shortly after Tuntun’s arrival and landed on the hill. Kong Sheng was leading the group of four, and Zhao Zhu’s figure could be seen amongst them.

“Where are the Sacred Palace Chosen?” questioned Kong Sheng as he frowned and looked towards Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao. Although there were some disagreements between the Sword Cometh Peak and Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, it was only limited to while they were inside the sect. Kong Sheng understood what was important in the Mythic Utopia, and so he had thus rushed over as soon as he could upon receiving Li Qingchan’s message.

“There should be two Chosen here, Lei Jun and Tie Mo. Neither is weak, and both are ranked in the middle amongst the Sacred Palace Chosen.”

Zhao Zhu shot a glance at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “You are too reckless. I can’t believe you dared to come here alone without any support from the other Chosen. How would you explain yourself if things went wrong?”

Zhou Yuan curled his lips. Although he was a little grateful to them for rushing here, the way Zhao Zhu talked was quite dislikable at times.

“Zhou Yuan has killed both Lei Jun and Tie Mo,” Zuoqiu Qingyu spoke up from the side.

Her words immediately stunned Zhao Zhu and the rest, but the group soon burst into laughter. They said, “What nonsense are you spouting. That’s two Chosen, won’t they be able to run even if they weren’t his match?”

Let alone the numbers advantage, killing a single Chosen was far more difficult than defeating one!

Even Kong Shen frowned, clearly feeling that Zuoqiu Qingyu’s words were too unrealistic. Even amongst the ten great Cangxuan Sect Chosen, the only ones who could kill Tie Mo and Lei Jun were the few individuals in the upper ranks.

Zuoqiu Qingyu shrugged, though such actions only made her appear extremely seductive. She pointed towards a collapsed cliff wall in the distance and said, “His body is still stuck there.”

Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and the rest immediately followed her finger. They could not help but gasp upon seeing the corpse still embedded in the cliff.

Even Kong Sheng’s face violently twitched for a moment.

“Zhou Yuan had smashed Lei Jun to pulp, and now not even his body remains,” Ning Zhan chipped in.

Kong Sheng’s group went silent, only returning to their senses after quite some time. For the very first time, there was a trace of graveness in his eyes when he looked towards Zhou Yuan. If Zhou Yuan had really done as they had said, it would mean that he was quickly catching up to the top-tier Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.

Zhao Zhu was stupefied for a very long time as a complicated expression arose on his face.

He had used his Chosen status to bully Zhou Yuan in the past, but after today, he understood that his actions were practically a joke. He would at best be able to match the likes of Lei Jun and Tie Mo, but Zhou Yuan had killed both of them. In other words, Zhou Yuan had already surpassed him.

Kong Sheng looked deeply at Zhou Yuan and said, “It’s good that nothing went wrong.”

“I’ve troubled everyone.” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together. Although they had not helped in the end, he accepted their gesture of rushing here to lend their support.

“Let’s prepare to leave. This location is too close to the Heavenly Ghost Sect, and we should not linger for too long since they appear to be working with the Sacred Palace,” said Kong Sheng.

The others nodded in agreement.


Just as they were about to leave, however, the surrounding Genesis Qi suddenly seemed to begin boiling. Giant torrential waves erupted from the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range, forming an enormous Genesis Qi wave in the sky.

The wave spread at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, creating thunderous dins as it clashed against the air.

This sudden turn of events caused everyone’s expressions to change. This Genesis Qi wave made even the hearts of individuals like them beat faster.

“What’s going on?” asked Zhao Zhu in alarm.

Yaoyao stared at the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range as amazement emerged on her face. She slowly said, “The super boundary in the Great Mythic Mountain Range has broken, and the greatest blessing hidden within its finally about to emerge.”

Her words made even Kong Sheng’s pupils shrink.

Unconcealable excitement exploded in the eyes of Zhao Zhu and the others. Wasn’t all their hard work till now for the sake of the greatest blessing?

Was the long-awaited greatest blessing finally about to appear?!

Zhou Yuan licked his lips. He raised his head and stared at the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range. He took in a deep breath.

He knew that the appearance of the greatest blessing marked the start of the most exciting segment to this Mythic Utopia saga...

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