Chapter 631 Trap

Just as Zhou Yuan began his secluded cultivation, the tremendous natural boundary in the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range, along with numerous nodes, was being destroyed by different sects. More and more treasure locations also appeared, including even seven-color treasure locations.

Each and every sect was aware of the present situation: the tremendous boundary would not be able to last much longer. The great opportunity hidden in the depths was about to emerge. 

And because of the constant emergence of treasure locations, the people of the Cangxuan Sect also became very busy. They constantly sent people out to seize the treasure locations. After all, no matter how many treasure locations there were, it wouldn’t be more than the number of sects currently in the Great Mythic Mountain Range. In a situation like this where there was not enough to go around, if they did not send people out to defend, it would inevitably cause greed to arise.

In front of the bamboo house at the peak of the mountain. 

Yaoyao was slowly walking over, her body delicate and slender, her skin white as snow. Her stunningly beautiful face made many male disciples of the Cangxuan Sect cast furtive glances her way, but because of her aloof demeanor, no one dared to talk to her. 

“Yaoyao?” Li Qingchan came out of the bamboo house and was surprised to see Yaoyao. “You completed the mission?”  

In the past few days, Yaoyao had been actively taking on tasks of defending treasure locations. That kind of initiative was completely different from her usual attitude.

Yaoyao nodded. She had a very good opinion of Li Qingchan, so a shallow smile came to her indifferent and beautiful face.

“Are there more six-color treasure locations?” Yaoyao asked.   

Li Qingchan said with surprise, “You’ve only just returned, don't you plan to rest for a bit?”

Yaoyao shook her head.    

Li Qingchan glanced in the direction of the back of the mountain, pursed her little red lips and asked, “Is that boy worth you working so hard?”    

How could she not know that the reason Yaoyao acted differently from her usual self and actively asked to defend treasure locations was to help Zhou Yuan repay his huge debt?

But Zhou Yuan took the treasures and went into seclusion to cultivate, leaving Yaoyao to help him pay his debts!

Thinking of this, Li Qingchan simply felt indignant for Yaoyao. She was such an outstanding talent, so what sort of charm did Zhou Yuan have that would make Yaoyao, who never cared about other things, look favourably at him? 

“This is to prevent him from saying that I dug a trap for him.” Thinking of Zhou Yuan’s face when he heard about the tremendous debt, Yaoyao couldn’t help curving her red lips into a smile.

Li Qingchan helplessly shook her head. “Recently, although a number of treasure locations have appeared, other Chosen have also taken action, and there aren’t many left.”   

Li Qingchan took out a jade scroll and instilled Genesis Qi into it. It radiated a dazzling light, forming a map. Li Qingchan studied it for a good while before she pointed to a spot of light. “This is a six-color treasure location that only recently appeared, but it’s not within the range of our Cangxuan Sect. It is relatively close to the Heavenly Ghost Sect, but there are also some treasure locations that have appeared near them. For now, nobody will be paying attention to this area.   

“So if you arrive quickly and get rid of the guardian beast inside, you should be able to obtain the Divine Establishing Treasure and retreat safely.”  

Yaoyao peered at the map, memorized the direction and position, then nodded. “Then here it is. I’ll go now.” She nodded to Li Qingchan, before she turned around and disappeared.    

Watching her beautiful shadow rapidly departing, Li Qingchan returned her gaze to the back of the mountain again. She couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “That boy Zhou Yuan, how is he so lucky?”  

Then she quickly turned back onto the map in front of her, staring at the spot of light. Her brows were scrunched together, and she mumbled to herself in puzzlement. 

“Why wasn’t there any news about this treasure location before?”    

A barren mountain range.   

Yaoyao’s figure descended from the sky, landing on the tip of a green pine tree. Her eyes were fixed on a barren mountain, which was where the six-color treasure location was. 

This area was not within the range of any sect or force because it was a barren area, so nobody had expected a six-color treasure location to show up here. 

Yaoyao observed the area for a while before she drifted out and directly landed on the barren mountain.  

Her figure marched straight into the mountains. 

Before she walked a few steps, however, she knitted her long, shapely brow because the ground was quaking and a gush of bizarre energy was being emitted from the mountain.

Amidst the strange fluctuation of energy, Yaoyao came to discover that even her Spirit seemed to be suppressed.    

Yaoyao lifted her pretty face only to see a light barrier appearing across the sky, shrouding the barren mountain. On the ground, there was dark green qi rising into the air.

It was highly toxic.   

Yaoyao gazed without expression at the sight. 

This six-color treasure location was a trap.

Her beautiful eyes flickered. She knew that this trap was most likely connected to the Sacred Palace. It seemed that someone had been secretly watching her recent whereabouts. Could this be part of the revenge that the Sacred Palace planned for losing control of the seven-color treasure location?    

And for this goal, they had chosen her?  

Outside the barren mountains.   

On a hilltop, two figures flashed out. One was clad in a silver robe and the other in a black robe. Both were emitting incredibly strong surging Genesis Qi. 

On their robes was the pattern of the Sacred Palace.  

They were two Chosen of the Sacred Palace.    

The one in a silver robe was Lei Jun, and the black robed man was called Tie Mo. 

The two were both ranked higher than Chai Ying among the Sacred Palace Chosen.

At this very moment, the two men were peering at the barren mountains, remarking coldly, “I did not think it would be as our senior brother predicted: that the Cangxuan Sect would send someone here.”

“Most likely, the people of the Cangxuan Sect never thought there was anything unusual about this six-color treasure location. Within this mountain, there are Spirit suppression rocks everywhere, which can suppress one’s Spirit. That Zhou Xiaoyao has incredibly weak Genesis Qi and only relies on the strength of the Spirit. Now that she has stepped into this location, she most likely won’t last long in the toxic qi.”   

“The toxic qi inside was set up by senior brother Jin Chanzi, who was born with toxic blood. Even Chosen can’t purify the poison once infected. That Zhou Xiaoyao will no doubt die.”

“The Cangxuan Sect will realise it very soon, right? If they send Chosen here, with just the two of us, we can't last for long.” The Chosen called Tie Mo frowned.  

“Our senior brother and the others naturally won’t let the other Cangxuan Sect Chosen intervene.” Lei Jun smiled.  

“That’s good.”   

Tie Mo nodded. Gazing at the barren mountains, a sinister smile twisted on his lips. “It is a pity that such a beauty is going to fall like that.”

“Haha, do they really think our Sacred Palace is easy to bully? The Cangxuan Sect damaged the face of our Sacred Palace, and if we do not get payback, other people would really think that our Sacred Palace’s title of the strongest sect is a lie!”   

“She can only be considered as having bad luck to meet a mountain that suppresses the Spirit.”   

“Let’s see how the Cangxuan Sect is going to deal with this.”   

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