Chapter 637 Death in a Single Punch

Zhou Yuan stood in the sky while a mysterious glowing silhouette covered his body. Two glowing wings grew out from the silhouette’s back and slowly flapped.

Each flap of the wings caused a small whirlwind to arise.

A powerful and mysterious undulation slowly pulsed.

“How is this possible…” Lei Jun dazedly stared at this scene, clearly unable to understand how his strongest blow had failed to do any damage to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan expressionlessly stared at Lei Jun as the glowing wings gently flapped behind him. The mysterious silhouette was naturally the Omega Saint Spirit Art. But it was now in its complete form.

By borrowing the pressure from Tuntun’s blood, Zhou Yuan had finally succeeded in fusing the final nine core beast spirits into the Saint Spirit Seed a few days ago. In other words, his Omega Saint Spirit Art had finally been completed.

The surrounding Genesis Qi endlessly gushed towards him as it was quickly swallowed by the Saint Spirit silhouette and fed back into Zhou Yuan, allowing him to swiftly recover his Genesis Qi.

In its complete state, the Omega Saint Spirit Art was undoubtedly much stronger than before.


Lei Jun could already sense the strong smell of death from Zhou Yuan’s body. Hence, he immediately shot backwards in retreat the moment he came back to his senses, clearly intending to flee.

There was no longer any fight within him.

Zhou Yuan gazed at the pathetic figure of the fleeing Lei Jun with indifference. His five fingers slowly clenched into a fist, the chilling killing intent in his eyes seemingly freezing the surrounding air.

Plotting against Yaoyao and trapping her in a dangerous situation had fully touched Zhou Yuan’s reverse scale. As such, the murderous intent he felt towards the Chosen of the Sacred Palace had reached its peak at this very moment.

These two must die here!

Not a single one shall escape!


The Saint Spirit silhouette’s wings suddenly shook as Zhou Yuan’s figure disappeared from the spot. Such speed had already gone beyond the realms of one’s imagination.

A few breaths had barely passed after Zhou Yuan disappeared when Lei Jun, utterly terrified, saw the space above him begin to distort as a figure began emerging.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was ice-cold as he threw out a tightly clenched fist.

Dazzling light emerged from all thirty-nine thousand Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling. Golden Genesis Qi rushed through his body like golden liquid, flowing through his channels and ultimately flooding out from his fist.

At the same time, the drop of golden blood in his heart emitted a resplendent glow, and countless golden threads reached out, connecting flesh and blood as boundless power poured out.

This punch was the cumulation of thirty-nine thousand Genesis Qi stars and his golden blood stage power!

Moreover, the Saint Spirit silhouette was also amplifying it.

Faint cracks began to emerge in the surroundings before the punch landed, a phenomenon caused by a great power rippling the fabric of space.

Boundless force rushed out like a tsunami as horror flooded Lei Jun’s face. He had clearly sensed the might of Zhou Yuan’s punch.

Lei Jun shrieked in terror, “Mercy! I was only following orders!”

The punch was death itself, causing Lei Jun to lose all semblance of dignity.

But Zhou Yuan’s expression remained ice-cold. Gales roared as the punch finally arrived and slammed into the layers of defensive Genesis Qi around Lei Jun’s body, rippling the surrounding space.


Numerous Genesis Qi defenses disintegrated in a matter of seconds.


Zhou Yuan’s fist of annihilation struck Lei Jun’s body as destructive power instantly burst out like an erupting volcano.

The surrounding space rippled violently, accompanied by a blood-curdling shriek.


Lei Jun’s body was instantly pulverized, turning into a bloody mist.

Zhou Yuan’s full-power punch had reached an unexpectedly terrifying extreme!

On a hill below, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others stared in a daze at the drifting bloody mist in the sky, unable to speak for a long time. The scene’s impact was just far too great.

They never imagined that Zhou Yuan would pulverize a Chosen into a bloody mist...

Come on, that was a Chosen of the Sacred Palace!

It was hard to imagine how big of a commotion it would cause once news of it spread.

In the sky, Zhou Yuan stared at the drifting bloody mist with an ice-cold expression. He soon blew away the mist with a wave of his sleeve and grabbed the glittering six-color object within.

