Chapter 634 One Against Two

Outside the mountain where the Cangxuan Sect’s main base was located.

Zhan Taiqing lifted her scarlet-red eyes to gaze in the direction Zhou Yuan had left. An amused smile rose from the corners of her little red lips before she grinned at Li Qingchan and said, “This chief disciple of your Cangxuan Sect truly has swag.”

Li Qingchan’s pretty face tensed up as an anxious look flashed past in the depths of her eyes. In her view, Zhou Yuan was being far too reckless. One must know that the Sacred Palace had stationed two Chosen outside the Spirit Subduing Mountain.

However, she also understood that it was useless to worry at this juncture. She immediately took in a deep breath before she icily said, “Zhou Yuan must have some confidence since he has dared to go. You’d best not celebrate too early.”

At present, she could only place her hopes on Zhou Yuan’s strength.

“Is that so?”

Zhan Taiqing chuckled softly before raising her hand. A copper mirror appeared, and Genesis Qi swiftly poured into it, causing rays of light to shoot out and create an image in the air.

Within the mirror, one could see Zhou Yuan standing in the air while Lei Jun and Tie Mo stood opposite him.

Zhan Taiqing smiled faintly as she said, “Since you’ve so much faith in him, let’s enjoy the show...of course, I’ll gladly accompany you if you wish to fight, but you and I both know that it will only be a waste of Genesis Qi.”

Li Qingchan stared at the image in the sky. She knew that Zhan Taiqing had intentionally created this for the watching Cangxuan Sect disciples behind them. She wanted them to helplessly watch Zhou Yuan being defeated, and in turn shake the Cangxuan Sect’s morale.

However, even if Li Qingchan knew this, there was no way for her to stop it.

Fortunately, she had already sent news of this to the others. If Chu Qing, Tuntun and the rest managed to free themselves, they would rush here to lend their aid as soon as possible.

She looked towards Zhou Yuan’s figure, her hands slowly clenching into fists.

“Zhou Yuan, you’ve got to hang on a little while longer.”


When Zhou Yuan’s murder-filled voice rang out across the mountain range, Lei Jun and Tie Mo were first stunned before they suddenly burst into laughter.

Not even in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that Zhou Yuan would not only refuse to run away but that he would instead utter such foolish things in front of them.

Did he really believe that defeating Chai Ying would allow him to look down on all the Sacred Palace Chosen?

Both of them were stronger than Chai Ying. As such, there was little reason for Zhou Yuan to have any advantage over them just because he had been able to defeat a weaker Chosen.

More importantly, they currently had two people on their side!

With two Chosen stationed here, how dare Zhou Yuan say such brazen words to them?!

The two continued to roar with laughter for quite some time. When they finally stopped, they exchanged a look as sinister smiles slowly rose from the corners of their mouths.

“Ignorant fool, the two of us will love to see what right you have to act so arrogantly before us.”


As their voices sounded, vigorous Genesis Qi unfurled from their bodies, creating cracks in the ground below their feet.

The violent Genesis Qi pressure began to overwhelm the surroundings.

Genesis Qi interweaved behind them, turning into a Genesis Qi starry sky.

In the mountain forest far away, Zuoqiu Qingyu’s, Li Chunjun’s and Ning Zhan’s expressions turned extremely grave. From the scale of those Genesis Qi starry skies, the number of Genesis Qi stars in Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s bodies had most likely reached forty-five thousand.

They were indeed stronger than Chai Ying.


Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s eyes turned exceedingly cold. Their figures shot forward at the same time, clearly not opting to take on Zhou Yuan one on one.

They were evidently planning on working together to crush Zhou Yuan as quickly as possible.

After suffering due to Chai Ying, the Sacred Palace had clearly learnt from their mistake and were no longer going to underestimate this chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect.

Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s figures flashed past the horizon, swiftly rushing towards Zhou Yuan from the left and right like lightning as surging Genesis Qi rumbled in their wake.

Zhou Yuan stood in the air, expressionless as he gazed upon the two incoming figures from his left and right. Killing intent filled his eyes as golden Genesis Qi poured out of his body.

There was no sign of him backing down.

From the looks of it, he was intent on taking them both head on.

This scene also came into the eyes of Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others below, causing their expressions to change slightly. The current situation was extremely unfavorable for Zhou Yuan, and he should be rationally trying to avoid for the moment while finding an opportunity to counter-attack. So what the hell was this posture of getting ready to directly take on their combined attacks?!

“He! When did he become a brainless barbarian!” Zuoqiu Qingyu could not help but stamp her foot in anger as a worried look filled her pretty face. Although she had witnessed Zhou Yuan defeat Chai Ying previously, it had clearly taken Zhou Yuan everything he had.

What was more, the combined might of the two Sacred Palace Chosen that Zhou Yuan now faced clearly far surpassed anything Chai Ying could muster.

Under their gazes, Lei Jun and Tie Mo roared as they both punched with all their might. Genesis Qi surged forth, blasting away all the air in front of them.

Each punch possessed the power to shatter a mountain. As they swung forward together, the air around Zhou Yuan seemed to compress to the very limit.

Two streaks of light rapidly grew in Zhou Yuan’s pupils. However, he remained unmoved from the spot, his face expressionless. Only his eyes gleamed with a chilling, icy light that made anyone who saw them shiver involuntarily.

“Die you arrogant fool!”

Lei Jun and Tia Mo were clearly enraged by Zhou Yuan’s nonchalance, causing fresh murder to surge in their hearts. In the next instant, their figures appeared on his left and right like phantoms.

Genesis Qi reached outwards, sealing off all paths of escape.

At the same time, two punches containing all of their power ruthlessly thrust towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan finally began to move at this moment, both hands thrusting with great force towards the two deadly punches.

He was going to receive them head on!

A sinister smile rose from the corners of Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s mouths. Zhou Yuan’s actions were practically suicide.

They firmly believed that their punches would soon shatter all the bones in Zhou Yuan’s body.


Under Zuoqiu Qingyu’s and the others’ changing expressions, the full power punches from the two Sacred Palace Chosen slammed into Zhou Yuan’s thrusting palms.

A storm of berserk, unrivaled Genesis Qi unfurled as dazzling light drowned the bodies of the three combatants.

Half of the mountain below them caved inwards due to the aftershocks.

Even Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others’ location was affected, the towering ancient trees around them uprooted one after another. The trio hurriedly circulated their Genesis Qi to firmly root themselves to the ground, preventing them from being blown away.

However, they had no attention to spare for such things at this juncture. Their eyes tightly glued to the epicenter of the Genesis Qi explosion in the sky.

The resplendent Genesis Qi light slowly began to fade as the scene in the sky became clear once more.

Thick shock appeared on the trio’s faces.

“How can this be…”

In the sky, Zhou Yuan’s figure had not budged a single inch from his spot, Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s fists tightly grasped in his hands.

He had directly caught both their full-powered blows, but not even his clothes had been ruffled.

Looks of disbelief flooded Lei Jun’s and Tie Mo’s originally sinister faces. In that earlier split second, it had felt as if their power had rushed into a black hole instead of destroying Zhou Yuan’s body like they had expected.

Zhou Yuan’s face remained akin to a deep rippleless well. Golden light blossomed in his eyes as golden Genesis Qi began to gush out without reservation, converging into a golden starry sky behind him.

Stars twinkled in this starry sky.

Thirty-nine thousand!

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