Chapter 630 Worse

On the green peak. 

Zhou Yuan was sitting cross-legged on a huge boulder, staring anxiously at the seven-color flame light floating in front of him. This was the seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure that they had obtained from the seven-color treasure location. 

“Twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures...”   

Zhou Yuan let out a long sigh. Although he finally got his hands on a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure, which he had always hoped for, he also inexplicably had to shoulder a massive debt.

To get twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures was not that simple even in the vast Great Mythic Mountain Range. After all, six-color Divine Establishing Treasures could only be found in six-color treasure locations, but every time a six-color treasure location appeared, there would inevitably be a lot of competition. This would consume a lot of his time and energy. 

“You have completed your goal of entering this Mythic Utopia, are you still not satisfied?” While Zhou Yuan was gazing helplessly into space, a playful voice sounded from behind.


Zhou Yuan turned his head to see Yaoyao coming over slowly holding Tuntun. He suddenly sulkily rolled his eyes. If Yaoyao hadn’t said anything, he had no intention of taking the seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure. 

Yaoyao came to Zhou Yuan’s side and said, “Its a little troublesome to get twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures, but there’s only motivation when there’s pressure.”

Although she was speaking in a very serious tone of voice, Zhou Yuan clearly saw a trace of a smile in the depths of her eyes.   

Zhou Yuan curled his lips, but did not say much. He knew that Yaoyao did it for his own good. After all, his initial goal of entering the Mythic Utopia was indeed to obtain a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure. At least, he had achieved this. 

It was just pay back the debt of twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures would take him some time.  

“Here.” Yaoyao stretched out her beautiful hand. It radiated a bright luster, and then three balls of dazzling light emerged, all exuding powerful surging Genesis Qi. It was three six-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

“That's what Tuntun and I got during this period of time. If you add these to the one you have, that's four already.” 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes lit up, but there weren’t any dramatic feelings. After all, the relationship between Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan did not need such things. If Yaoyao needed a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure, he would also give it to her without the slightest hesitation.

Yaoyao stood tall, her waist slender as a willow, her beautiful eyes peering at the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range. She said slowly, “The super boundary in the Great Mythic Mountain Range is being destroyed in various areas, and if my prediction is right, the great opportunity hidden till last will emerge soon.”  

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. He was naturally extremely curious and looked forward to this great opportunity.

“The third Saint Rune is also said to be in this Mythic Utopia, but I didn’t see any clues along the way. I don’t know where it is, or how we can find it,” Zhou Yuan said.  

When he had obtained the Earth Saint Rune, it seemed that from the clues the third Saint Rune should exist in this Mythic Utopia.

And after learning about the power of the Earth Saint Rune, Zhou Yuan thoroughly understood that the four Saint Runes, which were stripped off from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, were incredibly powerful. But he currently only had superficial knowledge regarding the uses of both the Decoder Saint Rune and Earth Saint Rune.

But even so, these two Saint Runes had become Zhou Yuan's ace up his sleeve.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan was also incomparably full of anticipation towards the third Saint Rune.

The Mythic Utopia rarely opened. If he couldn’t get it this time, then it was unknown when his next chance would be.

“When the last big opportunity emerges, there most likely will be a real battle.” Yaoyao sat gracefully on the side, leaning gently against a green pine. She said this while resting her chin on her beautiful hand. 

She swept a glance over Zhou Yuan. “With your present strength, you had to use all your effort to defeat the Chosen ranked last in the Sacred Palace. If you were to encounter the top Chosen of other sects, then your chances of winning wouldn’t be high.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. “So for the rest of the time here, I'm going to try to make a breakthrough.”    

He lifted his palms, and two seven-color flame lotus seeds emerged, emitting extremely pure Genesis Qi as they filled the air with an unusual aroma. 

They were the flame lotus seeds he had obtained in the seven-color treasure location.    

Yaoyao cast her beautiful eyes over and said faintly, “Flame lotus seeds are good for one’s cultivation, but with just these two alone, you most likely won't be able to make a successful breakthrough.” 

Zhou Yuan helplessly scratched his head. He also knew that two flame lotus seeds weren’t enough, but he had to give it a try.

