Chapter 636 Nine Underworlds Lightning Art


Lei Jun’s figure hurriedly retreated in the sky, leaving numerous after-images behind as he pushed his speed to the limit. His face was currently filled with terror.

He had evidently been scared witless by the scene of Zhou Yuan killing Tie Mo.

Even though Lei Jun understood that Zhou Yuan had made use of the moment of weakness created when Tie Mo’s Genesis Qi was shaken up and rippling wildly, it was still enough to prove that they had underestimated Zhou Yuan.

They had previously believed that Zhou Yuan had only been able to defeat Chai Ying through the fusion of his Genesis Qi, physical power and Spirit. After that brief exchange earlier, however, they now understood that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations were no weaker than their own.

His only shortfall was now gone.

If it were one on one, even Lei Jun felt that he had no chance. Hence, he had decisively chosen to retreat.


However, a thunderous noise suddenly rumbled behind him. Sonic booms were heard in quick succession, accompanied by berserk Genesis Qi undulations.

Lei Jun cast a quick glance back from the corner of his eye, only for his expression to change. Zhou Yuan was propelling towards him on golden Genesis Qi. From his murderous and blood-thirsty appearance, there was obviously no way he was going to let Lei Jun escape.

“Where are you going?!” Zhou Yuan’s voice dripped with killing intent. With a jerk of his sleeve, golden Genesis Qi swirled around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as it shot forth, its pitch-black tip peerlessly sharp and unstoppable.

Lei Jun’s expression shivered at the sight of the Heavenly Yuan Brush. He had personally witnessed the brush easily piercing through Tie Mo’s Genesis Qi defenses earlier. This weapon appeared to be lethally effective against Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan’s Heaven Genesis Weapon was definitely no ordinary artifact.

Hence, Lei Jun did not dare to be careless. With a stern shout, lightning light suddenly burst out from the top of his head, turning into a lightning sword.

The lightning sword immediately began to draw in the surrounding Genesis Qi as lightning cackled around it. It was also a low-grade Heaven Genesis Weapon.


The lightning sword shot forth and collided with the Heavenly Yuan Brush. With each clash deafening noises erupted.

Though the lightning sword was being suppressed by the brush from start to end, it ultimately succeeded in stopping the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

However, Lei Jun’s fleeing figure also came to a stop, his expression changing indeterminately as he looked towards the front. Zhou Yuan’s figure had appeared in front of Lei Jun, golden light glittering around him as he expressionlessly stared at Lei Jun.

Lei Jun gritted his teeth and yelled, “Zhou Yuan! Don’t go overboard! You’ve already killed a Chosen of my Sacred Palace, and if you push things too far, my Sacred Palace will not let you off!” 


Zhou Yuan, however, had no intention of conversing. Genesis Qi exploded from his body as his figure shot forth. A palm thrust forward as a torrent of boundless golden Genesis Qi rushed towards Lei Jun with mountain-toppling power.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan attack without saying a single word, Lei Jun released a battle cry. Flashing lightning-like Genesis Qi roared and smashed against the torrent of golden Genesis Qi.

Boom boom boom!

There appeared to be no end to the rumbling explosions.

However, Lei Jun’s pupils soon shrank a little. He had seen his flickering lightning-like Genesis Qi continuously crumbling under the surging might of Zhou Yuan’s golden Genesis Qi.


The golden Genesis Qi finally arrived, heavily slamming into Lei Jun’s body. His figure was sent hurtling through the air, and blood appeared from the corner of his mouth.

“How can this be?!” Lei Jun could not help but roar in surprise. Although Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations had grown tremendously and reached the level of thirty-nine thousand, one must know that Lei Jun’s own Genesis Qi foundations were at the forty-five thousand level!

As such, Lei Jun was somewhat unable to comprehend how he had been crushed in a clash of Genesis Qi.

One had to know that Zhou Yuan was currently utilizing only his Genesis Qi and had yet to even tap into his physical power. How the hell was Lei Jun going to stop him if he were to use both?!


