Chapter 619 Chu Lei, Chai Ying

Countless gazes stared in shock at the youthful figure slowly walking out from the shadow. When everyone finally saw who it was, their expressions immediately turned exceptionally splendid. 

“Who is he? A secret weapon of the Cangxuan Sect?”

“Tch, what secret weapon. He’s called Zhou Yuan, he's the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak.”

“A chief disciple…dares to reveal himself on a stage like this? Is he resenting the fact that his death isn’t coming swiftly enough?”

“I’ve heard he’s pretty strong and that he has performed remarkably in the Mythic Utopia so far.”

“That’s only with regards to his previous opponents…in the face of two Sacred Palace Chosen, recklessly trying to interfere with his strength is basically courting death…”


Whispers broke out amongst the various factions as strange looks appeared on their faces. They evidently felt it rather amusing for a chief disciple to suddenly interfere at this juncture.

“Hey, that friend of yours seems to be a little too brave for his own good.” Gong Wan placed a hand horizontally across her brows as she peered at a certain figure before sticking out her lower lip at Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo.

The other Chosen from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace faintly nodded in agreement. They had heard of Zhou Yuan before, but from the looks of it, he seemed to be rather unclear about his place.

A chief disciple recklessly interfering in such a situation would only lead to self-humiliation and would bring shame to the Cangxuan Sect for no good reason.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo looked at each other, seeing worry appear in the other’s eyes. They had witnessed Zhou Yuan’s strength before; he was practically invincible amongst the chief disciples.

However, only Chosen level individuals should act in such a situation.

Though Zhou Yuan was very strong, it should not be so easy to make up for the gap between him and the Chosen, right?

“Zhou Yuan...Zhou Yuan should be trying to buy time.” Luluo pondered for a moment before she attempted to explain, “It is impossible for Zhao Zhu to stop the two opposing Chosen, but he may somehow manage to defeat one of them while the other is busy with Zhou Yuan.”

Gong Wan perked up her chin with a hand as she smiled and said, “That’s not a bad plan, but you left out one fatal flaw. Chi Lei is ranked twelfth amongst the sixteen Sacred Palace Chosen, while Zhao Zhu is last amongst the ten Cangxuan Sect Chosen…

“Even if Zhou Yuan somehow manages to survive for a while, it will ultimately end in a hopeless double defeat for the Cangxuan Sect.”

The worry in Luluo’s large eyes grew even greater, and she was unable to find a way to refute this point.

“The Cangxuan Sect has already fallen into a disadvantageous position. We’ll have to see what Chu Qing chooses to do next…” Gong Wan’s tone was somewhat regretful.

The only feasible compromise was to give up on eating the whole pie and allow the Sacred Palace a slice. However, given the latter’s domineeringness, they would likely ask for even more.

If that happened, the Cangxuan Sect would only lose more face.

After all, the Sacred Palace had also uncovered a seven-color treasure location some time ago, but ultimately, not a single inch was yielded to the other sects. Given the similarity of the situations, it would become clear which was the greater faction.


At the entrance to the valley.

Zhao Zhu’s expression also changed slightly at the sight of Zhou Yuan walking out. He quickly berated, “Get lost, this is not a matter you can meddle in!”

Although Zhou Yuan was nothing but an eyesore to him, it would be terrible for the Cangxuan Sect if Zhou Yuan were to be killed by Chai Ying here.

The sight of this elicited a soft chuckle from Chai Ying. He said, “Since the hero has already decided to step forward, how can I possibly let him run away?

“Chi Lei, I’ll be handing Zhao Zhu to you.”

Chai Ying waved his hand before turning towards Zhou Yuan with a faint smile. Genesis Qi rose from within his body, growing increasingly violent.

Faint killing intent began to spread.

Zhao Zhu’s expression darkened. Before he could even move, however, a blast of vigorous Genessi Qi shot towards him accompanied by a series of sonic booms.

Zhao Zhu did not dare to tarry. Sharp sword qi whizzed forth with a wave of his sleeve, blocking the incoming Genesis Qi attack.

His dark gaze stared at the front where Chi Lei was grinning back at him. Chi Lei said, “Zhao Zhu, you’d better obediently stay here, or the one who suffers today will be you.”

Zhao Zhu took a deep breath before he icily said, “Go ahead and try to stop me!”

His body had already shot forth the instant his voice rang out, sword light whizzing out from him to assault Chi Lei. Zhao Zhu could not afford to worry about Zhou Yuan given the current circumstances, and he could only hope that the latter would have enough luck to survive a few blows.

What Zhao Zhu needed to do now was concentrate one hundred percent in his battle with Chi Lei and see if he could somehow triumph over him, which would in turn allow him a chance to salvage the situation.

“Haha, I’ve long wanted to experience the sword Genesis Qi of the Cangxuan Sect’s Sword Cometh Peak.” Lei Chi laughed heartily as Genesis Qi rumbled above his palm. In the next instant, he also shot forward along with torrential Genesis Qi and clashed directly with Zhao Zhu.


A fierce battle erupted between the two individuals.

While blasts of Genesis Qi were destroying the area behind him, Chai Ying leisurely walked towards Zhou Yuan with a playful smile hanging from the corners of his lips, a giant pressure growing with each step he took.

A suffocating feeling began to spread.

If it were any other ordinary chief disciple, there would be no need for him to even attack. This pressure alone would be enough to force them to their knees.

Chai Ying evidently planned on destroying Zhou Yuan in the most humiliating way possible while the many factions were watching.

Zhou Yuan did not move from the spot and was naturally able to feel the powerful pressure  rushing towards him from all directions. Under the pressure, even the air around him seemed to solidify.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He glanced at the approaching Chai Ying and soon realized the latter’s intentions. This guy was obviously planning on forcing him to the breaking point and onto his knees with Genesis Qi pressure.

Chai Ying’s Genesis Qi was indeed very strong and robust. Any other chief disciple would have most likely succumbed to its power.


This did not include Zhou Yuan.

His face remained calm as golden Genesis Qi slowly began to rise from his body like golden flames, and the flesh and blood within began to tremble.

The pressure he felt slowly began to recede.

Though his Genesis Qi foundations were indeed weaker than Chai Ying’s, Zhou Yuan also had the power of his physical body. When these two powers united, it was impossible for Chai Ying to force him to his knees with Genesis Qi pressure alone.

Zhou Yuan’s body remained as straight as a spear.

Chai Ying’s footsteps stopped at this moment as he stared at Zhou Yuan in surprise, clearly not expecting such a lack of reaction to his Genesis Qi pressure.

“Hehe, this is becoming rather interesting. No wonder you dare to act the hero.” Chai Ying softly chuckled. “I originally only planned on making you kneel, but it appears as if I’ll have to personally take action. Hmm, do you think you’ll still be able to stand after I break both your legs?”

Towards the end, his eyes abruptly turned chillingly sinister.


Alarming black-golden Genesis Qi suddenly burst out from the top of his head, creating a presence that shook the heavens as a starry sky began to spread behind him.

A torrential imposing aura pulsed from Chai Ying. He crossed his arms as he stared at Zhou Yuan with disdain. And he grinned, revealing a set of eerily white teeth.

“My number of Genesis Qi stars has reached thirty-eight thousand, so tell me, how do you wish to die?”

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