Chapter 627 Swallow in One Mouthful

The seven-color treasure land, located underground, was a huge maze-like cave.

Chu Qing led Zhou Yuan and the others to enter the cave, and they saw multiple armoured lizard corpses strewn across the ground. It was evident that when Tuntun had led the many disciples of the Cangxuan Sect inside, they had gone through a brutal fight.

Although the number of armoured lizards wasn’t small, with Tuntun as the leader, they obviously couldn’t create any obstacles for the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.

The numerous Chosen moved rapidly along the way, and in just over half an hour, they reached the deepest parts of the cave. They knew this because there was an outbreak of extremely violent Genesis Qi.

There was clearly a fierce battle happening.  

Zhou Yuan and the others shifted their gazes to the commotion. In the huge cave, there were two tremendous figures in a fierce battle, and one was naturally Tuntun who had transformed into combat form. 

At this moment, its four hoofs were treading on Genesis Qi. It looked majestic, its body constantly exuding a mysterious and imposing aura.

The huge monster in battle with Tuntun was a golden dragon lizard with dragon claws, and it was abnormally violent. As it clawed, it ripped marks in the air.

Judging from the fluctuations of the Genesis Qi emitting from the dragon lizard’s body, its strength was clearly in no way weaker than that of any Chosen of the various sects.

While Tuntun was battling the dragon lizard, the other disciples of the Cangxuan Sect were clearing away a vast number of armoured lizards. The air inside the whole huge cave was saturated with the stench of blood. 

“Let’s help clean up those armoured lizards first.” Chu Qing did not interfere in the battle between Tuntun and the dragon lizard, but he intended to first clean up the rest of the scene.

Zhou Yuan and the others nodded before they darted over and landed in front of the armoured lizards that were endlessly coming forth.   

The strength of the majority of these armoured lizards was around the first level of the Alpha-Origin stage. Based on their numbers, they could match up to the numerous disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, but when the Chosen joined the battle, the situation instantly turned into a one-sided massacre.

Every time a Chosen made a move, multiple armoured lizards were killed within seconds. In only a few minutes, the armoured lizards began to retreat from fear.


It was at this time that Tang Muxin, Jin Zhang and the other chief disciples could catch their breaths, but when they saw that Chu Qing, Zhou Yuan and the others had come, they cried out in surprise, “You don’t need to take care of the outside?”

Although they were in the middle of the treasure location, they could still imagine that there were undercurrents surging outside. They knew they couldn’t let their guards down. 

But now that even Chu Qing and the others had darted in, what was the situation? Had they lost control, so all the Chosen retreated into the treasure location to speed up the pace of their plundering?    

“Zhou Yuan had defeated the Sacred Palace’s Chai Ying, and the Sacred Palace retreated. This seven-color treasure location now belongs to our Cangxuan Sect,” Li Qingchan explained with a smile. 

Tang Muxin, Jin Zhang and Baili Che were all dumbstruck. 

The other disciples were also blankly staring at them. 

“Zhou Yuan defeated Chai Ying? How is that possible?!” Baili Che was the first to exclaim out loud. He was aware that Chai Ying was the youngest Chosen of the Sacred Palace and was said to have a boundless future. 

How could he be defeated by Zhou Yuan?

But very soon, he quickly calmed down because his rationality told him that the Chosen would not joke around about such a matter. Knowing this, his gaze turned complex when it fell on Zhou Yuan. 


Half a year ago, he still somewhat looked down on Zhou Yuan and had even scoffed at Zhou Yuan's identity as a chief disciple. 

But he had most likely never thought that Zhou Yuan would exceed him just half a year later.

Some time ago when Zhou Yuan broke the arm of the Sacred Palace’s Zhao Jing, Baili Chi already felt that Zhou Yuan had overtaken him. He had thought that this should be Zhou Yuan’s limit, but today, cruel reality showed itself once again.

While Baili Chi was still trying his best to climb towards the position of Chosen, Zhou Yuan had already defeated a Chosen.    

Kong Sheng made a loud cough, breaking the shocked silence, and asked, “How is the situation here?”

