Chapter 621 Conceit


Under countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan, carrying a majestic momentum, shot up into the sky. His fist roared out and heavily collided with the golden black palm. 

During the moment of collision, it was as though the whole world had fallen silent. 

Then, an earth-shaking rumble resounded throughout the universe. Like a storm, terrifyingly powerful shock waves wreaked havoc and expelled the air as if a real vacuum space was formed.

They also shattered the towering mountain peaks in the surroundings with their impact, making countless people speechless with their destructive power.    


In the sky, Zhou Yuan, who had collided with that giant golden black palm, froze for a number of seconds before his body abruptly fell down. He rapidly rotated in mid-air and finally landed with both hands tightly clutching the ground. He immediately left two deep marks.

Smoke and dust filled the air, covering his body. 

Countless eyes shot over in his direction.  

“That kid is not dead from being slammed to the ground, right?”    

“It's not necessarily impossible. He recklessly faced the attack head-on, does he think he’s a Chosen?” 


Amidst whispers, the layer of smoke and dust gradually faded, and Zhou Yuan's figure re-emerged. It was just that he still had his palms deeply inserted into the ground. His sleeves were torn apart, and his skin was glowing with a faintly discernible golden patterned light. He looked particularly mysterious. 

The surface of his body was covered with some marks of blood, but those wounds were recovering at an alarming rate.

In addition to this, the Genesis Qi surging around his body was still as strong as before, and the life force within his body was also just as vigorous.

The crowd's imagined situation of him being killed by the palm had not happened.  


There was gasping and a low commotion within the crowd. Evidently they had not expected Zhou Yuan to suffer such minor injuries in a battle against Chai Ying.

Zhou Yuan ignored their gazes and simply lifted his head, staring sharply at the giant golden black palm suspended in the air.    

Under everybody’s watchful eyes, countless cracks appeared in the hovering giant palm. It then exploded into countless specks of black and gold light.   

The golden black palm had unexpectedly shattered!     

As specks of black and gold fluttered about in the sky, Chai Ying’s face gradually darkened, his eyes blazing with killing intent.   

“I really underestimated you!” Chai Ying said in a sinister tone of voice.   

He did not expect Zhou Yuan to be able to survive his head-on attack. 

Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation was far inferior to his. Logically speaking, it should have been impossible for him to receive his attack. After all, the gap between them was too great. But what Chai Ying did not expect was that Zhou Yuan's physical body was so powerful that it had actually reached an astonishing level.

By itself, whether it was Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi cultivation base, physical body or spirit level, Chai Ying would not have regarded them as important. However, when put together, the combined strength was something that even Chai Ying was incredibly surprised by.    

According to Chai Ying's calculation, if Zhou Yuan were to combine all these strengths together, then he would even have the qualifications to go head to head with a Chosen.   

At the very least, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be completely suppressed.    

This guy, a chief disciple who dared to fight against a Chosen, was indeed somewhat capable.   

At this very moment, all eyes were wide with shock, staring at the specks of black and gold light in the sky. It was evident that they had not expected Zhou Yuan to withstand Chai Ying’s killing move.

In the distance, the face of Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace lit up with astonishment as she surveyed the scene from above. “This boy is quite able.” 

Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation was indeed very outstanding for someone of the seventh layer of the Alpha-Origin stage. But Gong Wan knew that this still couldn’t be compared to Chai Ying.

Therefore, she did not understand where Zhou Yuan had obtained the courage to fight Chai Ying. It was right now that she came to realise that Zhou Yuan was using other forces to make up for his insufficient Genesis Qi foundation.  

She naturally could tell that the reason that Zhou Yuan was able to receive an attack from Chai Ying was because he had activated his Genesis Qi, physical body and spirit—these three different forces—all at the same time.

He really was no match for Chai Ying with only one of these forces, but when they were fused together, it wasn’t so easy for Chai Ying to crush him.

The other Chosen of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace were also dumbfounded by the sight. It was the first time that they had seen someone of the Alpha-Origin stage who cultivated Genesis Qi, physical body and spirit.

This person has so much spare time and energy to cultivate all three at once?   

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo secretly breathed an inward sigh of relief. Zhou Yuan was indeed the Zhou Yuan they knew; he always had confidence in whatever he did and would not be reckless. 

However, he really was unpredictable. 

They were already surprised by the fact that he had defeated Zhao Jing. Despite this, he had not yet revealed all his strength.

In less than two years, the youngster who had come with them to the Shengzhou Continent had unknowingly reached an astonishing level.

“But you shouldn’t be too happy too early. Even though he could compete with Chai Jing with the help of three different forces, it is extremely energy-intensive to manipulate three forces at the same time. On the other hand, Chai Ying only needs to control his Genesis Qi. If this situation is to continue, Zhou Yuan is bound to be defeated.” Seeing the expression on their faces, Gong Wan slowly spoke out, dampening their excitement right away. 

“At the moment what he’s doing can only be considered as buying time...

“As to how long he will last, this will depend on his ability.” 


When Chu Qing and Li Qingchan saw this scene, their tense faces finally eased a little.

“It's the golden blood stage. I didn't expect his physical body to be refined to this level already.” Hongya Peak’s Shang Chunqiu studied the golden pattern on the surface of Zhou Yuan's body, saying with puzzlement, “That is similar to our Hongya Peak’s Mythic Saint Body, but how could Zhou Yuan know about it?”  

Evidently, he was unaware that what Zhou Yuan practiced was a simplified version of the Mythic Saint Body technique, the little Mythic Saint Body Art.   

Kong Sheng was similarly taken aback. He evidently did not expect to see this result, but this also made his expression relax a little. Although Zhou Yuan did not get along particularly well with his Sword Cometh Peak, no matter what, they both represented the Cangxuan Sect. Naturally he hoped that Zhou Yuan could have the upper hand. 

“At this point, he is indeed qualified to buy time from Chai Ying…,” Kong Sheng remarked. “As long as he doesn't do something stupid and continue to forcibly persevere, he should be able to drag on a little longer...”

But just when his voice faded, everyone saw that Zhou Yuan was suddenly squatting down slowly. His palms pressed against the ground, and he raised his head, his eagle-like eyes locking onto Chai Ying. 

There was a fiery battle intent blazing in his eyes.   

“Chosen of the Sacred Palace, are you going to try and take one of my attacks next?”   

Kong Sheng’s face darkened. 

That fool. It was enough to buy time, but you had to provoke Chai Ying. You really treat the strength of a Chosen as nothing! 

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