Chapter 628 Flame Lotus

In the depths of the cave.  

All eyes of the Cangxuan Sect disciples were wide with shock as they stared at Tuntun patting its bulging belly with a satisfied look on its face.    

It was evident that the shock of Tuntun swallowing a dragon lizard wasn’t small at all.   

Tuntun, however, paid no attention to their gazes. Rubbing its belly, it leapt up and landed on Zhou Yuan's head, and no matter how he shook his head, Tuntun was still lying steadily on it.

Seeing this, Zhou Yuan could only helplessly purse his lips and ignore Tuntun.  

Chu Qing’s eyes lit up as he looked at Tuntun. “Tuntun can fight, and it is so cute. Junior brother Zhou Yuan, if you give Tuntun to me I will give you the position of Chosen in exchange!” 

Li Qingchan and others couldn’t help but roll their eyes. 

Tuntun, who was lying on top of Zhou Yuan's head, also cast a sidelong glance at Chu Qing and sneered. 

Zhou Yuan also didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He did not care for the position of Chosen. Moreover, the position of Chosen couldn’t be given away as one wished and required the agreement of the sect master! 

Moreover, if Sect Master Qingyang knew that Chu Qing had traded this position away, he would most likely release a torrent of abuse. 

“Don't act stupid here!” Li Qingchan said snappily. This Chu Qing was really enough to give her a headache sometimes.    

Chu Qing gave an embarrassed chuckle when he saw that everybody was staring at him. “I’m joking...let's hurry to the last cave.”

While speaking, he quickened his pace and headed straight for the last cave.

Seeing this, the rest of the people also hastened over. 

A moment later, the crowd gathered outside it. Chu Qing bravely took the lead and broke in. 

The last cave was extremely spacious and vast, but after investigating and reaching its deepest parts, they found that it was completely empty. There wasn’t a single strange object inside, but the Genesis Qi was much more abundant than the outside.   

“Where's the seven-color treasure location?” Everybody looked at each other in puzzlement. This was the place that the dragon lizard had guarded, and it was bound to be the most important place in the seven-color treasure location, but why was there nothing?

Chu Qing also rubbed his shiny head, a confused look crossing his face.  

Kong Sheng and the other Chosen were almost unable to bear it any longer. They had worked incredibly hard to defend the seven-color treasure location. They found it difficult to accept this result.

“After we came here, nobody else had entered, and Tuntun fought the dragon lizard as soon as we came inside.” Tang Muxin knitted her brows.

“Should we search more carefully?” someone suggested.    

During the chaos, Yaoyao left and went to the innermost mountain wall, stretched out her beautiful hand and closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Li Qingchan also turned her head to study the mountain wall but immediately scrunched her brows because she couldn’t sense anything strange.

After a moment, Yaoyao withdrew her palm and said slowly, “Break this wall.”

Everybody exchanged puzzled glances with one another, and finally Shang Chunqiu came forward, grinning. “Leave this kind of rough work to me.”

He came to stand in front of the mountain wall. He clenched his hands, and his body suddenly swelled up. His skin glowed with a jade light, and an indistinct silver light appeared within his blood and flesh.

A very terrifying force was surging in his body.   

At the very back of the group, Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed as he studied Shang Chunqiu’s body. His flesh and blood were silver, which suggested he was at the silver bone stage, but the silver color was much purer than Zhou Yuan’s. 

This was a true Mythic Saint Body.  


Shang Chunqiu thrust his fist out like an enraged dragon roaring into the air. His fist fiercely slammed into the solid mountain wall.


The mountain wall directly cracked, and countless fractures branched from where his fist had hit. In just a few seconds, they covered the entire mountain wall.


In the end the mountain wall collapsed.    

Chu Qing flicked his sleeve, sending out Genesis Qi to sweep the crumbled boulders away.

All eyes were fixed on the mountain wall. Behind was an expanse of red gushing over towards them. The temperature inside the cave rocketed, and even the air approached sizzling.

A look of horror came to everybody’s eyes because behind the mountain wall was a magma lake. 

Violent and scorching Genesis Qi gushed towards them endlessly, and even the air seemed to be burning.  

“There is indeed something hidden here!” Li Qingchan exclaimed.

“The wall here is strange, and it isn’t made up of ordinary rocks. It can block the detection of Genesis Qi,” Chu Qing said with a smile as he picked up and for a moment studied a piece of rock that had tumbled off the wall. 

“It’s thanks to Yaoyao.” Li Qingchan smiled. Even Chu Qing’s perception ability might not be able to match Yaoyao’s. At least, Chu Qing couldn’t sense the strangeness behind the mountain wall.  

The crowd nodded, and they then carefully stepped through, stopping at the edge of the magma lake.

And when they came here, sweeping their eyes around, they immediately saw that in the center of the magma lake was a fiery red lotus floating on the lake’s surface.

“The treasure is there,” Chu Qing said with a smile as he rubbed his palms together.   

The others’ eyes were also blazing. They were evidently also aware of the magnificent Genesis Qi inside the fiery red lotus flower.

Under everyone’s fiery gaze, the red lotus flower bloomed slowly, revealing a flame light in its centre. Surrounding it was a seven-color halo.

Everybody was emotionally moved when they laid eyes on the seven-color flame light.

“Seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure!”

Looking at the seven-color flame light, even Chosen would be unable to control their excitement, let alone ordinary disciples. Once one obtained a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure, one could at the very least open a seven-color divine palace once one stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage.

There were only a few people among the Chosen who would have absolute certainty in opening a seven-color divine palace.

While all eyes were intently staring at the seven-color flame light, the flame lotus once again bloomed with a dazzling light. More than a dozen lotus seeds were near the lotus’ heart, and they were swallowing the light and constantly absorbing pure and powerful Genesis Qi from the magma. 

The flame lotus seeds were emitting the purest Genesis Qi, causing the numerous Chosen’s hearts to pound rapidly. Their lips were dry, and their mouths were parched. 

These lotus seeds were clearly also extremely rare treasures!

Under numerous blazing gazes, Chu Qing made a move. Transforming his Genesis Qi into a huge hand, he directly harvested the flame lotus from the magma lake. 

The flame lotus floated over, hovering in front of the crowd.  

Gazing at the lotus flower born from the spiritual qi of the heaven and the earth, Chu Qing smacked his lips, “Everyone, we should next split the treasures, which I believe everyone is looking forward to doing…” 

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