Chapter 626 Solely Occupying the Seven-Color Treasure Location

As the people of various sects swiftly retreated, the tense atmosphere in the area faded, and the surging undercurrents disappeared.

Chu Qing and Li Qingchan breathed a sigh of relief as they watched the people of Sacred Palace retreat. Although they had held the initiative, it would still be troublesome if they were to fight to the death with the Sacred Palace.  

But fortunately, given Jiang Taishen’s rationality, it was unlikely for him to do something like that.

“Continue to defend the boundary,” Chu Qing said, looking over in Yaoyao’s direction.     

Although the Sacred Palace had retreated, they still couldn’t completely relax their vigilance. If someone were to sneak in, it would be extremely troublesome.

Yaoyao clasped the Genesis Rune Brush, and a flicker of spirit light condensed at its tip. With a gentle shake, there was suddenly a number of Genesis Runes emerging, fusing with the boundary ahead.

The boundary rippled, and the dazzling light grew a little duller.

The boundary was temporarily in a defensive state, and the consumption of Genesis Qi was lessened, but it could still be immediately awakened if needed.

Chu Qing and the other Chosen, upon seeing this scene, instantly left the boundary nodes and came to the valley mouth in a flash.

With a dark face, Chi Lei of the Sacred Palace watched the numerous Cangxuan Sect Chosen arrive. He couldn’t help but panic a little, and he even retreated repeatedly.

Chu Qing smiled at him and said, “Zhao Zhu, go and seal his Genesis Qi.”  

Zhao Zhu headed towards Chi Lei when he heard the order. The expression in Chi Lei’s eyes changed constantly, but under the watchful eyes of the countless Cangxuan Sect Chosen, he dared not fight back. He had no choice but to let Zhao Zhu temporarily seal his Genesis Qi.

“If you work with us, we will release you once we have finished harvesting the seven-color treasure location. But if you try any tricks, don’t blame us for being ruthless,” Chu Qing warned.

Although Chi Lei had become a hostage, Chu Qing also understood that they couldn’t do much to him because that would completely infuriate the Sacred Palace.

Chi Lei’s face was dark, but he did not utter a word. He also understood that if he were to try something, it would be the same as asking for trouble. After all, no matter how many tricks he had up his sleeve, there was no way he could block so many Cangxuan Sect Chosen.

Chi Lei turned away. He went far away and picked up Chai Ying, who was still unconscious. With frustration, he kicked Chai Ying to the side.

After dealing with Chi Lei, Chu Qing and Li Qingchan turned to Zhou Yuan with a look of surprise in their eyes.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you’ve been hiding yourself deeply.” Chu Qing chuckled.

Any ordinary Chosen would be afraid of the power that Zhou Yuan had used to crush Chai Ying’s golden black pill.   

“What did you use just now? How could you make your own Genesis Qi grow that strong? It doesn’t seem to be a Genesis technique from our Cangxuan Sect?” Kong Sheng asked, staring at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan frowned, giving Kong Sheng a calm stare, and paid no more attention to him.

But Li Qingchan moved her red lips and answered, “Senior brother Kong Sheng, every person has their own opportunities. Our Cangxuan Sect also has no rule that disciples must only cultivate the sect’s techniques.” 

The other Chosen also nodded.    

Kong Sheng flushed red with embarrassment. It was because he was very curious about the reason why Zhou Yuan could make his Genesis Qi skyrocket that he couldn’t help but ask. Evidently he went too far with the question.

Feeling that the atmosphere was a little awkward, Chu Qing hurriedly smiled and remarked, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you can be considered famous after this.”

Zhou Yuan had defeated Chai Ying in front of so many people. This was an amazing accomplishment. After today, there would be another person on the list of people of the Cangxuan Sect to be cautious about. 

Facing Chu Qing's teasing, Zhou Yuan smiled. “If senior brother Chu Qing and the others hadn’t obstructed the people of the Sacred Palace outside, how would I have had the opportunity to show off?”

“There is no need to be modest. Your contribution this time isn’t small. If you hadn’t stood up then, it would have been difficult for us...” Chu Qing waved his hand repeatedly. 

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t come forward, then given Zhao Zhu’s strength, it was certainly impossible for him to counter two Chosen of the Sacred Palace, and he would have been defeated.  

And once Zhao Zhu was defeated, the situation for the Cangxuan Sect would be greatly weakened. At that time, Chu Qing also would have chosen to give in and allowed the Sacred Palace to take a huge bite of the seven-color treasure location, which they had discovered first.  

In truth this loss was not unacceptable, but the Cangxuan Sect's face...  

“Thanks to junior brother Zhou Yuan, our Cangxuan Sect can swallow the seven-color treasure location ourselves.” Chu Qing grinned and patted Zhou Yuan's shoulder. He then immediately stared into the depths of the valley with blazing eyes. “Come on, since the strong enemy has retreated, we can enter this seven-color treasure location and see what opportunity there is...”  

When this statement came out, the other Chosen’s eyes also lit up with excitement. The seven-color treasure location was abundant in treasure, but they originally thought that they could only make a rough sweep of the location because of the Sacred Palace’s interference. Unexpectedly, the Sacred Palace retreated and gave them enough time to completely hollow out the seven-color treasure location.  

So, the group of people left two Chosen to guard the outside while the rest, headed by Chu Qing, quickly plundered the resources in the valley.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were at the back of the group. She softly glanced at him, a subtle smile curving on her lips, and said in her clear voice, “You stole the limelight again.”

She took a look at Zhou Yuan's palm. The others did not know what means Zhou Yuan had used in the battle, but she was very clear that it was the Genesis Rune that Zhou Yuan had obtained from the main peak of the Saint Genesis Peak, the Earth Saint Rune.

Zhou Yuan let out a sigh, “There is still a gap in my Genesis Qi foundation compared to that of a Chosen.” 

He now had around ten thousand Genesis Qi stars condensed in his Qi Dwelling, but compared to Chai Ying, the gap was still huge. Moreover, he knew that Chai Ying was ranked last among the Sacred Palace Chosen. 

It was hard to imagine how strong the Genesis Qi foundation of a Chosen like Jin Chanzi would be.    

Yaoyao gave a faint smile, “You are only in the seventh level, if you make a breakthrough, your Genesis Qi will naturally rise rapidly.” 

She shifted her beautifully clear eyes to the entrance ahead that led into the seven-color treasure location, then continued, “The seven-color treasure location is quite extraordinary, if you were to obtain an opportunity inside, then perhaps it will help you break through.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, his eyes blazing. It was precisely because of the golden pool water in the six-color treasure location that he could break through to the golden blood stage.

The six-color treasure location also wasn’t ordinary at all; therefore, Zhou Yuan was very curious about what kind of opportunity would be inside this seven-color treasure location.

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