It was a six-color Divine Establishing Treasure.

Although Lei Jun had been blasted into nothingness, the Divine Establishing Treasure in his Qi Dwelling had survived.

Zhou Yuan kept the Divine Establishing Treasure before casting his gaze towards a certain crumbling mountain in the distance where Tie Mo’s corpse was slowly turning cold. Zhou Yuan extended a hand, and a suction force suddenly emerged.

Another dazzling six-color object rose from Tie Mo’s corpse and landed in Zhou Yuan’s hand.

Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s six-color Divine Establishing Treasures contained extremely pure Genesis Qi undulations. It seemed as if several Divine Establishing Treasures had already been fused into them, putting them on track to becoming a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure.

It was obvious that Lei Jun and Tie Mo had spared no effort for their Divine Establishing Treasures. Unfortunately for them, however, everything had only ended up benefiting Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan kept this six-color Divine Establishing Treasure as well before his gaze suddenly looked towards a certain hill. A stream of Genesis Qi was sent out with a wave of his sleeve, sweeping up the faintly glowing object there.

The glowing object flew towards him and landed in Zhou Yuan’s hand. It was a copper mirror.

“An image capturing copper mirror?” Zhou Yuan’s ice-cold eyes glanced at the Sacred Palace mark on the mirror, and he immediately concluded that it had been set up by Lei Jun and Tie Mo. This copper mirror had likely transmitted everything that had happened here.

As such, Zhou Yuan raised the copper mirror and placed it in front of his face. Murder gushed in his eyes as he icily said, “Have you seen enough? There are now two vacant spots amongst the Sacred Palace Chosen.”

He let his voice echo for a brief moment before he crushed the mirror with his hand.


The image outside the Cangxuan Sect headquarters dissipated. Seated on a branch, Zhan Taiqing’s originally smiling face turned rather stormy.

Her scarlet irises were filled with a sinister chillingness.

She had clearly not expected things to turn out like think that two Sacred Palace Chosens had actually been slain by Zhou Yuan...

This was an outcome that she was somewhat unable to accept.

In contrast to Zhan Taiqing’s stormy expression, Li Qingchan’s mouth hung agape. It was a long while later before she slowly returned to her senses as shock began to fill her eyes.

How could she have anticipated an outcome that even Zhan Taiqing had not expected?

One must know that it had taken Zhou Yuan everything to defeat Chai Ying a few days ago. But now he had killed two Chosen who were stronger than Chai Ying in succession. Just how much had he grown?

This battle accomplishment alone would put Zhou Yuan amongst the top four of the ten Cangxuan Sect Chosen!

A complicated expression rose in Li Qingchan’s eyes. No one had expected that Zhou Yuan was unknowingly approaching their level...

Li Qingchan took in a deep breath, suppressing the churning emotions in her heart, before looking towards Zhan Taiqing. She said in a pleased manner, “Zhan Taiqing, you guys have really crushed your own feet with a rock this time.”

The deaths of two Chosen were definitely a substantial blow to the Sacred Palace. But the Sacred Palace only had themselves to thank for such an outcome. If they had not tried to set up Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan’s killing intent would not have been so intense.

The smile on Zhan Taiqing’s face had faded long ago. She stared at the spot where the image had faded with piercingly icy eyes before withdrawing her gaze. She said in a cold voice, “Not bad. To think that he’s managed to repeatedly inconvenience my Sacred Palace…

“Li Qingchan, tell him to be a little more careful. If he lands in my hands, I will drain all the blood from his body and make him suffer till he begs for death…”

Li Qingchan smiled faintly. “It’s okay for me to hear these words, but I’m afraid you won’t be so lucky if they land in Yaoyao’s ears.”

“Oh? You mean that Zhou Xiaoyao?”

Zhan Taiqing raised her brows and sneered, “Is anyone in your Cangxuan Sect worthy of my attention besides Chu Qing? If Zhou Xiaoyao manages to survive, feel free to let her seek me out. You can watch how I’ll dismantle her.”

Li Qingchan slowly said, “I believe that you’ll regret it.”

Zhan Taiqing’s red lips curled in disdain, and her figure disappeared in a flash of red light, leaving a message behind: “Is that so? I’ll be waiting.”

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