Chapter 625 Sacred Palace Retreats


The figure of Chai Ying fell from the sky, landing heavily on the ground.    

Having his golden black pill shattered, Chai Ying evidently suffered unimaginable injuries. Now that the Genesis Qi inside his body had greatly weakened, he no longer had any more fighting power remaining.

Countless eyes had silently watched the figure plunge to the ground, and the whole world had fallen deathly silent.    

All lines of sight then gathered on the calm figure still standing tall. This time, a flickering fear could be seen in their eyes.

Even the Chosen of the various sects quelled the arrogance they had held within themselves. 

The Chosens of various sects had also heard about Zhou Yuan's accomplishments before, but they had attached no importance to them. In their views, it was nothing but a battle between chief disciples and had no significance to them. 

Just as a lion or tiger wouldn’t care about the killing between wolves.    

But at this very moment, they had no choice but to suppress their arrogance because they understood that the young wolf in their eyes also had the power to fight lions and tigers.

Zhou Yuan, a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect, was already comparable to a Chosen!  

It was the first time they had encountered a chief disciple who could defeat a Chosen!

At this moment, the Chosen of the various sects began to truly pay attention to Zhou Yuan.    

They knew that if they did not do so, then perhaps the next time they met, what happened to Chai Ying could also happen to them.    

While Chai Ying plunged to the ground, the atmosphere on another battlefield at the valley’s mouth had also become a little awkward. It was the battle between Zhao Zhu and Chi Lei.  

At this time, both Zhao Zhu or Chi Lei were standing stiffly while looking in Zhou Yuan's direction. Their eyes were wide with shock and disbelief. 

Evidently, neither man could accept such an outcome.  

Previously, when Zhou Yuan had recommended himself and had wanted to become a substitute defender, Zhao Zhu was the one who was most against it. In his view, Zhou Yuan purely wanted to take advantage of this chance to earn credit. How could Zhou Yuan, a chief disciple, be qualified to participate in a battle between Chosen?

So when Chai Ying rushed over to Zhou Yuan, Zhao Zhu already decided that the outcome of that battle would not end well, but there was nothing he could do. After all, he also couldn’t free himself from his present battle.  


However, he did not expect that while he was using all his strength to deal with Chi Lei, there would be a victory on the other side of the battlefield. 

Moreover...the result was one that he had dared not imagine.

“How could he defeat Chai Ying?”  

The same words fell at almost the same time from Zhao Zhu’s and Chi Lei’s mouths.

However, Zhao Zhu’s face was crossed with shock and disbelief, while Chi Lei’s flickered with fear. 

The current situation was immediately out of his control.    

He originally thought that Chai Ying would quickly get rid of Zhou Yuan and then join forces with him to deal with Zhao Zhu. At that time, the initiative of the situation would fall into the hands of his Sacred Palace, and the Cangxuan Sect would have no choice but to bow their heads. 

But now there was a change in the situation. Not only did Chai Ying fail to get rid of Zhou Yuan, but he was defeated—their plan was destroyed completely.

Cold sweat beaded Chi Lei's forehead. He no longer dared to actively attack Zhao Zhu. Instead, he began to retreat, his eyes darting vigilantly between Zhou Yuan and Zhao Zhu.    

In the distance, Zhou Yuan gradually calmed the boiling blood and qi inside his body and spat out a lump of blood. His body was still throbbing with pain; if he was an ordinary person, he most likely would have already lost the strength to fight.  

Fortunately Zhou Yuan had cultivated the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, so there was a strong life force flowing all around his body, quickly repairing his injuries. 

He lifted his head, locking his eyes on Chi Lei in the distance. In a flash, Zhou Yuan reappeared next to Zhao Zhu.  

“Chosen Zhao Zhu, you still haven’t settled it yet?” Zhou Yuan asked with a faint smile. 

Zhao Zhu’s face turned pasty, and he gave a cold sneer. If it were the past, he certainly would have snapped, but he understood that the present Zhou Yuan was no longer the same chief disciple from before.   

