Chapter 620 Chief Disciple Against Chosen

Golden black Genesis Qi erupted from Chai Ying’s body like a storm. It was filled with a violent and ferocious aura, giving off an incredibly oppressive feeling.   

Thirty-eight thousand Genesis Qi stars...”  

Zhou Yuan's face turned serious. The Genesis Qi foundation of other chief disciples, even if they had stepped into the ninth gate of heaven, was at most around 10,000. However, Chai Ying’s Genesis Qi stars were more than twice that of the other chief disciples. 

It was indeed true that the foundation of a Chosen mustn’t be underestimated.     

“You’re afraid now? But too bad, it’s too late for you now.”   

Chai Ying fixed a cold piercing glare on Zhou Yuan. He evidently interpreted the changes on Zhou Yuan's face as fear. His feet slammed downward suddenly, and countless strands of golden black Genesis Qi came roaring out.    

“Golden dipper qi!”   

Swoosh! Swoosh!   

Countless strands of golden black Genesis Qi seemed to have transformed into a thousand arrows, and they directly tore through the void and enveloped Zhou Yuan.

Chai Ying was from the Sacred Golden Hall of the Sacred Palace. The Genesis Qi the hall cultivated was so tough and fierce that it was known to be similar to gold, or metal, and that it could easily penetrate mountains. 

Watching the countless strands of golden black dipper qi hurtling over like arrows, Zhou Yuan focused his attention. His body rapidly transformed, and then, like a wisp of smoke, he shot away in retreat.    

“You think you can escape?”   

Chai Ying sneered, flicked his sleeve and sent the golden black dipper qi after him. 

As Zhou Yuan was rapidly retreating, there was a flicker of Spirit Light between his eyebrows. The Spirit power of the advanced level of the Corporeal Stage was being fully activated to its peak.


At his feet, the ground suddenly cracked, and walls of earth surfaced. They were wrapped in invisible Spirit power, being lifted into the air. It was evident Zhou Yuan was manipulating them with his Spirit power.   


Golden black dipper qi whizzed past, and each and every earthen wall was directly penetrated in a destructive manner.

But a wave of the golden black dipper qi was consumed as a result. 

Zhou Yuan came to a stop. Gazing at the golden black dipper qi acting like maggots feeding on a corpse, he clasped his hands together, and his cheeks bulged. A dark golden flame then erupted from his mouth like a dragon's breath. 

“Heavenly Sun Flame!” 

As the dark golden flame swept through the void, even the air distorted slightly, showing its extremely high temperature.    

The flame and the golden black dipper qi collided without any sound of impact. The vast golden black dipper qi was quietly melted in the flame... 

When the flames subsided, the sky also cleared.   

With his feet on Genesis Qi, Chai Ying stood in the air with a look of surprise flashing through his eyes as he watched the scene. It was evident that he hadn't expected his opponent to completely incinerate his golden black dipper qi. 

Given his attacks and strength, as long as he acted, there was almost nobody below a Chosen who could withstand his attack.     

“I didn't think you'd also cultivate spirit.” Chai Ying sneered. Previously he had sensed that Zhou Yuan first exhausted his golden black dipper qi with Spirit power before using the dark gold flame to incinerate it.  “However, that's just a little trick. Do you really think it's going to work?”   

As Chai Ying's suddenly folded his hand to form a seal, golden black Genesis Qi roared out, directly forming a gigantic golden black palm in the sky. The giant palm was filled with so much ferocious qi that even a mountain would easily be crushed by it.   

“The Great Golden Black Palm!”


It was evident that Chai Ying did not have the slightest intention of playing with Zhou Yuan. He did not hold back at all, and he planned to kill Zhou Yuan at the fastest speed possible.  

Moreover, after he had previously met Zhou Yuan, he had fully investigated Zhou Yuan’s background. Although Zhou Yuan possessed an extremely outstanding foundation of Genesis Qi during the seventh gate of heaven, Chai Ying unfortunately attached no importance to that tens of thousands strands or so of Genesis Qi.


The golden black palm whizzed down, causing the sound of explosions. Before it even landed, the ground below had already begun to collapse and crack. 

