Chapter 614 Seven-Color

In the room, every gaze converged on the mysterious, seemingly incomplete object in Zhou Yuan’s hand. Astonishment appeared even on the faces of Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the other Chosen.

The object in Zhou Yuan’s hand was indeed the proof Li Qingchan had spoken of! In other words, it was a mythic token!

“You…how do you have a mythic token?” Zhao Zhu could not help but blurt out, his tone filled with disbelief. After struggling so much in the Great Mythic Mountain Range, they had only managed to secure two mythic tokens. From this, one could see just how rare they were. As someone who had just arrived from the outer regions, how was Zhou Yuan possibly in the possession of such an item?

“I also managed to chance upon a six-color treasure location in the outer regions and found this item within it.” Zhou Yuan shrugged.

Li Qingchan’s red lips opened slightly as she said, “Even a six-color treasure location may not produce a mythic token. Your luck is a little too much.

“Let me take a look.”

Zhou Yuan did not hesitate as he directly passed it to Li Qingchan.

Li Qingchan carefully inspected it for a while before she nodded and said, “It’s indeed a mythic token. However, it's incomplete, but it may fully form after some time.”

“There’s such a thing as an incomplete token?” asked Zhou Yuan.

Li Qingchan nodded. “We’ve speculated that these mythic tokens originated from the greatest blessing in the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range. They’re akin to seeds that have been scattered across the Mythic Utopia, gradually absorbing the surrounding Genesis Qi to grow into their complete state.

“This is also the reason why these tokens and the greatest blessing seem to call to each other. As such, only those possessing tokens will be able to enter the place of the greatest blessing.”

“I see.” Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding. “Then are the incomplete tokens of no use?”

Li Qingchan smiled faintly and said, “An incomplete token like yours is actually more common. Even in the Great Mythic Mountain Range, the majority of the tokens found in six-color treasure locations are incomplete. Due to their common origin, however, several incomplete pieces will naturally be able to fuse and form a complete mythic token.”

A thoughtful look rose on Zhou Yuan’s face as he asked, “In that case, I’ll need to find several of these incomplete tokens in order to gain the qualifications to come into contact with the greatest blessing?”


His words immediately elicited a snort from Zhao Zhu. “You’re being too optimistic. Even if you do manage to gather a complete mythic token, I’m afraid that you will not gain the qualifications for the greatest blessing.”

“Why is that so?” Zhou Yuan’s voice was calm.

Zhao Zhu indifferently said, “Because your contributions are not sufficient. According to the rules, only the greatest contributors have the right to the greatest blessing, not just anyone who somehow chances upon a complete token.”

“What kind of contributions are we talking about?” asked Zhou Yuan.

Li Qingchan was the one to reply this time. “These contributions are calculated based on the number of treasure locations secured. The six-color treasure location you previously led your team to win is a considerable contribution, but according to the rules, you’ll need to acquire at least five six-color treasure locations to gain the right to access the greatest blessing.

“These rules were set to prevent anyone from reaping what they have not sown. After all, although the other disciples basically lack the qualifications for the greatest blessing, their contributions cannot be overlooked, and it is our duty as Chosen and chief disciples to compensate them.

“Of course, anyone who chances upon a mythic token but lacks sufficient contributions will be allowed to exchange it for a Divine Establishing Treasure.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change as he nodded. He did not raise any objections because there were indeed justifications for such rules. Of course, he did not bother to consider exchanging his token for a Divine Establishing Treasure because he had his own ambitions.

Li Qingchan could guess Zhou Yuan’s thoughts from how he did not say anything else and thus passed the incomplete mythic token back to him.

“We’ll move on to the main point next.” Li Qingchan’s eyes turned serious as she looked towards the crowd and slowly said, “I’m afraid that we’ve encountered some trouble.”

Chu Qing was taken aback. He quickly asked, “What do you mean?”

Li Qingchan’s gaze turned towards him as she softly said, “When Yaoyao and you went to receive the other disciples, we managed to open up a path into one of the nodes. It led to a seven-color treasure location…”

“Seven-color treasure location?” Chu Qing’s expression changed a little. One must know that even with all the sects searching, only three seven-color treasure locations had been discovered so far. He never imagined that they would be so lucky.

“Shouldn’t this be good news?” asked Chu Qing.

“Unearthing a seven-color treasure location is definitely good news. But its location is very problematic. It lies within a controversial area between the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace.” Li Qingchan slowly said, “In other words, the Sacred Palace will surely interfere.”

