Chapter 618 Sacred Palace’s Sudden Entry

Amidst the mountain forests.

Countless gazes were somewhat shocked as they stared at the two figures that had suddenly appeared in the valley. No one had anticipated that Jiang Taishen would possess the means to send two Sacred Palace Chosen through the boundary and into the valley.

“That’s Chi Lei and Chai Ying. Chai Ying is known as the youngest Chosen in the Sacred Palace.”

On the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace side, Gong Wan’s eyes narrowed slightly as she gazed at the two figures that had appeared in the valley. She slowly said, “Told you not to underestimate Jiang Taishen. As the one who has stably retained his first ranker spot on the Chosen List for so many years, Jiang Taishen naturally has no lack of tricks up his sleeve.

“Although the boundary has indeed saved the Cangxuan Sect a lot of trouble, it has now become their shackle. Chu Qing and the others cannot free themselves to deal with the intruders, and Zhao Zhu alone will not be their match.

“If these two are allowed to enter the seven-color treasure location, the Cangxuan Sect disciples will likely suffer heavy losses. When that happens, they will have no choice but to yield to the Sacred Palace and hand over the seven-color treasure location.”

By the side, worry appeared on Zuoqiu Qingyu's and Luluo’s faces. Due to Zhou Yuan, they were naturally not very fond of the Sacred Palace and thus did not wish to see the Cangxuan Sect suffer.

The members of the other sects also shifted their gazes over to the valley entrance. They secretly sighed inside. Who could have expected Jiang Taishen to be so resourceful? The situation really did not bode well for the Cangxuan Sect now.


Meanwhile, the expressions of Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the other Chosen changed. Their brows were tightly furrowed as they looked towards the two figures that had appeared at the entrance to the valley. Jiang Taishen's move had evidently caught them off-guard.

“Should we disperse the boundary and deal with the two of them as quickly as possible?” Kong Sheng’s low voice was transmitted to the other Chosen.

Li Qingchan immediately rejected the suggestion. “Dispersing the boundary will only lead to chaos, which the Sacred Palace will still be able to take advantage of to enter the seven-color treasure location.”

“Then what can we do? How can Zhao Zhu handle two Chosen alone?” said Kong Sheng with an expressionless face.

“Why so anxious…” Yaoyao’s bright eyes looked over, her expression remaining composed as she said, “Although two Chosen have managed to get past the boundary, Zhao Zhu is not the only person at the valley entrance.”

The other Chosen were slightly taken aback. They soon began to recall that there was a backup guardian...

Kong Sheng could not help but icily chuckle. “Could you be referring to Zhou Yuan?”

“Don’t joke around. Although Zhou Yuan has performed well in the Mythic Utopia so far, that is merely with regards to things on the level of the chief disciples. What we’re facing now is a struggle between Chosen, which I believe he still does not have the qualifications to partake in.

“Even if he tries to interfere, he will only be humiliating himself.”

The other Chosen were silent. Though Kong Sheng’s words were not pleasant to hear, they were indeed the truth. Zhou Yuan might be top class amongst the chief disciples, but he would still be lacking if placed amongst the Chosen.

Chu Qing was silent for a moment before he said, “Since Zhou Yuan has already been appointed as a guardian, we should at least give him a chance. If we realize that he is no match for his opponents, we’ll have no choice but to take a step back and let the Sacred Palace have a bite of this seven-color treasure location.”

Kong Sheng was still somewhat unwilling, but he ultimately did not speak up again. Since things had already reached this stage, he knew that they had no choice but to compromise in order to minimize their losses.

But it was still too unreasonable to rely on Zhou Yuan.

At the entrance to the valley.

Two figures surrounded Zhao Zhu from the front and back, completely sealing off his escape routes.

Zhao Zhu was currently wearing a grave expression as robust Genesis Qi rose from his body. It was clear he felt tremendously threatened with two Sacred Palace Chosen pincering him from both sides.

“Hehe Zhao Zhu, you should let us pass. Otherwise, something bad might happen today.” To Zhao Zhu’s front was a rather tanned young man. Genesis Qi was swirling in his palm as he stared at Zhao Zhu and seemingly smiled.

He was known as Chi Lei and was a Chosen of the Sacred Palace.

The figure behind Zhao Zhu stretched his back in a lazy manner as he nonchalantly said, “Chi Lei, keep him company while I enter the seven-color treasure location.”

He looked quite youthful and was also rather handsome. Despite his young looks, the powerful Genesis Qi that pulsed from his body was more than testament of his strength.

He was called Chai Ying, and he was quite famous in the Sacred Palace. He was currently the youngest Chosen in the Sacred Palace, and he had tremendous potential. Even Jiang Taishen had remarked that given more time, Chai Ying would definitely be able to enter the upper ranks of the Sacred Palace Chosen.

By the time he finished speaking, Chai Ying had already begun to turn around.

“Stop!” Zhao Zhu’s expression turned frosty as he waved his sleeve and sent out a blast of sharp Genesis Qi sword light hurtling towards Chai Ying.

Foot pausing, Chai Ying whirled his palms, catching the Genesis Qi sword light before exerting a force to shatter the Genesis Qi between his palms.

“Zhao Zhu…” He raised his head, eyes narrowing slightly as he looked towards Zhao Zhu. “It seems that you really want to die.

“Since that is so...we’ll get rid of you first.”

His clothes slowly began to flap around him as a wave of powerful Genesis Qi swept outwards.

“Chi Lei, let’s attack together.”

Chi Lei nodded with a smile. Not even the slightest trace of warmth could be seen in his eyes as he stared at Zhao Zhu as powerful Genesis Qi slowly began to rise around him.

Zhao Zhu’s expression turned extremely grave. He did not back down, however, because he knew that he was the final guardian. If these two Chosen were allowed into the seven-color treasure location, the Cangxuan Sect disciples within would surely suffer heavy losses.

“If you want to pass, you’ll have to first ask the sword in my hand.” A sword appeared in Zhao Zhu’s hand. Icy light flowed along its edge as its tip gleamed sharply.

Although he knew that it was basically impossible for him to match the two of them by himself, he really did not have much choice at this moment.

Chai Ying and Chi Lei grinned as they stared at Zhao Zhu, the killing intent in their eyes slowly intensifying.

“Zhao Zhu, looks like you’ll be the first Cangxuan Sect Chosen to die in the Mythic Utopia.” Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from Chai Ying's and Lei Chi’s bodies as powerful attacks began to brew and ready themselves to be unleashed.

Laughter, however, suddenly rang out from nowhere a split second before they were about to attack, causing their surging Genesis Qi to halt for a brief moment.

“Come on…

“I’ve been standing here for nearly half a day. Is it really good for you guys to completely ignore me?”

Chai Ying's and Chi Lei’s eyes narrowed as they slowly tilted their heads to look at the youthful figure standing in the shadow of a cliff. The truth was that they had already discovered him the moment they had appeared, but they had immediately brushed him off as inconsequential.

A seventh layer Alpha-Origin stage practitioner. A single palm would be enough to swat him to death.

What surprised them, however, was that instead of properly hiding by the side, this unremarkable little mouse actually dared to speak up and interrupt them.

Chai Ying licked his lips. He sighed as he looked at the figure in the shadow before saying to Zhao Zhu in a pitying tone, “Do all your Cangxuan Sect disciples really want to die so much?”

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