Chapter 638 Extremely Daring

In the sky, Zhou Yuan’s surging Genesis Qi receded as he crushed the copper mirror. He then turned and nodded towards the hill where Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others were.

However, this was clearly not the time for catching up. Hence, he quickly shifted his gaze towards the Spirit Subduing Mountain. It was filled with poison mist, and a look of worry flitted across his eyes. He did not dare to tarry a moment longer, his figure transforming into a streak of light flying towards the mountain.

He needed to find Yaoyao as soon as possible!

When he landed, he immediately felt a tremendous suppression force envelop the Spirit between his brows. It was clearly due to the Spirit Subduing Rocks within the mountain.

This caused Zhou Yuan’s heart to sink because it meant that this place did have a suppressive effect on the Spirit.

However, although his Spirit was suppressed, the Genesis Qi in his body remained vigorous and lively. His figure swiftly flew past, hovering just above the mountain as Genesis Qi pulsed around him to block the dark green poison.


The poison clashed with his Genesis Qi, creating a sizzling noise. Its overbearingness caused Zhou Yuan’s eyes to shiver a little.


Wrapped in Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan’s shout thundered within the mountain.

But there was no response.

This made the worry in Zhou Yuan’s heart intensify and grow stronger. If something happened to Yaoyao...the mere thought caused bloody veins to climb up into his eyes.

If anything happened, exterminating every single Sacred Palace disciple would not be able to wipe away even a fraction of the pain and regret he would feel.

His figure frantically darted about in the Spirit Subduing Mountain. After several minutes, he finally reached the empty deeper area where only the dark green poison fog could be found.

The color in Zhou Yuan’s eyes faded, his footsteps heavy as he stumbled forward. In the end, he powerlessly fell to his knees, his five fingers clawing the ground as an indescribable feeling frantically battered his heart. It felt as if his heart was being torn open from the inside.

“Yaoyao...Yaoyao…” He mumbled, the Genesis Qi in his body on the verge of going crazy.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

While Zhou Yuan’s eyes were growing increasingly red, a clear, puzzled voice suddenly sounded in the empty and spacious mountain.

Zhou Yuan’s body turned rigid, and he slowly turned around to find a familiar figure burrowing out from the ground nearby. She patted off the dirt on her body as her clear, vacant eyes looked straight at Zhou Yuan.

Who else could it be but Yaoyao?

“Yaoyao?! You?” Zhou Yuan blankly stared at her.

Why had Yaoyao appeared from the ground?

A faint smile rose on Yaoyao’s gorgeous face as she looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “You can’t have thought that this Spirit Subduing Mountain would really be able to subdue me, right? I was originally going to finish off those two fellows, but I had suddenly detected a hidden seven-color treasure location in this place and thus ended up neglecting them.”

She lifted her hand, revealing a ball of seven-color light as her red lips curled slightly. “See? I’ve obtained another seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure. That silly debt of yours is nearly repaid now.”

She smiled, seemingly a little pleased with her work.


A figure suddenly dashed over, slightly alarming Yaoyao. She immediately raised her hand as Spirit power gathered between her brows. But she paused and halted her Spirit power when she felt the familiar presence.

Zhou Yuan's body crashed into her, and he reached up, tightly hugging her slender figure. His arms were akin to an iron hoop as he forcefully hugged her.

The scent filling her senses caused momentary panic to appear on her usually indifferent face. She tried to push him away, but she forgot that without Spirit power, her feeble strength was of no use against Zhou Yuan.

“’s great that you’re fine.” Zhou Yuan greedily breathed in the womanly fragrance of the beauty in his embrace as he continuously repeated these few words. He was unable to imagine how great of a blow it would be if something had happened to Yaoyao.

She stopped struggling against Zhou Yuan’s chest, and she gently bit her lips. This was the first time she had heard such a panicked and desperate tone from him. He had never sounded so filled with panic and despair even when he had been incapable of finding his eight meridian channels back then, but she could clearly feel the fear that was currently within him.

Such feelings evidently originated from her.

This caused ripples to appear in Yaoyao’s usually indifferent heart. It was a soft and gentle feeling that touched the deepest part of her soul and caused her fair-as-jade face to blush a little.

In that very moment, even time itself had its breath taken away.

Yaoyao’s hand reached past Zhou Yuan’s arms and gently patted his back, a never before heard tenderness in her voice. “It’s okay, I’m fine.” 

The sound of her voice finally allowed the panic in Zhou Yuan’s heart to slowly fade away. He breathed a heavy sigh of relief as if a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders before suddenly feeling the warm and wonderful curves in his arms, causing him to hug a little tighter.

“Yaoyao’s figure is really great,” the thought flashed in his head.

This was strictly speaking the first time he had held her in his embrace.

Zhou Yuan lowered his head slightly and found Yaoyao’s slender, fair neck and her cute little earlobe. Consequently, he lowered his head even farther and gently bit that exquisite little earlobe. 

Zhou Yuan felt the body in his arms suddenly turn rigid.

He was abruptly shocked back to his senses with a violent quiver, and he hurriedly released Yaoyao. Her face had turned beet-red, but her eyes were staring at him with endless frost containing a sliver of embarrassment and anger.

Zhou Yuan hastily braced himself and said, “Yaoyao, you have to believe me, I didn’t know what I was doing.” 

Yaoyao’s eyes lowered slightly as she indistinctly said, “Zhou Yuan, you truly are...extremely daring!”

She clenched her hand as a whip made from condensed Spirit power appeared.

Zhou Yuan’s scalp instantly turned numb. “Yaoyao, please let me explain!”


The Spirit whip suddenly lashed out, rippling the air as it viciously swung towards Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan howled miserably when the whip struck his body, and he hugged his head and fled.

Pa! Pa!


Outside the Spirit Subduing Mountain, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan looked at each other, their eyes filled with confusion.

Was there another Sacred Palace Chosen in the Spirit Subduing Mountain?

To think that such miserable shrieks could be beaten out of Zhou Yuan!

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