Chapter 629 Debt

Blooming with seven-color light, the flame lotus floated in front of the crowd. The pure surging Genesis Qi radiating from within the lotus made everybody present unable to hide their greed anymore.

“Ahem, I will leave the important responsibility of dividing the treasure to junior sister Qingchan.” Chu Qing made a cough and turned to Li Qingchan with a wide smile.    

Li Qingchan shot an irritated glance at him. Evidently, he found it troublesome and was worried that he wouldn’t be able to distribute them well.    

However, she understood Chu Qing's character far too well and knew that there was no point in wasting time to persuade him. With the flick of her slender, beautiful fingers, the flame lotus flower, as well as the seven-color flame lotus seeds, was slowly raised into the air. 

“These seven-color flame lotus seeds are greatly beneficial for cultivation and can enhance one’s Genesis Qi. All the Chosen here made a contribution and should each get one,” Li Qingchan said.

Li Qingchan flung her robe, and thirteen seven-color lotus seeds flew out. In addition to the ten great Chosen, Yaoyao, Tuntun and Zhou Yuan also each received one.

The other Chosen’s faces lit up with joy as they tightly clasped their seven-color lotus seeds and fondled them affectionately.

Yaoyao simply glanced at it before indifferently storing it away. Tuntun opened its mouth wide and immediately swallowed the seven-color lotus seed into its stomach.

Zhou Yuan curiously caught the flame lotus. Sensing the surging Genesis Qi contained within, emotions flickered across his face. If he could refine it, there would certainly be great improvements to his Genesis Qi foundation.

But unfortunately the share was too little. If it was a little more, perhaps he could have used it to make a breakthrough into the eighth layer Alpha-Origin stage and greatly strengthen his Genesis Qi foundation.   


“The rest of the lotus seeds will be distributed according to one’s contribution in defending the seven-color treasure location.” Li Qingchang paused for a moment before she continued, “Yaoyao blocked the interference of the Sacred Palace and should receive another one.”     

“Tuntun led the disciples to clear the seven-color treasure location and also killed the guardian beast, so it should also receive another one.”  

She finally cast her beautiful eyes over to Zhou Yuan, opened her red lips and said, “I don’t need to speak about Zhou Yuan. If he hadn’t beaten Chai Ying, the situation now probably wouldn’t be as good, so he should also get another one. If there is an objection or suggestion please raise your hand.”  

Chu Qing was the first to raise his hand, saying lazily, “I have no problem.”

Ye Ge also smiled, raising his hand.   

Shang Chunqiu and the other Chosen were silent for a moment, and then nodded in agreement. After all, what Li Qingchan said was completely true and was indeed fair.    

Kong Sheng wanted to express his opinion, but after seeing the others nod, he had no choice but to agree. 

Upon seeing this, Li Qingchan flicked her finger, sending another three seven-color flame lotus seeds skimming through the air to Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao and Tuntun.     

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed to receive the flame lotus. This distribution was really too advantageous for him.

“Senior sister Qingchan, it’s rare to see such a beautiful and fair person like you,” Zhou Yuan remarked with flatter.

Li Qingchan teasingly smiled. “Oh? Then compared to Yaoyao?”

Yaoyao, who was fiddling with the seven-color lotus seeds, suddenly lifted her stunning face, which was beautiful enough to make a person’s heart race. She stared curiously at Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan’s forehead suddenly beaded with cold sweat. He had only spurted that out from excitement and hadn’t expected Li Qingchan to twist his words and push him in the deep end. 

Women really are terrifying. 

Seeing Zhou Yuan’s situation, the other Chosen watched on with a gloating look on their faces.

A charming smile spread across Li Qingchan’s face. “I’m just joking.”

Zhou Yuan forced a smile and hastily hid to one side as he held his seven-color lotus seeds. He was worried that Li Qingchan would give him another deadly question. 

“As for the remaining seven-color flame lotus seeds, I will set them aside for now and observe everyone’s contribution after this. I suggest we save one to grant to the chief disciple who contributes the most.”

Li Qingchan smiled, looking at Zhou Yuan, and added, “Of course, Zhou Yuan is not on this list.”  

Zhou Yuan was not surprised. He had already gathered a lot of attention from receiving two seven-color flame lotus seeds. If he were given another one, it would most likely raise a lot of dissatisfaction. 

The other Chosen nodded, lighting up Tang Muxin’s face with joy.   

“Next is the seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure.” Li Qingchan darted her eyes over to the seven-color flame light, hesitation flickering across her face. 

This thing is too precious, it really is difficult to divide.

The other Chosen were also staring at the seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure with undisguised yearning.    

Li Qingchan pondered for a moment before she added, “This thing isn’t easy to divide, but if a Chosen is interested in it, I suggest that we use twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures to exchange for it.”   

Kong Sheng, Shang Chunqiu and others looked at each other in dismay. Twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures? This requirement was not easy. Even in this seven-color treasure location, they had only managed to obtain nine six-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

But they also knew what Li Qingchan meant. Since this object wasn’t easy to distribute among them, it might be better to let people directly exchange for it so that the six-color Divine Establishing Treasures could be divided equally with other Chosen. 

There was only a small profit if twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures were used to exchange for a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure. 

All the chosen went into deep thought. After all, it wasn’t a particularly easy thing to obtain twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures; it would no doubt consume a lot of time and energy. 

“You do not need to hand over the twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures right away. The time limit will be before we leave the Mythic Utopia. If one is unable to complete it before then, you can choose to return the seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure or use other things of similar value in exchange for it,” Li Qingchan added when she saw the hesitation in everybody’s eyes. 


Zhou Yuan licked his lips. Although he was salivating at the seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure, he would also shrink back if he needed to use twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures to exchange for it.

Moreover it was like carrying a huge debt...and all the other Chosen were his creditors.

The thought of the Chosen urging Zhou Yuan to quickly hand over six-color Divine Establishing Treasures whenever they saw him made him tremble a little. 

So, after thinking about it, he kept silent.    

Who wants it, can have it. There must be another chance to get a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure later.  

However, while Zhou Yuan kept silent, suddenly a clear and pleasant voice sounded, “Zhou Yuan wants that seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure.”

Zhou Yuan froze, twisting his head around to see Yaoyao smiling.

“Wait, I don't want it!” Zhou Yuan shouted in a hurry.  

Li Qingchan clapped her hands and exclaimed with a smile. “Well, then this seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure belongs to Zhou Yuan. Congratulations.”

She waved her beautiful hand and sent the seven-color flame light drifting over to Zhou Yuan.

The other Chosen also applauded, smiling insincerely at Zhou Yuan. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, we hope you can hand over twelve six-color Divine Establishing Treasures in time. Otherwise, we'll keep reminding you.”   

Looking at the seven-color flame light hovering in front of him, the corners of his mouth suddenly twitched crazily. 

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