The moment Zhou Yuan defeated Chai Ying, he was qualified to be a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.    

So based on status and identity, Zhou Yuan was in no way inferior to him. He no longer had any right to look down on Zhou Yuan, whether it was in strength or identity.

Seeing that Zhou Yuan had arrived, Chi Lei’s face turned even more solemn. Genesis Qi surged frantically around his body, and he was on full alert.

But Zhou Yuan simply glanced at him and did not directly attack. Instead, he turned towards the direction of Chu Qing and the others because the situation was now extremely clear.

If the Sacred Palace didn’t want to leave both Chai Ying and Chi Lei to be buried here, then they should admit defeat.    

Chu Qing gently nodded when Zhou Yuan cast a glance over, and he immediately turned to Jiang Taishen outside the boundary, sighing. “Jiang Taishen, what a shame. It seems that the two Chosen you have sent out have failed to complete your task.” 

Jiang Taishen’s eyes drooped for an instant before he replied with an indifferent look on his face. “Chu Qing, aren’t you being too complacent?”

Chu Qing smiled and said lazily, “You can make your own choice on what to do next. If you still want to continue playing, then my Cangxuan Sect will accompany you.” 

Given the present situation, the initiative had now fallen into the hands of the Cangxuan Sect. If the Sacred Palace wanted to continue to fight, they would have to fight to the death. 

But various sects were gathered here, watching in the dark. The Sacred Palace most likely did not have the courage to fight to the bitter end.

This was also the reason why Jiang Taishen had sent Chai Ying and Chi Lei in, hoping to break them from the inside and thereby weaken the Cangxuan Sect. Unfortunately his plan had utterly failed. 

If the Sacred Palace still intended to continue to drag on the battle, then the Sacred Palace would inevitably lose Chi Lei and Chai Ying, two of their Chosen. 

In truth, Jiang Taishen was not particularly concerned with their lives. However, even if they died, it would not make the Sacred Palace's situation any better. 

Jiang Taishen slightly closed his eyes, which slowly opened a moment later as a smile resurfaced on his face. “Chu Qing, this time our Sacred Palace admits defeat. The location of the seven-color treasure has no fate with my Sacred Palace.”

He was a decisive person. Knowing that it would be useless even if he were to drag this on, he might as well choose to give up.    

The other Chosen of the Sacred Palace, although reluctant, dared not disobey Jiang Taishen’s order. They had no choice but to gradually withdraw their Genesis Qi. They similarly understood that their Sacred Palace was already at a disadvantage. 

Seeing this, Chu Qing chuckled out loud. “In that case, retreat. After this matter is finished, my Cangxuan Sect will release your two Chosen.” 


Jiang Taishen remained calm and composed and did not say much. Instead his eyes suddenly darted towards Zhou Yuan’s figure in the valley, and they narrowed. “Zhou Yuan, am I right? My Sacred Palace will remember today’s matter.”

His voice fell, and he directly turned away, treading across the Genesis Qi in the air without even taking a glance at the severely wounded Chi Lei and Chai Ying.

He was not worried that the Cangxuan Sect would kill them because, just as he did not want to fight to death with the Cangxuan Sect, they were also afraid of truly angering them.

Zhan Taiqing turned around and tried to catch up. Jin Chanzi’s golden eyes continued to stare at Zhou Yuan from afar with undisguised coldness.   

“Zhou Yuan, I hope you can come out of the Mythic Utopia alive.” He smiled, his voice thick with killing intent.    

Then he also turned away.    

In just over ten seconds, all the people of the Sacred Palace had completely retreated.    

Following the retreat of the Sacred Palace, the various forces and sects hidden in the mountains also began to have some regret. They understood that if even the Sacred Palace had to return in low spirits, nobody else could touch the seven-color treasure location.

As a result, the other forces also began to retreat.    

However, before leaving, those eyes once again darted over to the young and slender figure in the valley. They knew that after today, Zhou Yuan's name would be known throughout the various sects.

Zhou Yuan, the Cangxuan Sect’s new Chosen. 

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