Chapter 617 Jiang Taishen’s Methods


Waves of Genesis Qi violently unfurled, creating a storm of destruction.

Yaoyao and Ye Ge’s Spirit power erupted the moment both sides moved, wielding Genesis Rune Brushes as countless Genesis Runes shot forth.

These Genesis Runes sprang forth like threads of light, heading directly towards Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the other Chosen. Pillars of Genesis Qi light immediately rose from their mountaintops.

A curtain of light swiftly began to extend from the light pillars, ultimately connecting all of the peaks where the Chosen were stationed. A boundary seemed to form, enveloping the valley in the middle.

The Sacred Palace had sixteen Chosen, while the Cangxuan Sect only had eleven including Yaoyao. Tuntun should also have been counted, but it was unable to be at the frontlines at this moment, as it was tasked with leading the disciples and eliminating the guardian beast of the seven-color treasure location.

Quantity wise, the Cangxuan Sect was at a disadvantage.

Fortunately, their current goal was to protect the treasure location and not to fight to the death.

Now that Yaoyao and Ye Ge had swiftly set up a Genesis Rune boundary. The other side was forced to attack the nodes where the Chosen were stationed.

This boundary had a linking effect. If the Sacred Palace attempted to concentrate their forces to attack one spot, the others would be able to send Genesis Qi through the boundary as support.

In the sky, Jiang Taishen could not help but frown. He would honestly rather see the Cangxuan Sect charge over with their full force for a direct frontal clash of raw might against might. However, their current defensive position clearly signalled that they were stalling for time to allow the others to clean out the seven-color treasure location.

When it was done, they would naturally be able to withdraw unscathed.

“Zhou Xiaoyao is truly troublesome,” muttered Jiang Taishen in a low voice as he stared at Yaoyao’s lovely figure in the distance. This amazing boundary was obviously under her control, whereas Ye Ge was merely there for support.

Over this period of time, there had been no lack of clashes between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect. As such, the Sacred Palace had long become aware of Yaoyao’s existence amongst the current batch of Cangxuan Sect Chosen. Although her Genesis Qi cultivation was extremely weak, her Spirit was exceptionally powerful.

In Jiang Taishen’s opinion, the degree of trouble Yaoyao brought them was likely no less than Chu Qing.

Jiang Taishen’s gaze flickered in thought. Even though their opponents were turtling up, there was no way that the Sacred Palace would back off.

“No matter how hard your shell, the Sacred Palace will shatter it today!” Jiang Taishen’s white hair danced around him as he coldly said, “Attack the nodes with your full power!”

He knew that it was useless to focus on one point, leaving an all-round attack as their only option. Fortunately, the Chosen on their side had the advantage in numbers. It should not be impossible for them to forcefully blast apart the boundary through their superior firepower.

Once the boundary was broken, it would become very difficult for the Cangxuan Sect to stop them from forcing their way into the seven-color treasure location.


The Sacred Palace Chosen shot forth and swiftly spread out as Jiang Taishen's voice rang out. Powerful torrents of Genesis Qi blasted forth, streaking across the sky like shooting stars as they bombarded the curtain of light that made up the boundary.

Boom! Boom!

The ground shook as ripples spread throughout the giant boundary.

At this moment, however, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the other Chosen took action. They pressed their hands onto the light screen as surging Genesis Qi poured out of their bodies without reservation.

The boundary immediately grew brighter.

As such, one side attacked crazily while the other stubbornly defended, causing the surrounding Genesis Qi to boil in a frenzied manner.

The members of the various factions were watching from far away.

“I thought they were going to duke it out…,” said a Chosen of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.

The young lady called Gong Wan softly chuckled and said, “Without Yaoyao, the Cangxuan Sect would likely have no choice but to directly engage the Sacred Palace in combat. However, this boundary saves them a tremendous amount of effort.

“The Sacred Palace won’t be able to do anything if they fail to break through the boundary, and they can only watch helplessly as the Cangxuan Sect cleans up all the spoils in the seven-color treasure location.

“Yaoyao truly is a treasure.”

Gong Wan’s eyes glowed as she stared at the gorgeous figure before she turned towards Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo to grumble, “Why didn’t you bring such an amazing seedling into our Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo could only roll their eyes in response to her complaining.

“No wonder the Cangxuan Sect is unafraid of the Sacred Palace. It turns out they were prepared,” another Chosen said. “From the current situation, the Cangxuan Sect seems to have a better chance of coming up on top.”

The Sacred Palace had no way of stopping Cangxuan Sect if they failed to break the boundary.

Gong Wan robbed her chin with a thoughtful look on her face as she muttered, “That may not be certain…”

She lifted her head and focused on Jiang Taishen’s figure. She said slowly, “Don’t underestimate Jiang Taishen. No one can predict what will happen until the end.”

The other Chosen from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace nodded in agreement. In the Shengzhou Continent, every Chosen felt some kind of pressure upon hearing the three words Jiang Taishen.

Countless gazes from all around looked towards the violently clashing Genesis Qi, but even more were directed at the white-haired figure in the sky.

Jiang Taishen stood in the air, his eyes indifferent as he gazed upon the rippling boundary which remained stable under the onslaught of the Sacred Palace Chosen.

His gaze penetrated the boundary to meet Chu Qing’s.

“Chu Qing, do you really believe that your shell has rendered me powerless?”

Chu Qing’s eyes narrowed slightly as his body slowly began to tense.

Jiang Taishen softly chuckled. The two blood-red beads that hung at the sides of his face slowly dropped from the hair binding them. They then suddenly turned into a flash of red and shot forth.


The blood-red beads spun rapidly, blood-red light spreading as they ground against the boundary. The boundary soon melted, forming two tiny holes.

The two blood-red beads immediately shot through.


After penetrating the boundary, the glowing blood-red beads swiftly descended to the ground, landing at the valley entrance where Zhao Zhu was stationed.

Chu Qing shouted, “Careful Zhao Zhu!”

Zhao Zhu’s expression abruptly changed, Genesis Qi erupting from his body as he quickly backed away.

The two blood-red beads, however, were too quick; in a flash they had sealed off Zhao Zhu’s escape from the front and back. The beads began to spin once more as they gradually expanded.

Under countless shocked gazes, two figures slowly walked out from the glowing beads, cornering Zhao Zhu between them.

Gasps of shock and surprise rang out across the area.

They had realized that the two figures belonged to Chosen from the Sacred Palace!

Jiang Taishen had forcefully pierced through the boundary and had sent in two Sacred Palace Chosen!

In the distance, Luluo's and Zuoqiu Qingyu’s expressions turned grave. They knew that the situation was now extremely unfavorable for the Cangxuan Sect.

In the sky, Jiang Taishen gently cracked his neck, eyes still watching Chu Qing as a slight smile emerged on his lips. “Although this boundary of yours has saved you guys a lot of trouble, it has also bounded your hands and legs…

“Sorry, Chu Qing. It appears that my Sacred Palace is still going to win this time.”

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