Countless people were all watching the scene with their eyes wide in shock. They evidently also sensed Chai Ying's killing intent. 

This also sparked sympathy for Zhou Yuan. If such a fierce and powerful palm were to fall, then even a mountain would be flattened, let alone Zhou Yuan.

“That Chai Ying really doesn’t intend to hold back at all.” Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace sighed. 

In the face of a chief disciple, he applied his genesis technique right away. That Chai Ying really is ruthless. 

She turned to Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo and said, “Your friend is most likely going to suffer.”   

The two women exchanged a glance with one another without saying anything, but the deep worry in their eyes couldn’t be concealed. After all, even if it was so far away, they could clearly feel how terrifying Chai Ying’s attack was.

“Hopefully Zhou Yuan will have the means to fight.” 

They sighed inwardly and could only be hopeful. 

Outside the valley, Chu Qing and Li Qingchan were also intently watching. Kong Sheng’s eyes were somewhat gloomy as he asked, “He did not even hide, does he intend to forcibly withstand it?

“Stupidity. If he continues to badger Chai Ying and rely on speed alone, he can perhaps drag on for a little longer. To forcibly withstand that attack, he will no doubt die.”   

Yaoyao’s cold and beautiful eyes darted over, and her red lips opened slightly to say, “If you’re ignorant, talk less.”   

Kong Sheng froze for a moment and then was about to speak. However, noticing the look in Yaoyao’s eyes, he knew that if he were to continue to mock Zhou Yuan, she would definitely snap. In the end, he had no choice but to just sneer coldly.   

“Let’s see how you're going to protect him!”    


The giant golden black palm descended from the sky, making Zhou Yuan's figure below appear incredibly small and insignificant. 

Zhou Yuan looked up, his expression solemn. 

This is the power of a Chosen? It does indeed far exceed that of a chief disciple.

“The genesis technique activated by thirty-eight thousand Genesis Qi stars is indeed tyrannical.”

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, but there was not a flicker of fear in his eyes. Instead, a fiery eagerness was beginning to emerge.

On the first day that Zhou Yuan entered the Cangxuan Sect, he was already told of the incredible strength of a Chosen, which was the level that the younger generation of the Cangxuan Heaven strived to achieve.

At that time, Zhou Yuan had also thought about when he would have the strength to fight against a Chosen.  

A year ago, he perhaps couldn’t give an accurate answer, but the present Zhou Yuan knew he was prepared.

Golden Omni Serpent Qi was slowly rising from Zhou Yuan’s body, and vaguely, a giant python could be seen hissing within his body.

Inside his Qi Dwelling, ten thousand Genesis Qi stars bloomed like dazzling lights.   

“Jade skin, silver bones...”    

His mouth was slightly open and a low voice sounded.   

As his voice rang, his skin bloomed with a glowing jade light, and the bones of his body began to shine with silver.     

“Golden blood...”   

In his heart, his golden drop of blood trembled. A ray of golden blood spread out, emitting a golden glow on Zhou Yuan’s skin, making him appear slightly mysterious. 

He was currently just standing on the ground and had not yet activated any power. Despite this, the boulder beneath his feet was unable to withstand the force seeping out from his body and began to crack.

This was the first time Zhou Yuan had completely activated the power of his physical body to its peak without any reservation ever since he had stepped into the Golden Blood Stage.     

His Genesis Qi foundation was indeed not as good as Chai Ying’s, but he still had the strength of the physical body! The power of the spirit!

Under countless watchful gazes, Zhou Yuan looked up at the golden black palm that was pressing down. The next moment, he released a long deafening roar and shot up skywards!

He chose to take the initiative to attack.    

Dazzling golden light erupted from his body.    

“Genesis Breaker!”   

He clenched his hands tightly and saw the snowy white hair of the Heavenly Yuan Brush spread outwards. It directly wrapped around his fist and gradually turned from a snowy white to a dark black color.

“Million Whale!”    

With his eyes blazing, Zhao Yuan punched out, and vaguely, there was the cry of a whale ringing throughout the skies.

The air under the fist gradually distorted.     


Under countless astonished gazes Zhou Yuan slammed his fist out, directly meeting the golden black palm descending from the sky head on... 

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