Chapter 623 Blue Serpent Destroys Golden Pill

The surging Genesis Qi, like the eruption of a volcano, burst forth from Zhou Yuan’s body in a steady stream. At his feet cracks spread across the ground. 

The fluctuation of Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan’s body was terrifyingly powerful!  

It was because he activated the Earth Saint rune and absorbed the Genesis Qi within nearly three hundred miles!    

That was three times as much as when he had killed Fan Yao!   

The Genesis Qi of the earth whizzed around Zhou Yuan’s body, and this kind of erosion caused his skin to crack constantly. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan's physical body had grown stronger, so as soon as a bloody crack appeared, it swiftly healed. 

Zhou Yuan's robe billowed outwards, his hair fluttering in the air. His pale yellow eyes locked onto Chai Ying in the sky, killing intent flashing through.

In the sky, a look of surprise came over Chai Ying’s face as he stared at Zhou Yuan because he felt a real threat.

“That guy, why did his Genesis Qi increase so sharply? I have never heard of such a strange skill in the Cangxuan Sect before!” Chai Ying’s face grew dark, but his heart was filled with puzzlement.

But he quickly quelled his emotions. 

The most important thing now was not the trick that Zhou Yuan used but how to suppress it.

“You want to kill me? You are indeed arrogant!” Chai Ying sneered out loud. Although Zhou Yuan exuded an astonishing imposing aura, it was not that easy to make Chai Ying afraid!    

He knew that if he were to lose to Zhou Yuan, others would say that a Chosen of the Sacred Palace couldn’t even defeat a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect. It would be a great blow to the Sacred Palace’s reputation. 

So no matter what, he had to kill Zhou Yuan here today!   

Chai Ying slowly lifted his palm, and black-gold Genesis Qi gushed forth from his body like a torrent, blotting out the sky in a similarly majestic manner.

As a young Chosen of the Sacred Palace, Chai Ying’s strength was naturally extraordinary. 

“I want to see who’s going to kill who!” Chai Ying's voice was thick with killing intent.

Zhou Yuan’s face was devoid of expression when he looked at Chai Ying. Without uttering a single word, he suddenly clasped his palms together, making a sharp and clear sound.

In his body, terrifying Genesis Qi was bubbling. His cheeks bulged, causing a vague yellow luster filled with a dangerous aura to seep out.

The air around him gradually began to distort, which was evidently caused by the incomparably violent force in his body.

Countless people cast horrified glances in Zhou Yuan’s direction knowing that he was about to launch a terrifying attack.   

Chai Ying’s pupils shrank.  

“Earth Saint Rune, Blue Serpent power!”     

A muffled noise sounded from Zhou Yuan’s heart. 

His mouth suddenly opened, and a tremendous torrent of bluish-yellow flooded out. In that torrent was unexpectedly a huge bluish-yellow serpent.   

The giant serpent roared skywards, causing the earth to quake and the sky to tremble.   

The giant serpent seemed familiar. It was an extraordinary image that appeared only when Zhou Yuan activated the Omni Serpent Qi. It was clear that Zhou Yuan had fused the Omni Serpent Qi and the Genesis Qi of the earth together!  

In this way, the power of both rose dramatically.  

The bluish-yellow serpent roared out, pouncing straight towards Chai Ying with a lightning speed and a ferocious imposing aura.

Watching the serpent speed over, Chai Ying’s face also abruptly changed. He already knew that Zhou Yuan's counter-attack would certainly be ferocious, but he had not expected it to exceed his expectations.

But Chai Ying also knew that he couldn’t back down now. He had to directly tear down all Zhou Yuan’s offensives. Only in this way could he maintain his face amongst the others.


“You think I, a Chosen, would be afraid of a little chief disciple?” Chai Ying’s eyes flashed coldly. He knew that he could no longer hold back. He drew a deep breath and slightly opened his mouth. Rays of black and gold light slowly rose into the air, and a golden black pill the size of a baby’s fist emerged from his mouth. 

The golden black pill was covered with a mysterious pattern. It seemed small, but when it appeared, the air began to faintly twist.

All forces and parties exclaimed in shock upon seeing this occur.

“That's...that's the strongest art of the Golden Sacred Hall, the Golden Black Pill!”   

On the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace’s side, Gong Wan was staring blankly in disbelief. “Chai Ying actually summoned out the Golden Black Pill. It seems he is pushed to his limits.”

The Sacred Palace’s Golden Sacred Hall had a secret technique called the Golden Black Pill. It involved gathering and refining Genesis Qi into different types of pills—and constantly compressing such Genesis Qi into the pill. The power of the golden black pill could crush mountains and rivers.

However, the golden black pill was the source of strength for the disciples of the Golden Sacred Hall. In general, it wouldn’t be summoned unless it was the most critical moment for fear of it being damaged and affecting the foundation of the Golden Sacred Hall.

“To be able to push a Chosen of the Golden Sacred Hall to this point, that Zhou Yuan is quite impressive.” Gong Wan turned to Zuoqiu Qingyu. “But trouble has also come. Since Chai Ying summoned out the golden black pill, it means he will fight to the end...

“That Zhou Yuan, can he really suppress the power of the golden black pill?” 

At this moment, even Gong Wan was skeptical.     



The golden black pill floated in front of Chai Ying, whose eyes were filled with a sinister killing intent. His robe billowed outwards, and the golden black pill emitted a black halo before it whizzed away.


When the golden black pill shot out, the air began to sizzle and crackle. The air was beginning to become somewhat distorted, and the Genesis Qi inside the golden black pill was like a meteor streaking across the sky.

This power was enough to destroy heaven and earth.   

Evidently, the killing intent in Chai Ying’s heart had soared to its peak. He no longer had any intention of displaying any showy moves, and he instead directly summoned out the golden black pill in order to completely wipe out Zhou Yuan. 

So, under countless gazes, the giant serpent roared skywards, while the golden black pill descended like a meteor.

The momentum they carried was extremely fierce. 

Ultimately, the two collided... 

It was like an eruption of lightning and thunder.


Indescribable shock waves blasted out from the air, and where they passed, mountains crumbled and forests were destroyed...

That devastating impact lasted a number of minutes before it finally gradually dissipated.

The giant bluish-yellow serpent had faded, and only a golden black pill was left quietly suspended in the air.


Upon seeing this scene, the disciples of the Sacred Palace breathed a sigh of relief. From the signs, the golden black pill had broken Zhou Yuan’s offensive.

In the sky, a sinister look instantly emerged on Chai Ying’s fierce-looking face.  

“Boy, what else do you have?” He stared at Zhou Yuan, lifting his palm, and was about to withdraw the golden black pill. 

But in the moment he raised his hand, there was a subtle cracking noise.    

Although it was subtle, Chai Ying’s pupils abruptly shrank. His face stiffened, and his eyes stared in horror at the golden black pill suspended in the sky.

Fine cracks were slowly spreading out from the center of the golden black pill...    

It was at this moment that countless people also became aware of what was happening. Their mouths gaped open, their eyes widened and a look of shocked disbelief frantically appeared in their eyes.

The whole world fell deathly silent.    

The golden black pill shattered! 

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