Chu Qing scratched his gleaming bald head as he groaned, “This is going to be troublesome.”

“This is our blessing, how can you call it troublesome?” said Kong Sheng with an expressionless face. He was the most infuriated by Chu Qing’s lazy attitude.

Ye Ge chuckled and said, “Hehe, though a seven-color treasure location is extremely rare, it is also far too attention-drawing. What’s more, it just so happens to be in a controversial area. The Sacred Palace won’t be the only ones who will find some excuse to contest for it; even the other four overlord sects will be secretly watching.”

“Do you mean for us to surrender this seven-color treasure location?” said Kong Sheng.

Ye Ge waved his hands from side to side and said, “That’s impossible. I only want to remind everyone that we’ll need to work as one in order to secure it.”

Kong Sheng’s expression relaxed slightly as he said, “I suggest we pour all our efforts into defending. The majority will engage the main forces of the enemy while a single Chosen shall be dispatched to guard the seven-color treasure location. The chief disciples will lead the rest of the disciples in to search for any Divine Establishing Treasures and mythic tokens.

“Once we obtain the Divine Establishing Treasures and mythic tokens, the Sacred Palace will have no choice but to retreat, or they will only be wasting their time.”

Li Qingchan nodded. “I agree.”

The other Chosen also nodded one after another. It was after all not easy to find a seven-color treasure location, and since one was right before their eyes, it would be impossible for them to give up on it.

They were not the only ones thinking so. Even Zhou Yuan secretly nodded in agreement.

Chu Qing sighed in a somewhat depressed manner. It seemed that a direct clash with the Sacred Palace was unavoidable this time.

“Then who shall be dispatched to defend the location?” Li Qingchan looked towards the other Chosen.

Everyone else would directly engage the Sacred Palace Chosen in battle while the guardian focused on defending the treasure location. The guardian would be the final line of defence against any Chosen from the other side who managed to somehow slip past.

Otherwise, if a Sacred Palace Chosen were to somehow get past the main force, the chief disciples and the other disciples would not be able to put up any resistance.

Kong Sheng was silent for a moment before he said, “Let Zhao Zhu go. The rest of us will pin down the Sacred Palace Chosen and give the others time to search for the Divine Establishing Treasures and mythic tokens.”

No one objected to his proposal.

Zhao Zhu also nodded and said, “I will eliminate any intruder.”

After their discussion, the Chosen decided on this course of action.

By the side, Zhou Yuan blinked and suddenly said, “Will the guardian need any backup? The backup will be able to assist in case Chosen Zhao Zhu needs some support.”

Kong Sheng expressionlessly said, “We lack the manpower to send additional Chosen to guard the place.”

Zhou Yuan displayed a dazzling smile at this moment as he pointed to himself and said, “Although there are no extra Chosen, I feel that I am just barely qualified to assist.”

Zhao Zhu immediately sneered. “Zhou Yuan, this is a matter between Chosen. What right does a chief disciple like yourself have to foolishly try to participate? Is it because you somehow managed to withstand a single blow from Jin Chanzi?

“Don’t think that we’re blind to your intentions. Aren’t you hoping to earn some contributions for yourself?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled but did not deny it. It was precisely as Zhao Zhu had said. There was absolutely no way he was going to give up on the greatest blessing.

Li Qingchan fell silent for a brief moment before she said, “Zhou Yuan, this is no small matter. If Chosen from the other side somehow manage to slip in and defeat Zhao Zhu, it would mean that our plan has failed. When that happens, we’ll have no option but to abandon the seven-color treasure location to prevent any more casualties.

“Hence, whether or not there is back up for the guardian will likely change nothing.”

Her words implied that if it really did reach that point, even if Zhou Yuan was the backup, it would be better for him to surrender. Forcibly trying to resist would only be akin to a mantis attempting to block a cart.

At the end of the day, Li Qingchan believed that although Zhou Yuan had grown much stronger, there was still a huge gap between him and the Chosen.

Upon hearing her words, Zhou Yuan smiled somewhat helplessly and said, “Can’t I try at least?”

Zhao Zhu coldly said, “One should take things one step at a time. A battle between Chosen is not something you can interfere in. If you wish to become the backup guardian, then at least two Chosen should give you their approval. Do you feel that anyone here will permit your unreasonable request?”

His gaze swept across the area, but his expression immediately turned rigid soon after.

Yaoyao had slowly raised her hand as her indifferent voice sounded, “I permit it.”

Next, Tuntun, who was still lying on Zhou Yuan’s head, cast a glance at Zhao Zhu and raised its paw.

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