Chapter 624 New Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect

Under the scrutiny of countless shocked gazes, fine cracks slowly emerged across the golden black pill. When they covered the entirety of the pill, the golden black pill was unable to endure it any longer and finally...exploded.

A deafening sound resounded through the skies.  

Sparks of black light burst out like fireworks, followed by an endlessly raging storm of Genesis Qi.

The whole world fell utterly silent.    

Everyone was dumbstruck as they gazed and stared at the specks of black light filling the sky.    

No one thought that Chai Ying's golden black pill would actually shatter!

Evidently, during his fierce confrontation with Zhou Yuan, his golden black pill paid an unimaginable price despite withstanding Zhou Yuan's attack.

Outside the valley.    

Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the other Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect were similarly watching the scene with shocked expressions on their faces. The result was not one that had crossed anybody’s mind before.

“This...” Li Qingchan’s beautiful eyes flashed with amazement. Gazing at Zhou Yuan's figure, an extraordinarily complex look appeared on her stunning face. 

At the beginning, she had always felt uncomfortable towards the relationship between Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan because Yaoyao was too outstanding. Compared to Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan undoubtedly appeared dull and ordinary even if his accomplishments were pretty good. 

Therefore, Li Qingchan had always been very puzzled about what Yaoyao saw in Zhou Yuan.

But it was only today that she truly understood that the potential this youngster had was far beyond her imagination.

Li Qingchan turned towards Yaoyao's direction. Yaoyao still exhibited no expression on her face, but her red lips were curved in a shallow smile. Her clear and bright eyes were fixedly staring at the slender and tall figure. 

Even if the whole world did not believe in Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao always had confidence in him.

Chu Qing stared at Zhou Yuan's figure, sighing, “Our junior brother is really not simple after all. After this battle, there is most likely going to be another Chosen in our Cangxuan Sect.” 

Zhou Yuan had used strength to prove himself. No one could utter any word of doubt at this moment.

Even Kong Sheng fell silent, as his eyes were similarly wide with shock. 

Compared to Chu Qing and the others, the people of Sacred Palace in the sky outside the valley looked much worse.

Even the calm smile that was always on Jiang Taishen’s face had faded. His eyes were flickering with a cold light as he stared at the young figure in the distance. 

“Useless,” Zhan Taiqing said indifferently, her long and shapely brows scrunched together.

Jiang Taishen remarked indifferently, “It seems that this person does have a few mysterious tricks up his sleeve. It’s no wonder he had caught the palace master's attention.” 

Jin Chanzi fixed a piercing stare at Zhou Yuan's figure, saying, “But no matter how he jumps, he will soon become a prisoner of my Sacred Palace.”

Now that the palace master had personally given an order, they had to capture Zhou Yuan and bring him back to the Sacred Palace no matter what.

Jiang Taishen and Zhan Taiqing nodded. Although Zhou Yuan's previous performance was extremely remarkable, it would be too much to say that this made them fearful of him given their status. 

In a distant place of the valley.  

While all parties were in a stunned state, Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace was also silent. This scene was also beyond her expectation.

The other female Chosen also gazed at each other, eyes filled with shock and astonishment.

“How could he break Chai Ying’s golden black pill?!” a female Chosen couldn't help but ask aloud.

Although Chai Ying was ranked last among the Chosen from the Sacred Palace, his strength still shouldn’t be underestimated. To break his golden black pill, Zhou Yuan had to have possessed incredible strength surpassing even the limit that the golden black pill could bear.

And this was something that not many Chosen of the Hundred Flowers Fair Palace could achieve.

But Zhou Yuan was just a chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect!   

Shocked, they shifted their gazes over to Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo and finally sighed, “They are from such a small continent. How are there so many talents?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo were also known to be outstanding within the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. Although they couldn’t match up to Zhou Yuan, they would certainly be able to ascend to the position of Chosen in time.

They discovered that the young boys and girls from Cangmang continent were all very impressive and prodigious.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo exchanged a glance with each other. Evidently, this result was also not what they had imagined. 

In their view, it was already remarkable that Zhou Yuan could withstand Chai Ying’s attacks. It never once crossed their minds that Zhou Yuan could destroy Chai Ying’s golden black pill.

“This guy...,” Zuoqiu Qingyu said, propping her chin in the palm of her hand, “he really is becoming more and more abnormal.”  

Luluo nodded repeatedly in agreement.   


Under countless gazes of astonishment, Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at the black light that filled the sky and drew a deep breath. Yellow qi was slowly rising on the surface of his body. 

His body seemed to be bubbling. This was because the great earth Genesis Qi was too fierce, resulting in his body being riddled with thousands of holes.

But fortunately his physical body had reached the golden blood stage. At the same time, the Taiyi Green Wood Mark was exuding a vigorous life force to repair the wounds covering his body. 

“The earth Genesis Qi absorbed by the Earth Saint Rune is too tyrannical and has strict requirements.” After these two uses, Zhou Yuan gained a deeper understanding about the sacred rune.

The Genesis Qi of the earth, after compressing and refining, was so indescribably majestic that it simply was unbearable for an ordinary physical body.   

Moreover, to draw earth Genesis Qi from a three hundred miles radius was presently the limit that Zhou Yuan could bear. If he drew anymore in, his physical body would burst apart. 

While enduring the sharp pain in his body, Zhou Yuan cast a glance over at Chai Ying’s figure in the sky.   

Chai Ying's eyes were staring blankly at the black specks of light in the sky, his body trembling. A jet of blood suddenly spewed from his mouth. 

The Genesis Qi surging over his body was also weakening at an astonishing rate. 

“It's's impossible...”  

A hoarse voice repeatedly sounded from his mouth as blood continuously flowed out. Evidently, he simply could not accept the result. He could not imagine that he would be defeated by a mere chief disciple!

The golden black pill that he had cultivated and refined for years had been shattered, and half of his cultivation base was also destroyed. 

“The Chosen of Sacred Palace...” Below, Zhou Yuan’s eyes were like knives as he stared intently at Chai Ying. He slowly warned, “It seems that you can’t live past today.”

When Zhou Yuan’s voice faded, the blood and qi inside Chai Ying’s body couldn’t be suppressed any longer, and it all spurted out from his mouth. He felt everything darken in front of him, and under countless shocked gazes, his body plunged to the ground...

The outcome of a battle between a Chosen of the Sacred Palace and a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect...surprised everyone. 

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