Tang Muxin withdrew her beautiful eyes from Zhou Yuan and said in an excited voice, “We explored along the way and found that this seven-color treasure location is incredibly vast. We have found five caves that can be called six-color treasure locations. From them we discovered five broken mythic tokens and nine six-color Divine Establishing Treasures. Of course, there were several other Divine Establishing Treasures of different levels.

“And because of time, we could only do a rough search.”   

Tang Muxin waved her beautiful hand and a light flashed before her. Everyone saw five flashing mythic tokens. But they were in the same condition as the one in Zhou Yuan’s hand, in a badly damaged state.

In addition to the five broken tokens, there were prism-shaped gems the size of baby fists that were fluctuating with incredibly pure Genesis Qi. 

They were evidently all six-color Divine Establishing Treasures!  

Even Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment at the harvest, and the other Chosen all had blazing looks in their eyes. 

The seven-color treasure location was indeed worthy of its reputation.    

Looking at the treasures in front of him, Chu Qing pondered for a moment before he said, “Zhou Yuan made the greatest contribution in this seven-color treasure location. I suggest he gets a share of two of these five mythic tokens.”

The other Chosen were silent for a moment, and then the majority nodded gently. 

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t helped out when Jiang Taishen unexpectedly sent Chai Ying and Chi Lei into the boundary, the current situation would most likely be very different.    

Based on contribution, Zhou Yuan’s was indeed the most obvious. Even Kong Sheng couldn’t say anything to this decision. 

When Chu Qing saw that there was no objection, he flicked his fingers, and two mythic tokens shot towards Zhou Yuan. “With these two combined with what you have originally, you should be able to refine them into a complete mythic token.”

Zhou Yuan hurriedly received them. Clasping the two broken mythic tokens, a tide of excitement surged in his heart. With these items, when the final opportunity emerged, he would have the qualifications to come into contact with the mountain range’s greatest blessing.   

“As for the other treasures, let’s wait until we've finished exploring the seven-color treasure location before we divide them.” Chu Qing flung his sleeve and put away all the treasures.

Others also nodded, knowing that this was not the time to divide the treasures.    

“The thing guarded by the dragon lizard is the most important treasure in this seven-color treasure location.” Li Qingchan cast her beautiful eyes to the depths of the cave where there was a crevice in the mountain wall. It was exuding incredibly pure energy.

Others also looked at it with blazing eyes, but that direction was the place where Tuntun was battling the dragon lizard. 

Evidently, the dragon lizard was the last guardian beast. 


Under everybody’s gazes, the battle between Tuntun and the dragon lizard intensified. Both sides used their incredibly tough physical bodies to fight, causing the mountains to rock and the ground to quake.

While Zhou Yuan and others were watching intently, Yaoyao’s voice suddenly rang out, “Tuntun, stop playing around.” 

In the battlefield, Tuntun, who was happily fighting the dragon lizard, suddenly released a majestic roar when it heard Yaoyao’s voice. The next moment, a beam of black light gushed from its tremendous mouth. 

The black light whizzed out, wrapping around the golden dragon lizard’s body. 

While that black light was twisting, everyone could see that it was engraving a mysterious mark onto the dragon lizard’s body. 


When the mark took shape, Tuntun lifted its head skywards and let out a deafening roar. The black light fully wrapped around the fiercely struggling dragon lizard, and then it ultimately returned to Tuntun, bringing the wrapped dragon lizard with it. Tuntun swallowed the gigantic dragon lizard into its stomach in one mouthful.    

After swallowing the dragon lizard, Tuntun’s huge body also rapidly shrank and finally resumed its usual mini-form. But at this time its belly was bulging. It stretched out its claws and gently patted its stomach. Its flesh suddenly rippled like waves, and Tuntun let out a loud, satisfied belch.    

Inside the cave, it was utterly quiet.    

Even the numerous Chosen felt a chill surge in their hearts. It was clear that watching Tuntun swallow the dragon lizard, whose strength was comparable to that of a Chosen, had a great impact on them.

Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the others exchanged glances with one another, noticing the flicker of shock in each other’s eyes.   

What Genesis Beast is that Tuntun? How could it be this terrifying...   

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