Chapter 622 Limit

When Zhou Yuan's body crouched down and his palms pressed against the ground, his voice resounded out.  

His stance made it clear that he intended to take the initiative to attack.    

This caused a lot of uproar amongst the crowd, as nobody expected a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect to be so fierce and powerful...but, at this time, was such a bold choice a good decision?

“Does this kid have to be so valorous?”    

Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace also cried out in astonishment immediately, and couldn’t help but shake her head. “This is too conceited...every time they exchange strikes, the three forces will be used. Once one force weakens, it will have an avalanche effect on the other two forces.”

Gong Wan wrinkled her brows slightly, a hint of disappointment flashing past her eyes. Zhou Yuan’s previous performance had made her look at him differently. 

Why would he try to get the upper hand, doesn’t he have any self-awareness? 


The most rational approach at this moment would be to take the roundabout route and continue to buy time, rather than take such a reckless choice and consume so much strength to fight against Chai Ying head on.

“He is too young. He perhaps feels embarrassed to be suppressed by Chai Ying in front of so many people, so he wants to win back some of the momentum.” The other female Chosen of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace also shook their heads.

Hearing these words from the numerous Chosen nearby, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo looked at each other in dismay. Soon after, Qingyu bit her red lips and said aloud, “Zhou Yuan is not a reckless person. Since he is doing it, he must have a plan.”

“What's the plan?” Gong Wan smiled. “Does he really want to fight Chai Ying head on?”   

Although Zhou Yuan had gained the qualification to face Chai Ying by relying on the fusion of three different forces, if Zhou Yuan wanted to defeat Chai Yu, then even those three forces still wouldn’t be enough.  

Gong Wan saw this more clearly than anyone else.    

In the sky, Chai Ying also fixed a cold and indifferent stare at Zhou Yuan. The corners of his mouth curved upwards in a mocking smile, and he crossed his arms. Zhou Yuan’s behaviour and actions were precisely what he wanted.

“You really don't know the immensity of the sky. You really think I would be afraid of your three reluctantly combined forces?     

“Well, then I’ll let you know how stupid your thoughts are.”    

Below, Zhou Yuan still had both palms on the ground. His face was unusually calm, and he paid no attention to the countless puzzled and mocking gazes. 

He certainly was not conceited because he knew that if he chose to fight, then even Chai Ying would not be able to do anything to him.

But what no one knew was that Zhou Yuan's purpose was not to badger Chai Ying. He wanted a grinding stone to test the limits of his strength, and Chai Ying was a near-perfect test object.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, even if Zhou Yuan were to unite the three forces, what he could do at most was badger Chai Ying and that it would be impossible for him to defeat him.

But Zhou Yuan knew that they did not understand the power he possessed.

Pressing his palms against the ground, Zhou Yuan's eyes gradually closed, and a mysterious light emerged in the palm of his hand. The Earth Saint Rune slowly surfaced, coming in contact with the ground. 


The earth was as if it was quaking.


Huge ripples suddenly broke out with Zhou Yuan as its source.

The hundred miles of ground around him began to tremble.   

In the earth, surging earth Genesis Qi came roaring over and frantically entered Zhou Yuan’s body through his palms.

As a result, the surface of his body began to gain a mysterious yellow color, and his eyes were also gradually turning a pale yellow, looking ancient and profound. 

The oppressive Genesis Qi being emitted by his body was rising at an astonishing speed. 


This sudden scene caused the expressions of countless people to abruptly change. All eyes, wide with shocked disbelief, were fixed on Zhou Yuan’s figure. It was evident that they did not understand why his power would suddenly surge.

In the sky, Chai Ying's pupils also shrank as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure with a darkened face. He began to feel danger from the oppressive Genesis Qi exuded from Zhou Yuan’s body.


“What trick is this guy using? How could his Genesis Qi become stronger all of a sudden!” Chai Ying's expression was changing constantly, and in the end his eyes narrowed and his gaze hardened. 

“No matter what, I must kill him first!”    

