Chapter 635 Ferocious Might

High up in the sky.

Zhou Yuan stood in the air, his left and right hands stretched out on both sides while Lei Jun and Tie Mo were still stuck in their punching postures. Their fists were seemingly glued to Zhou Yuan’s palms.

If not for the roaring berserk Genesis Qi around the trio that was rippling even space itself, a passerby would have mistaken them as good friends shaking hands.

Below, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan watched this scene in astonishment, especially shocked by the twinkling golden stars behind him.

The number of stars had reached thirty-nine thousand!

“He...he had a cultivation breakthrough!” mumbled Zuoqiu Qingyu. She clearly remembered that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation had been far weaker than this in his fight against Chai Ying.

Back then, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi stars totalled to slightly over ten thousand at most, but that number had now grown by over three times!

The only conclusion was that his strength had surpassed its limits over the past few days.

Zhou Yuan should currently be at the eighth layer Alpha-Origin stage; however, his eighth layer Genesis Qi foundations were scalp-numbingly unreasonable. Thirty-nine thousand Genesis Qi stars was an amount that even some of the Chosen from the various sects did not reach.

“No wonder he dared to come alone.” Ning Zhan sighed and said, “He truly is a monster.”

He rubbed the black serpent tattoo on his arm as he continued, “I won’t be able to beat him even if I unseal this black serpent out of desperation.”

Li Chunjun nodded in agreement as his raspy voice sounded, “The mouthful of sword qi I have is also unable to deal with him currently...he is indeed much further ahead of us. Looks like my cultivation is still insufficient. I’ll need to intensify my training after returning to the sect.”

His tone was filled with conviction, clearly displaying that these words were not just for show.

However, the expressions of any of the Sword Seeker Sect disciples would likely change if they were here to hear these words, because everyone in their Sword Seeker Sect knew how crazy Li Chunjun’s training was. It had already gone far beyond the bearable limits of an ordinary person, and yet he could still say that it was not enough.

While they spoke, the look in Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s eyes also changed upon seeing the golden Genesis Qi starry sky behind Zhou Yuan.

“How did his Genesis Qi cultivation grow so much in a short few days?!” shocked voices rang out in both of their hearts.

Both of them had seen the duel between Zhou Yuan and Chai Ying. Back then, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation had only been at the ten thousand stars level, and it had taken him the combined might of his Genesis Qi, physical prowess and Spirit to face Chai Ying head on.

However, the Genesis Qi currently rising from Zhou Yuan’s body was clearly no weaker than their own!

The duo’s expressions sank. Neither had pulled their punches earlier, and they had clearly felt their destructive Genesis Qi charge into Zhou Yuan’s body like a raging dragon.

Ordinarily speaking, even a large mountain would have been pulverized by their attacks.

But Zhou Yuan’s body had merely jolted a little before returning to normal, most likely because he had forcefully neutralized the power within their punches.

How strong did one have to be to neutralize their full-power blows inside one’s body?

At the very least, neither Lei Jun nor Tie Mo would easily let the Genesis Qi from an opponent of the same level enter their bodies; it was far too risky and dangerous.

But Zhou Yuan had just done this very thing, and he had even successfully neutralized the invading Genesis Qi.

At this moment, a strong feeling of danger rose in Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s hearts. What they had believed all along to be a mere wolf had now turned into a terrifying creature that could devour lions!


Various thoughts rapidly whirled in their heads. Genesis Qi erupted a split second later as both individuals attempted to withdraw.

The instant they began to move, however, Zhou Yuan let out a single chilling chuckle. His Genesis Qi was not the only one to thank—his strong physical body and Spirit finesse had also played a big part in neutralizing the two Genesis Qi attacks that had invaded his body.

Since these two had voluntarily sent himself to his doorstep, there was no way he would let them leave.

His hands suddenly clenched as a suction force appeared, tightly gripping the duo’s fists. In the next instant, golden Genesis Qi exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body as a golden giant glowing python emerged in the air.

