Chapter 632 Revenge of Sacred Palace

As the sun set, its afterglow shone across the earth.

Li Qingchan resided at the headquarters of the Cangxuan Sect in order to manage everyone. She was standing on the peak of the mountain, her long eyebrows slightly knitted as she peered into the distance. She muttered in a puzzled voice, “Why isn’t Yaoyao back yet?” 

Given Yaoyao’s strength, it shouldn’t be that difficult for her to explore and fight over a six-color treasure location. Based on her speed in the past, she should have returned in half a day’s time. 

“Could she be delayed by something?” Li Qingchan said to herself, but she did not think that anything would happen to Yaoyao. After all, although Yaoyao had weak Genesis Qi, her Spirit was incredibly powerful, stronger than that of any Chosen.

In the face of Yaoyao’s Spirit power, even Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing and other people of their level would have quite a headache when facing her. 

So even if Yaoyao did encounter a situation, she would have still escaped unscathed.   

This was the reason why Li Qingchan was not too concerned and that she turned her attention to other matters.


But at this moment a loud and clear cry suddenly resounded from far away. Li Qingchan raised her beautiful head to see a giant ice-blue bird speeding over from the distance until it finally hovered over the peak of the mountain. 


The giant ice-blue giant dived down, causing some of the Cangxuan Sect disciples on the mountain to cry out in alarm. Multiple disciples then immediately soared into the sky in an attempt to block it. 

Li Qingchan reached out to stop them. She narrowed her eyes in a piercing stare as her brow knitted. She saw a pretty green-haired girl on the back of the giant ice-blue bird. At this moment, the girl’s delicate and adorable face was filled with worry. 

“It’s a disciple from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace?” Li Qingchan noticed the pattern on the green-haired girl's robe.  

“I am a Luluo of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, a good friend of Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan. Who is in charge here? I have something important to tell!” Luluo urgently explained. 

Numerous gazes focused onto Li Qingchan.   

Li Qingchan also stepped forward, saying, “I am Cangxuan Sect’s Li Qingchan. What is the problem?”   

Luluo darted down from the sky and landed right in front of Li Qingchan. “Quickly go save Yaoyao! Something happened to her!”  

Li Qingchan’s beautiful eyes went blank for a moment before she exclaimed, “How can this be?”     

Given Yaoyao’s strength, even if an unexpected situation arose, nobody could stop her from leaving.     

“The six-color treasure location that Yaoyao went to is a trap set by the Sacred Palace! It’s a mountain that can suppress the Spirit. Yaoyao’s strength is greatly suppressed there!” Luluo explained urgently.

She then said, “The news secretly came from our friend in the Heavenly Ghost Sect. We also have friends going there now, but the Sacred Palace had sent out two Chosen to guard the mountain. There is nothing we can do!”

Li Qingchan’s beautiful face abruptly changed. Losing her voice, she said, “A spirit subduing mountain?!”    

The next moment, she clenched her silver teeth and remarked coldly, “The Sacred Palace is so vicious!”    

She immediately turned to the other disciples and ordered, “Pass on the message to other Chosen and inform them to immediately rush to where Yaoyao is trapped!”

At this moment, Chu Qing, Kong Sheng and Tuntun were all fighting over treasure locations outside. 

The disciples of the Cangxuan Sect dared not delay any further and hurriedly took out some communication copper mirrors. They instilled Genesis Qi into them and quickly passed on the message.  

But very soon they received a reply that made their expressions change abruptly.

“Senior sister Li, all the Chosen have replied that they have suddenly been attacked by Sacred Palace disciples and cannot free themselves at the moment!  

“In addition, we found that there is a change in movement on the Heavenly Ghost Sect’s side, as if they intend to turn towards the range of our Cangxuan Sect!” 

Li Qingchan’s eyes narrowed. 

The Heavenly Ghost Sect had cooperated with the Sacred Palace in this attack. From the signs, it seemed that the two sides had joined forces. Did they plan to attack the Cangxuan Sect?

The Sacred Palace suffered a loss not long ago, so she did not expect them to launch such a quick and fierce retaliation.

That Jiang Taishen was indeed not someone that could be easily dealt with. 

“Senior sister Li, when I came here, senior sister Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace said that our Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace will handle the Heavenly Ghost Sect, so you do not need to care about them,” Luluo said suddenly.  

Li Qingchan’s expression eased a little. “Please give my thanks to Gong Wan.” 

The Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace’s help did not particularly surprise her because the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect were not on good terms. Moreover, some time ago, the Heavenly Ghost Sect had even ambushed Gong Wan.