Chai Ying’s hands suddenly folded together, and golden black Genesis Qi roared out. Then, unexpectedly in the air, it solidified into a long golden black spear that was over thousands of feet long.   

An eerie cold light was flashing all over the spear.


Chai Ying flicked his sleeve, which sent the golden black spear piercing through air, hissing and booming, before it turned into a stream of black light that shot in the direction of Zhou Yuan.

Although he was uncertain what Zhou Yuan was doing, Chai Ying knew that he had to interrupt him.   


Just as the spear was ten feet away from Zhou Yuan, a stream of yellow Genesis Qi suddenly gushed out from his body, turning into a light barrier that enveloped him.   


The spear heavily struck the Genesis Qi barrier. Ripples rapidly erupted out, and after several seconds, the golden black spear exploded into specks of light in the sky.

Chai Ying focused his eyes and immediately let out a cold snort. Genesis Qi came gushing out endlessly from his body, forming numerous golden black spears above him. 


Hundreds of spears rained down, his offensive power numbing the scalps of countless people. Each spear was powerful enough to kill any one chief disciple present, but there were hundreds shooting out together now. Even a Chosen of the same level would most likely not escape unscathed.

Hundreds of golden black spears bombarded the yellow light barrier, sending rippling waves out constantly. The light barrier quickly grew weaker and thinner. It was evident that it could not withstand Chai Ying’s frantic attack for long.

But just as countless people were worried about the trembling and crumbling light barrier, Zhou Yuan, as before, had his eyes slightly closed, palms touching the ground.    

He was using all his strength to activate the Earth Saint Rune. He wanted to test its current limits.

He had used it to kill Fan Yao the last time, but that had only required him to activate it a little to absorb the Genesis Qi of the earth to kill Fan Yao.

At that time, Zhou Yuan had absorbed the Genesis Qi of the earth within one hundred miles. 

Now, the range had reached two hundred miles.   

Within the earth, the thick and mysterious Genesis Qi was whizzing over from all directions like an earth dragon and was entering his body.

Zhou Yuan's flesh and blood trembled violently. Luckily, his physical body had been strengthened once again when he had reached the golden blood stage. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to bear the earth's berserk power.   

But two hundred miles didn’t seem to be the limit. 

As Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, the range of the Earth Saint Rune rapidly spread out.    

Two hundred and thirty miles...two hundred and fifty miles...    

More and more of the earth's surging Genesis Qi frantically penetrated his body.    


And outside, countless golden black spears tore across the sky, weakening the Genesis Qi light barrier again and again. Many people broke out in a cold sweat for Zhou Yuan.

In the sky, Chai Ying’s face could be seen darkening as he stared fixedly at the figure below.  

A golden black spear slowly condensed above his head, but there were wisps of crimson blood on the spear, and it was radiating an indescribable aura.

“Golden destruction spear!”   

Chai Ying took a deep breath, his eyes cold, and flung his sleeve violently. 


The air exploded, and the golden bloodstained spear pierced through the void, flickered and crashed into Zhou Yuan’s light barrier.


The yellow barrier finally shattered.   

Countless people shook their heads. That Zhou Yuan was going to die.


The bloodstained spear did not weaken in the slightest when it had caused the light barrier to explode. Instead, it fiercely aimed for Zhou Yuan’s head. 

However, just as the golden bloodstained spear was about to pierce right through his body, a slender palm suddenly slammed down.

The air seemed to distort.    


The sharp tip of the bloodstained spear froze just inches before Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows, and a gust of fierce wind lifted Zhou Yuan's hair.

Under countless frightened and shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan slowly raised his head. His yellow eyes gazed indifferently at Chai Ying in the sky. He abruptly thrust his palm out, shattering the bloodstained spear to pieces and turning it into countless specks of light. 

The specks of light rose in front of Zhou Yuan as he stared at the dark-faced Chai Ying. He suddenly gave a smile.

“A Chosen of the Sacred Palace only has such abilities?    

“If this is really the full extent of your strength, then today, I'm going to... 

“Kill a Chosen!”     


When his voice fell, a surge of aura imposing enough to make countless people shake erupted from within his body.  

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