These thoughts had barely surfaced in Lei Jun’s head when a shadow appeared in front of him like a phantom. Zhou Yuan’s five fingers clenched into a fist, a jade glow emerging from his body as silver light blossomed in his bones.


His expression was coldly indifferent as he punched.

Golden Genesis Qi spouted out, accompanied by an explosion of raw physical power.

Even space itself seemed to distort a little under the punch, clearly showing how terrifying it was.

Lei Jun’s expression changed drastically as all the Genesis Qi in his body poured out without reservation, creating bolt after bolt of lightning that blasted towards the punch.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, every single lightning bolt shattered as the punch slammed through the air. Some of the resultant force struck Lei Jun’s body, blasting him away and causing him to spit out multiple mouthfuls of blood.


Two glowing figures tangoed in the sky. But everyone could clearly see that Lei Jun was being one-sidedly pummelled. The sight of him vomiting mouthful after mouthful of blood was pitiful to the extreme.

After all, Zhou Yuan was currently vastly different from a few days prior.

The mouths of Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others could not help but repeatedly open and close. It was a long while later before they finally sucked in a long breath of cool air and said, “He’s way too barbaric!”

Was he intending to punch Lei Jun to death?


Bruised and bloodied in the sky, Lei Jun suddenly roared as he quickly created some distance between them. His hands swiftly formed a seal, and he shouted, “Nine Underworlds Lightning Art!”


The surrounding Genesis Qi abruptly began to boil as dark clouds rapidly gathered in the sky. A black thunderbolt a hundred feet wide ripped through the clouds and headed straight for Zhou Yuan.

That black thunderbolt was filled with the power of destruction.

“Zhou Yuan, this is the strongest technique of my Lightning Sacred Hall. Die!” roared Lei Jun. He had endured everything previously to prepare his strongest technique!

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, his eyes narrowing slightly as he gazed at the black thunderbolt, feeling the power contained within it. His figure immediately moved, leaving numerous after-images behind as he hurriedly retreated.

However, the black thunderbolt seemed to have a mind of its own and closely followed him like an inseparable shadow.

“Haha, Zhou Yuan. You can’t escape.” Lei Jun laughed heartily.

He was currently filled with elation.

Zhou Yuan’s figure stopped, gazing at the rapidly approaching black thunderbolt with a calm face as he said, “Since I can’t run, I’ll take it head on.”

His hands slowly spread outwards as he closed his eyes.

“Stop trying to put up an act,” said Lei Jun through gnashed teeth.


The black thunderbolt seemed to roar like a giant python, ultimately bombarding Zhou Yuan’s body with unequaled ferocity under Lei Jun’s sinister gaze. A loud noise immediately rang out across the area, distorting even space itself as lightning devastated the surroundings.

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s, Li Chunjun’s and Ning Zhan’s expressions changed slightly. Lei Jun’s counter-attack was likewise scalp-numbing. Was Zhou Yuan really able to survive such a frontal clash with that devastating attack?

A lightning glow filled the area, Lei Jun’s sinister laughter the only sound to be heard.

The gazes of Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others were tightly glued to the slowly dissipating lightning light.

As the lightning light faded, a figure was revealed standing in the air with an expressionless face.

Lei Jun’s sinister laughter came to an abrupt stop.

The expression on his face slowly turned rigid as he stared in despair to his front. Zhou Yuan was standing in the air while a mysterious glowing silhouette enveloped his body. Glowing wings reached out from the silhouette’s back as they slowly unfurled.

An indescribable undulation pulsed from the mysterious glowing silhouette.

Zhou Yuan was completely unharmed inside it.

“How is this possible…,” mumbled Lei Jun.

Zhou Yuan’s slightly shut eyes slowly opened. He stared at the deathly pale Lei Jun and said in an indifferent voice, “Is the strongest technique of your Lightning Sacred Palace used for fishing?”

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