While Zhou Yuan didn’t know what to do, Yaoyao once again stretched out her little hand before him.

Eight crystal-clear lotus seeds were suspended above her hand, radiating a seven-color luster.   

“This...” Zhou Yuan looked surprised at Yaoyao.   

“It's the two that I got before. You also know that I won’t have much use for these objects. The other two were Tuntun’s,” Yaoyao said with a faint smile.  

Tuntun, who was in Yaoyao’s arms, let out a grunt.    

“Tuntun’s too?” Zhou Yuan felt somewhat embarrassed. Tuntun clearly had great interest in the seven-color lotus seeds, and the only reason it handed it out was most likely because of its fear of Yaoyao. 

“Tuntun is just greedy. It would have limited effect on it.” Yaoyao lifted Tuntun up, blinking her beautiful eyes, and asked in a gentle tone, “Tuntun, isn’t that right?”

Tuntun could feel its hair standing on end after seeing Yaoyao smile and look at it like that. It covered its eyes with its claws and made a slight noise of agreement.

“What about the other four?” Zhou Yuan asked puzzledly.   

“Of course, I exchanged it from Li Qingchan. I did so in your name.” Yaoyao smiled.  

Zhou Yuan was taken aback.   

A bad feeling suddenly came to his heart. “What do you mean?”

“Four six-color Divine Establishing Treasures can be exchanged for one seven-color lotus seed...I gave you four. That means that when you pay back the debt, you need to repay sixteen plus the previous twelve. So that’s a total of twenty eight six-color Divine Establishing Treasures, or two seven-color Divine Establishing Treasures,” Yaoyao seriously explained.

Zhou Yuan stared at her blankly. He felt everything before him darken. He had yet to start repaying his debt, but it had already doubled.

Watching Zhou Yuan’s face turn pale, Yaoyao said sincerely, “Sharpening the axe will not interfere with the cutting of firewood. You need to improve your strength to be eligible to compete.” 

Zhou Yuan felt his mouth and tongue go dry and then pitifully glanced at Tuntun. In their minds, Yaoyao was the real little devil king. Her words had enormous weight, and she did whatever she said. They both had no qualifications to oppose her. 

Having accepted his situation, Zhou Yuan uttered with a melancholic voice, “Fine. When the debt is too much, one will stop worrying about it.” 

No matter what, he was going to deal with it once he made a breakthrough to the eighth layer.   

Yaoyao nodded as though saying ‘that’s a good boy’. 

“Right, your Omega Saint Spirit Art isn’t really completed, is it?” Yaoyao suddenly asked.    

Zhou Yuan nodded. His Omega Saint Spirit Art could only be considered as semi-finished and not truly mastered. There were still nine principal beast spirits that hadn’t been integrated.

But how could it be easy to integrate the nine principal beast spirits?    

The nine principal beast spirits were extremely violent. Even the slightest of carelessness could destroy the Saint Spirit Seed that he had initially cultivated, so Zhou Yuan had always been afraid to act recklessly.

Yaoyao nodded, and then, with a clench of her hand, a jade bottle flashed out. The jade bottle was half-filled with blood flashing with a golden color, and there seemed to vaguely be an invisible oppressive force spreading out. 

“Next time you integrate them, refine this object to use the power of a saint beast to deter the principal beast spirits. It will go a lot better,” Yaoyao said.

Zhou Yuan curiously received the jade bottle. He studied the very unusual blood and asked thoughtfully, “This blood, why does it look a little familiar?” 

After a few seconds, he turned to Tuntun, who was weakly lying at Yaoyao’s long legs. The beast looked like it had nothing left to live for.

Yaoyao responded indifferently, “This is Tuntun’s blood. I was afraid it couldn’t withstand it if I were to take too much at once, so I did it over a period of two months, taking a little every day, and finally got this much.” 

Zhou Yuan was speechless. He then turned to Tuntun and sighed.  

Brother, so it was you.

With the seven-color lotus seeds as well as Tuntun’s blood, it seemed that he would need to cultivate in seclusion. He needed to make his final preparations for the great opportunity that would soon appear…

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