Since the Sacred Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect had joined hands to deal with the Cangxuan Sect, Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace would certainly not stand and watch. If the Cangxuan Sect was removed, it would be incredibly disadvantageous to the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. 

“What about Yaoyao? Where's Zhou Yuan?” Luluo asked. 

“Zhou Yuan is still cultivating in seclusion, and even if he is around, he can’t go. There are two Chosen standing guard there, he wouldn’t be of any help even if he did go,” Li Qingchan said.

“Then what—” Luluo was so anxious that she stamped her feet. 

From the news they had received, the Spirit Subduing Mountain was extremely dangerous, and there was toxic qi everywhere. Yaoyao could be in danger. 

They all knew that Yaoyao had incredibly weak Genesis Qi, and with her Spirit suppressed, how could she withstand the toxic qi?     

Li Qingchan’s beautiful eyes flashed. “I'll go!”    

She originally needed to stand guard at the headquarters, but the situation was critical, and she was the only one who could go. 

Luluo also breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this. Li Qingchan possessed outstanding strength, and if she were to go, then even two Chosen from the Sacred Palace wouldn’t be able to stop her.  

Li Qingchan made a swift and decisive reaction and immediately ordered multiple disciples to strictly guard the headquarters. She then soared skywards, stepping on Genesis Qi, and raced in the direction of where Yaoyao was trapped.


However, just as Li Qingchan darted out, blood red Genesis Qi roared out from a mountaintop. Like a river of blood, it ruthlessly struck Li Qingchan with an intense fiendish aura.

The sudden attack caused Li Qingchan’s beautiful face to change abruptly. She could feel the person’s incredible strength, and she did not dare to be careless. With a flick of her fingers, there were suddenly countless gusts of incomparably strong Genesis Qi wind roaring out, clashing with the blood red torrent of Genesis Qi. 

Dong! Dong! Dong!    

The violent Genesis Qi raged in the sky, and after a few moments, the qi waned and stopped.

Li Qingchan stood tall, looking at a mountain in the distance with an icy stare, only to see that there was a woman in a black dress on an ancient tree. She was sitting and leaning back, smiling at Li Qingchan.

“Li Qingchan, what is the hurry?” She smiled, peering at Li Qingchan with her scarlet eyes.  

Li Qingchan looked back at her, her beautiful eyes filled with a chilling coldness. “Zhan Taiqing!”   

That black-dressed woman was the Sacred Palace’s Zhan Taiqing!   

“It looks like your Sacred Palace has been plotting against my Cangxuan Sect for a while!” Li Qingchan said coldly. The reason Zhan Taiqing appeared here in advance proved that she was ready to stop her. 

Zhan Taiqing stretched and yawned, revealing her beautiful curves. Resting her pretty hand on her cheek, she smiled and said, “Your Cangxuan Sect made my Sacred Palace suffer, do you really think that my Sacred Palace is going to swallow humiliation and do nothing?  

“Today, not a single person of your Cangxuan Sect can go...    

“And that Zhou Xiaoyao, I'm going to make you all watch her...die.”    

When the last word was uttered, Zhan Taiqing's eyes became icy-cold and cruel.    

Li Qingchang clenched her teeth, staring coldly at Zhan Taiqing, while astonishing Genesis Qi began to rise from her delicate body. There was no point in saying anything more. No matter what, she had to break through Zhan Taiqing's obstruction!

But she also knew it would be extremely difficult. After all, Zhan Taiqing was ranked higher than her on the Shengzhou Continent’s Chosen List.   

But no matter how difficult it was, Li Qingchan still had to try.    

Zhan Taiqing’s red lips tilted into a smile. “Li Qingchang, you are going to fight me? Haha, have you forgotten that I have defeated you before?” 


Just as Zhan Taiqing's voice fell, a beam of golden Genesis Qi shot up from the mountain behind the Cangxuan Sect’s headquarters, and in that light pillar was a roaring, giant golden dragon. 

A golden light burst out from the pillar and streaked across the horizon, and a low-pitched voice thick with killing intent rang out, “Senior sister Qingchan, you deal with her. I will go find Yaoyao.” 

Li Qingchan stared at the golden shadow that burst forth, shocked for a moment.  

“Zhou Yuan? Don't go! There are two Chosen guarding the location—”   

But before her voice had fallen, the beam of golden light had already disappeared into the edge of the sky. Li Qingchan couldn’t help but stamp her feet in frustration.

“Absolute nonsense!”    

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