Zhou Yuan abruptly began to spin, seemingly turning into a golden spinning top as countless after-images were created. Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s expressions changed drastically as they were violently pulled along for the ride.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The terrifying spinning force made the space around them warp a little. Zhou Yuan’s arms jerked a split second later, sending Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s bodies hurtling through the air. Their figures streaked across the sky, ultimately crashing into two large mountains on Zhou Yuan’s left and right.


Two mountains immediately crumbled, causing countless boulders to tumble into the growing rubble.

The two were deeply embedded into the rock, their clothes in tatters as fresh blood sprayed from their bodies, making them look extremely miserable.

Because Zhou Yuan had so violently flung their bodies, their Genesis Qi rippled chaotically within them, making it impossible for them to extract themselves for a time.

In the sky, Zhou Yuan’s eerily chilling gaze looked towards the two figures. Was his assault over? Impossible.


With a flick of his finger, the buzzing Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared, and he immediately poured surging golden Genesis Qi into it. The brush turned into a flash of gold as it shot towards Tie Mo like rushing thunder. 

“Genesis Breaker!”

The snow-white tip of the Heavenly Yuan Brush swiftly turned pitch-black, and sharpness seemed to gleam from its tip as killing intent steamed from its body.

Tie Mo’s expression changed drastically. He ignored the chaotically rippling Genesis Qi in his body and roared. Genesis Qi rapidly poured out in an attempt to block the incoming Heavenly Yuan Brush.


However, the many layers of Genesis Qi defenses were akin to tofu in the face of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, easily piercing through one by one.

Golden light rapidly grew in Tie Mo’s eyes as dread began to flood his face. His hastily crafted defenses were completely incapable of stopping Zhou Yuan’s swift attack.

“No!” a piercing shriek sounded.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush did not stop. Golden light swept past, piercing through Tie Mo’s body without a pause and into the mountain behind him.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush shot out from the other side and thrust itself into the ground, creating a giant crater.

A bloody hole had appeared on Tie Mo’s chest. Golden Genesis Qi could be seen wreaking havoc within, and it swiftly destroyed the life in his body. Blood spewed from his mouth as he reached out a hand towards his chest. In the end, there was nothing he could do but feel his lifeforce swiftly fade away.

His face was filled with terror, terror that belonged to the fear of death.

Tie Mo struggled to look up at the sky where Zhou Yuan looked down with an emotionless face. Endless regret rose in Tie Mo’s heart. He should not have accepted this mission back then.

Darkness began to flood Tie Mo’s vision as his head slowly fell and hung lifelessly from his body.

His lifeforce had been fully extinguished.

In the distance, the mouths of Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others opened bigger and bigger at the sight of this scene. They were unable to conceal the alarm and horror in their eyes.

None of them had expected Zhou Yuan’s counter-attack to be so ruthlessly clean.

All it had taken was a single blow for the Sacred Palace’s Tie Mo to lose his life!

It was an unimaginably clean kill.

In the sky, Zhou Yuan gazed at the dead Tie Mo with cold eyes before turning towards the other mountain where Lei Jun was also staring at Tie Mo in shock and horror.

Lei Jun’s scalp immediately turned numb when he felt Zhou Yuan’s chilling gaze turn towards him. In the next instant, Lei Jun’s figure abruptly soared into the air, turning into a glowing figure as he fled for his life.

Zhou Yuan was currently far too ferocious, and he had even scared away a Sacred Palace Chosen!

Zhou Yuan’s eerie gaze looked towards Lei Jun fleeing. His face was emotionless as a voice filled with chilling murder rang out across the area, “Thinking of leaving? I said earlier that two Sacred Palace Chosen positions shall be vacated today!

“Since you guys came together, you should also leave together!”

His boundless killing intent had not waned in the slightest even after slaying Tie Mo!

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